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Easy Rustic Vacation Outfit: What to Wear Hiking

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Easy Rustic Vacation Outfit: What to Wear Hiking

The idea of vacation outfits is the theme for the week, and Lesley is showing what to wear hiking. We covered beach vacations last week, and are thinking about a more rustic get away this week.

Quote of the day: ““I love places that make you realize how tiny you and your problems are.” ThisLifeofTravel.com

Getting away can be exactly what we need and a rustic vacation may allow you to be in touch with Mother Nature. Of course our beach vacation includes Mother Nature too, but in a totally different vibe. Granted you may not need to be stylish for your hiking expedition, but there are some essentials that help.

Lesley is the hiker of our group and shares that this is the exact outfit she wore last year in Sedona on a hike and jeep tour. She will explain more of the details below, but suffice it to say that she’s much more experienced at this hiking thing than Charlotte or me.
However, the original trio did collaborate with one of my more outdoorsy friends years ago on this same idea. Again, I don’t claim to be the professional hiker, but I’ve collected ideas from others!

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Having versatile items for what to wear hiking

Shorts: Chicos ~~ Top: Karen Scott~~ Shoes: Bearpaws~~ Backpack: Target~~Hat:

Lesley’s Idea of What to Wear Hiking

In Lesley’s words: “Jean shorts are perfect for hiking since they can withstand sitting on hard rough rocks or logs when you need a quick rest. Then a light shirt is a must have to wear over your t-shirt as protection from the sun. It’s also a great layer for added warmth when and if you’re in the shadows.
Good hiking shoes have deep tread along with good support for you foot, ankles and toe protection. I personally don’t like a boot style for hiking, but I always make sure that the shoes I choose have good support.”

Woman over 70 and what to wear hiking

Hiking Clothes

Your rustic vacation may not be only about hiking or possibly camping, so it’s nice when some of our clothes can do double duty. This works best when the hiking or getting dirty activity is towards the end of the trip. Then again, there’s always the idea of washing things out between wears.

Jeans or jean shorts can be worn for a multitude of events depending on where you are going. And your shirts don’t have to be anything special either. Your t-shirt could be a plain tee or graphic tee that could get worn other times too (with that washing to help it smell nice, LOL).
As for the shirt over the t-shirt, Lesley is wearing a lightweight, striped chambray shirt that could easily pass muster as a top worn by itself or a jacket for your evening plans.

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Important Things to Take Hiking

Lesley always carries a couple of essentials in her backpack/bag when she goes hiking. Even if you aren’t going far or for long, it’s important to be prepared.
She has water, a waterproof poncho, tissues, sunscreen, insect repllent and usually a protein or snack bar.

She also considers a hat to be an essential to shade your head and keep your hair out of the way (plus rain out of your eyes in case you get surprised by the weather). It’s no secret we wear sun hats all the time here in Arizona’s summer, but a baseball cap is even better for what to wear hiking. It won’t blow off as easily if it gets windy!

Good footwear for what to wear hiking
Hat and bag for hiking

Hiking Shoes

If you aren’t an avid hiker yet still want to do this activity when on your rustic vacation, you can certainly hike on the easy trails with your sneakers too.
The fact of the matter is, if you are flying and only going to go hiking once, it’s smarter to consider wearing sneakers so you can wear them for other events. Some hiking shoes can be very heavy for traveling.

However, if you hike quite a bit and that’s what the rustic vacation is all about, you might even have a stylish pair of hiking shoes.

I had to laugh when Lesley gave me the details about her hiking shoes. She commented that she likes the grey so it doesn’t show the dust as much yet they have a hot pink trim to give off an air of style!

What to wear hiking

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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