Easy Transitional Clothing Options For Styling Summer Outfits You Can Wear Into the Fall Season

Easy Transitional Clothing Options For Styling Summer Outfits You Can Wear Into the Fall Season

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From summer to fall with transitional clothing

Easy Transitional Clothing Options For Styling Summer Outfits You Can Wear Into the Fall Season

Transitional clothing is the easy and smart way to take our well loved summer pieces and make them work for the cooler temperatures.

Quote of the day: “Be teachable. You’re not always right.” Anonymous

Being teachable is such a great message. It’s not always easy to either ask for help or admit to not knowing the answer.
Personally, I used to be so guilty of thinking that as a doctor, I should have the answers. However, the truth is everyone is human, which means everyone is flawed and imperfect. So the thought that we can all continue to learn is very freeing.

How is this related to the transitional clothing from summer to fall? At least for me, I used to think you had to switch out the entire outfit for the next season. Yet, now I realize that many pieces can continue to work from one season to another with the right layers.

My look today incorporates the same base outfit and I tried to make it work for cooler weather and adding darker hues.

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Summer to Fall Transitional Clothing

Skirt: Elodie~~Cardigan: Coco + Jaimeson at Steinmart ~~ Top: Banana Republic~~ Sandals: Steve Madden~~ Purses:

While most of us think of yellow as more of a spring or summer color, I was interested to see if I could wear it for a fall look.
I also kept the same white graphic tee because it’s an all year long piece!

Insider tip: A graphic tee can add whimsey or a great message to any outfit NO MATTER YOUR AGE. Don’t be tricked into thinking they are only for the young girls.

For this idea of transitional clothing, I did switch out everything else. Not that you have to as both Lesley and my mom have shown in their looks. It goes to show that we can and should all be different in how we approach this idea.
Adding a cardigan is a no brainer, and I’m sure that you’ve noticed that the longer cardigans are popular. Even if you are short in stature (remember, I’m only 5’2″), there are a great variety of longer cardigans that can be styled with jeans to dresses.

Insider tip: Don’t stress if the colors in your cardigan aren’t the exact match to the other pieces in your outfit. They just have to “go” not match.
For example the yellow in this sweater is more golden than the skirt yet it still looks nice.
Even Lesley showcased this in the past with a lime green skort yet the cardigan had more olive green in it.

Transitional clothing starting with summer pieces


Even though I love to propose that jewelry is non seasonal, we certainly can be duped into thinking that some items are our “summer” pieces while others are for other seasons.
These raffia earrings for example. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking they scream summer! So I took this challenge to heart and switched them out for this wire paired that are “knitted wire”.

Insider tip: If you have many earrings that you “save” for one season or another, you might rethink that. If it’s the color that is part of the issue, don’t be afraid to paint them.
For example, I painted this pair years ago.

How Belts Can Help

I added a brown belt on top of the skirt to bring more of the darker hues to this outfit. If a skirt or dress doesn’t have belt loops, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one anyways.
Belts seem to get a bad rap and so many of my friends say they don’t work with their body shape. My suggestion is to remember the quote above. Belts can be good for all of us from time to time.

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The Quick Shoe Change

While Arizona is a place that many claim they can wear sandals all year long, I long for variety even in my shoes. So for the idea of transitional clothing for footwear, I tend to look at details that might include more covering yet not all the way to boots yet.

Even some of the flats and boots have cut outs or open toes which work for the hotter weather here.

Transitional clothing for fall
From summer to fall with transitional clothing

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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