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Easy & Practical Cruise Excursion Outfits: Autumn in the Mediterranean

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It’s easy enough to put together clothes in a suitcase when you’re traveling, but does it work for the activities and weather? That’s the true goal of a great suitcase, which is why I showcased my woman’s clothing packing guide that took me 50 years to figure out.
As part of that guide, I am giving you proof of how the looks came together, both in this article about cruise excursion outfits as well as the dinner looks posted earlier.

Quote of the day: “There is only one way to avoid criticism: say nothing, do nothing, BE nothing.” Elbert Hubbard

Personally, when we take a cruise, we like to explore the cities we are stopping at instead of just staying on the ship. In other words, these outfits are what were worn during the day in the Western Mediterranean during the autumn.

As I shared in my packing guide, shoes are one of the most important considerations if you are one who goes touring during the day. The last thing you want on vacation is blisters and sore feet.
Not only am I showing my outfits for our daily activities, but I’m including one photo of my friend who joined us on the cruise as well as one photo of my husband.

This isn’t the first time I’ve shared ideas for what to wear on a cruise. Since much of what you pack is dependent on your destination as well as the time of year you are traveling, I hope you check out my other articles also.

Maureen-Wearing a T-Shirt over a Dress

Wear a top over a dress for cruise excursion outfits

My bestie, Maureen, from high school has been following my blog since its first post, and I love how she puts to use some of my suggestions.
In fact, she joined us on our Alaska cruise where I talked about the excursions we chose as well as when we wore the same necklaces with different colored tops.

One of the days for our cruise excursion outfits, Maureen layered a t-shirt over her dress. She even used the trick of gathering up the extra material with a clear elastic (found on Amazon).
She laughed that she has been wearing white sneakers for many years while traveling, and now that it’s in style, she’s trendy!

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Men’s Cruise Excursion Outfits

Men's ideas for cruise excursion outfits

My husband, Rob has become quite the fashionable man. It’s not unusual for people to compliment his style when we are out and about. I love that he doesn’t resort to blue jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. Yet in all reality, that’s what he is wearing. It’s just an upscale version.

For this day on our trip, he wore his mint-colored jeans, a black and white striped top, and grey sneakers.

Mix & Match Cruise Excursion Outfits

When I was putting together my packing guide, I included 3 pairs of pants that would be good for our cruise excursion outfits. For each pair of pants, I brought along 3 different tops that would mix and match with them.
I ended up wearing 2 shirts with each of them which is how the days played out. But I don’t beat myself up over taking more options because of weather variations as well as different moods.

Insider tip: There is no packing prize for wearing everything you take. As long as you don’t overfill the suitcase, it’s silly to stress over those details.

BTW, shoes are my primary element to think about packing, and you can see 3 out of my 4 options in these photos. The dressier pair was worn many times for our dinners. I made sure that I could mix and match the footwear with all of my looks too.

Pink Pants Outfits

One pair of pants was these hot pink pants. I ended up wearing them with my Ros brand, gold, color block loafers both times (although I loved my yellow sneakers with them too).

Insider tip: Comfy shoes are key to a walking vacation, which is why I took these Ros loafers called “Winnie II.” All of their shoes hit the mark for comfort with their supple leather and tiny pillows in the insole. This exact style isn’t available now, but there are similar one. Use code JODIE10 for a discount.

I styled a green & white cotton blouse for one day (seen styled 5 years ago layered with a white button-down).
The other day I chose the brown silk hoodie for the day. The wrinkles are killing me even though I talk about embracing wrinkles. In my defense, I didn’t bring my steamer with me because the cruise ship said it wasn’t allowed, and I didn’t call for iron in time.

Silky Olive Green Pants

I always think that olive green is a fabulous neutral for the fall months. You can see that both my yellow Cariuma sneakers (a sustainable brand) and my Ros brand gold loafers paired fabulously with the pants.

One day, I wore my lime green/orange sweater vest over a plain t-shirt with the pants.
The other day, I layered a yellow blouse over a yellow cami. The blouse is just a button-up blouse, but I learned how to button it differently to make it cropped and more interesting.

Wanna see how I do it in action? Here’s the video.

Print Pants as Part of my Cruise Excursion Outfits

You may think that print pants are hard to style, but I think they are perfect for travel because if you spill on them, it’s not as obvious. I wore my yellow sneakers with them, and the loafers or cowboy boots would have worked as well.

This pair of print pants is from my favorite local boutique called, Just Be Youtiful and she has other varieties of these crinkle pants available if you reach out to her. Her prices are affordable, and she gives my readers a discount with the code, Jtouch15.

One day I wore a dark green peasant-style top with these pants (that you’ve seen styled with a leather skirt before).
For the day at sea, these pants acted as my joggers and I paired them with a plain white t-shirt. You see my flip-flops with them, but when I went zip-lining, I put on my sneakers.

Dresses are Great for Cruise Excursion Outfits

I realize that not all women embrace wearing casual dresses at home or on vacation, but I think they are the cat’s meow for so many reasons. The biggest reason is you don’t have to decide which top goes with the bottom portion.

Insider tip: If you plan to wear the dress more than once, I suggest wearing a thin, t-shirt under it in case you sweat.

I recently won this thin, sweater dress from Gibsonlook in a giveaway, so I brought it along for my cruise excursion outfits. It’s available in 4 different colors (this is the Carmine Red) and can be layered easily. I wore it with my white cowboy boots which you saw for a dinner look as well as my airport outfit.

The other dress I brought for our daily excursions was this blue dress that you saw layered when we traveled out to Vegas years ago. I knew that I would have to wear this same dress to dinner on this day because we would be gone the entire day visiting Rob’s cousin in Rome. You can see how I made it different for our dinner that evening.
Since I knew we would be walking a lot that day, I wore my Cariuma yellow sneakers and tried out my compression Sheec socks (they were a huge success).

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The Best Purse for Tourists

In some of my photos, you can see the sling bag I brought for my cruise excursion outfits. You want to have a purse that can easily be carried hands-free when you are touring around.

I found a bunch in the widget below, but if you are looking for more budget-oriented ones, here’s a link to Amazon’s selection.

Insider tip: While backpacks sound perfect for travel, you need to remember that they are easy to pickpocket. Having a purse that can be worn in the front of your body is preferable.

The other factor that comes in handy for a bag when you’re cruising and off the ship for the day is one that makes it easy to access your cruise ship card. This bag has wallet-like slots in the front pocket area which was super convenient.

Cruise excursion outfits for fall

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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