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Easy Way to Wear Black Tights With Brown Boots

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In this modern age, matching our tights to our footwear is no longer a requirement. Which is why I wanted to showcase an outfit wearing black tights with brown boots.

Quote of the day: “It is no achievement to walk a tightrope laid flat on the floor. Where there is no risk, there can be no pride in achievement and, consequently, no happiness.” Ray Kroc

Both my friend, Mireille, and I were inspired to recreate a look when Ashley posted this wool blazer and denim maxi skirt outfit.

Inspiration for black tights with brown boots

The important thing to remember when you see someone wearing an outfit you like, is you don’t need to replicate it EXACTLY. You want to use the vibe from it and make it your own.
I’ll tell you how I changed it up below.

Make sure to drop over to Mireille’s article and see how Ashley’s look can be interpreted in another way.

I’ve showcased many outfits inspired by others if you like to see how you don’t have to “copy” but take an idea and make it your own.

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Styling for black tights with brown boots
Blazer: borrowed from Rob~~Skirt: Gap but DIYed by me~~ Top: Old Navy~~ Boots: Stuart Weizman-Savaers ~~ Brooch: thrifted~~ Earrings: from an Art Museum~~ Purse: Kate Spade-thrifted

Wearing Black Tights with Brown Boots for Winter

While this look is primarily about the oversized blazer and denim skirt, I thought it was the perfect time to talk about how you can wear black tights with brown boots.
So I’ll start there.

Many times I hear women say that they don’t have matching tights to go with their boots.


Because matching is overrated.

And half the time, non-matching is better and more modern.

Besides black tights go with almost everything right?

Insider tip: If you live in the colder regions then you NEED fleece lined tights. They come in all varieties and sizes and will keep you warmer than jeans.

Black tights with brown boots seem familiar if you think about most leopard prints. It’s the same color combination and we know it looks great.

Besides brown and black can be closer in color than you think depending on the value of each.

In my opinion, it’s good to have a variety of brown boots in your closet, from cognac to tan and dark brown.

That means, if you are worried about wearing black tights with brown boots, you can grab the dark brown pair of boots and they will blend seamlessly.

Oversized Blazer & Denim Skirt

While cropped tops and jackets are everywhere at the stores, I’m also seeing a lot of oversized items. And the best part is you can get an oversized blazer easily and inexpensively.

Either borrow from the man in the family.

Or hit the thrift store and look in the men’s section.

If that’s not your thing, then I listed a bunch below that are all under $100 and some are even a steal.

Insider tip: Many blazers have a beautiful lining which makes it more interesting to roll up the sleeves. That can be part of the fabulous look so don’t worry that the sleeves are too long.

I wore one of Rob’s blazers with the oversized shirt that I styled 6 ways last spring.

As for the midi denim skirts, I fell in love with them because they remind me of my college days. That’s why I already had my crew style them this summer.

My skirt was transformed from a mini denim skirt into a longer one by adding more denim from a pair of jeans. Then I added lace over the transition and painted the lace.

Let’s just say it was a process, but well worth it.

Insider tip: If you buy a midi denim skirt and it’s too long, just cut it off where you want it. Just like jeans, the raw hem detail makes it easy.

Feminize With Accessories

A couple of ways that I made the look my own is with accessories. I consider them the cherry on top.

First and foremost, adding a bling pin (that’s fashionista talk for a brooch) to the pocket of the men’s blazer really took it up a notch.

Then the lime green purse with the neutral outfit is modern and sassy. My glasses are the same color, cute, right?

If I had carried a brown purse, it would blend in, and what’s the fun of that?

Make sure you click over to Mireille’s post to see her complete look.

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Easy way to wear black tights with brown boots

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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