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Easy Ways to Style a Blazer Casually

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There are many easy ways to style a blazer casually. Since blazers and jackets are one of the fall fashion trends for Fall 2022 (see the list here along with the secrets about them), I thought it would be a fabulous opportunity to showcase ways older women can wear blazers and not look like they are going to the office.

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Quote of the day: “Keep your mind open. Always keep a door open to the unexpected.” Massimo Bottura

Style a blazer casually
1-With shorts
2-Casual skirt made into a skort
3-Tennis skirt
4-Capri pants
5-More inspiration

As the quote suggests keeping a door open can have a lot of different connotations. And no surprise that I’m going to turn it towards fashion. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned that we should change up our style once we retire and purge all office clothing.

Yet in reality, that’s a shame, because many of those pieces can be worn casually. It all depends on what you pair them with and how you create the outfit.
Now it’s different if you don’t like the items, then definitely get rid of them. But there is no reason not to keep the pieces that you actually like and get creative with them.

The best part is my friend, Mireille, is talking about this same subject, so make sure to click over to her article too. (BTW, I bought that polka dot blazer for Mireille, the last time I went thrifting).

Heck, just like I added colorful embroidery to a work blazer recently. I have a ton of creative ways to make your clothing either DIYed or by pairing it with different pieces. That’s why it’s beneficial to follow me regularly.
And if you’re struggling with anything in your closet, please reach out because I’m always happy to help. Email me at Jtouchofstyle@gmail.com

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Nancy-Style a Blazer Casually With Shorts

Olive green blazer for fall vibe
Shorts: no label ~~Jacket: JM Collection~~ Top: Worthington ~~ Shoes: Twisted

A pair of khaki shorts can be instantly upgraded to a stylish look with a blazer or jacket. You may think that because shorts are casual, you should grab your athletic jacket only. But adding a different vibe to the look gives you a very contemporary air.

Insider tip: The other trick that Nancy is using here is that she wore a pretty print top instead of just a t-shirt. That’s advantageous in case it gets warm and you need to remove the top layer, then your outfit is still a step up from shorts and a tee.

Remember that there are many lengths of shorts so don’t automatically rule out “shorts”. If you can’t find the length you like, then buy a pair of pants and have them shortened. Or email me because, with my affiliate program, I can easily search for what you want.

While the idea of how to style a blazer casually means you are changing the overall vibe of the look, that doesn’t mean you can’t add bling or fun accessories.

To me, accessories are the cherry on top, the icing on the cake, or any of those kinds of sayings. Don’t forget how they can “finish” off a look in so many ways.

Nancy added a bling pin to the pocket flap of her jacket because there’s just no reason not to wear the fun accessories we already own.

Wearing sneakers is another fabulous idea that 3 out of the 4 of us incorporated into this theme.

Insider tip: Let the hem of your top hang out below the blazer or jacket as another way to keep the look more casual. It also adds another dimension to the rearview. Besides, layering is COOL.

Olive jacket for older woman

LesleyCasual Skirt Made Into a Skort

Print skort with red blazer
Skirt: Grace Elements-Macys ~~ Jacket: Pretty Garden-Amazon ~~ Top: Chicos~~ Shoes: Jambu~~ Purse: no label

Lesley’s choice was to pair her blazer with a short, straight skirt. But you should know that she added a pair of biker shorts under the skirt to make her own DIY skort.
Why?? It’s a modest approach to wearing a skirt like this when you find yourself sitting and even getting in and out of the car.

Let me share two more ideas about how to style a blazer casually as Lesley is showing with her outfit.
1-Find a more relaxed blazer. The ones that aren’t as form-fitting and structured seem more casual.
2-Go for the bright colors and maybe even try a print one. Then they don’t seem like office attire.

I love how Lesley makes the entire outfit so colorful with the necklace, purse, and sneakers.
BTW, these sneakers are the Jambu brand (the link goes to a different shoe, but you can search for “Lilac” to find this pair) and you can save 20% with the code STYLE20.

Proportion detail: As I’ve discussed with proportions in the past, thinking about 1/3 to 2/3 with the tops vs bottoms (or vice versa as the case may be), can make the look seem better. For Lesley’s outfit, the longer jacket works great with a shorter skirt like this.

Adding modern approach to style a blazer casually

Jodie-Tennis Skirt

Style a blazer casually for women in her 50s
Skirt: Gap ~~ Jacket: H&M~~ Top: no label-thrifted~~ Shoes: Rag & Co-DSW ~~ Purse: no label

Athleisure wear has been going strong these last 7 years and if you’ve seen the young girls’ photos, then you’ve seen tennis skirts all over the place. For some reason I just love them. It’s nice because they have flow and aren’t tight, and they come with the shorts attached.

Insider tip: My tennis skirt is still available here, and if you tend to like them longer, why not try the tall version?

Since a tennis skirt is the ultimate in casual and sporty, adding the blazer was a perfect match, set, and game (haha).

I wore a pair of crochet mules yet I still added in Sheec socks. Their mule socks are such a great way to keep my feet from sweating, and these stay put without bunching up.

Insider tip: Going through my tab for Sheec socks gives you the updated discount code. I should update the photos to include these half socks for mules because they are one of my favorites.

I also wore not just one bling pin, but two! The one at my waist acts like a belt buckle, and the one on my jacket was a gift from my stepmom (can you see that it’s a kitty?).

BTW, ignore the lapel that is wonky. It’s proof that this is real life, right?

Charlotte-Capri Pants

Seersucker blazer
Pants: Sonoma-thrifted~~ Jacket: Pendleton-thrifted ~~ Top: no label~~ Shoes: AKK ~~ Earrings: Audra Style c/o~~ Purse: no label

My mom is sporting her blazer style with a pair of capri pants. Now before you get on the capris are frumpy bandwagon, I think we ought to remember the quote above. Just because one person thinks a style isn’t good, doesn’t mean it’s bad for everyone.

Besides, have you really analyzed capri pants lately? There are a ton of different shapes and lengths to them, so I believe you can find a pair that is wonderful for you. The hem length could be the same as any skirt length, so don’t judge them by that only.

Charlotte’s proportions with her capri pants and blazer are almost the same as Nancy’s with her shorts. The pants and blazer aren’t half and half, but maybe not 1/3 to 2/3. Whereas if my mom was wearing long pants, the proportion would be half and half.
Which is better? That’s a personal decision and one that you should rate every time you get dressed.

Insider tip: Take a selfie of every outfit. This enables you to look at it from a different perspective.
There is a scientific reason why we “see” things in a mirror differently than from a camera. It has to do with our eyes and how our brain analyzes a mirror shot.

The other details of how to style a blazer casually that my mom put into practice are wearing a graphic t-shirt under the striped blazer and putting on her sneakers.
She too is wearing a pair of Sheec socks because she originally showed up with socks that weren’t hidden. So I made her change to a pair of my no-show socks. I realize that one of these days it will be cool to have your socks show, but for now, keep them hidden unless they are a cute statement.

Long blazer with capri pants

More Ideas to Style a Blazer Casually

Trying to style a blazer casually is the perfect opportunity to go shopping in your closet. In fact, you should check the parts of your closet that are relegated to other categories. For example your workout wear. Or how about your sleepwear? Some of your pajama tops might look great under a blazer.

Make sure to check out Mireille’s idea how to style a blazer casually too.

Insider tip: The best way to make your closet work hard is to stop categorizing our items. They are all pieces of fabric sewn together to fit your body.

1-Lesley wore a blazer with jeans
2-I tried out 5 different looks with an embroidered blazer
3-Monochromatic outfit with a blazer
4-And here’s an old, old one of the original trio wearing blazers with jeans

Style a blazer casually for older women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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