Enjoying Colorado at Glenwood Springs

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At breakfast in Glenwood Springs

Enjoying Colorado at Glenwood Springs

Quote of the day: “Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone.” Gertrude Stein

We continue our theme of enjoying some Colorado fun this winter by inviting you to join us in our Christmas time together in Glenwood Springs. By us, I mean my husband, my mom, Nancy and myself. The four of us have gotten into a habit of enjoying Christmas by spending the time together instead of getting each other gifts. Last Christmas we went to Vegas and incorporated some scarf styling for the blog when we were there.

And this holiday season we decided to continue exploring our wonderful state. The funny part was considering we were going from hot extremes (the hot springs) to icy extremes (the ice castles) we ended up having to pack tons for just an overnight stay. Then again, none of us have ever claimed to be minimalists, LOL!

Rob expertly drove us from Denver to Glenwood Springs while we oohed and aahed over the scenery. Below is Glenwood Canyon which is Nancy’s favorite part of the drive. So much so that she even woke up my mom, so Charlotte wouldn’t miss it. I, on the other hand, was knitting, and even caught much of it on my phone.

On the way to Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Hot Springs

The hot springs has been part of Colorado’s history since the late 1980’s. It’s about a 3 hour drive from Denver in good weather. Needless to say, in the winter, the drive time usually increases because of the changing weather along I-70 and backups at the Eisenhower tunnel.

We were blessed to have a recent dusting of snow so our Christmas was truly a white one. And how fun to soak in the hot springs when it’s cold and snowy outside. At least we didn’t have to worry about getting sunburned.

Glenwood Springs at the hot springs

The three of us are pictured below in the middle left area. I’m the one with the striped hat on my head and my mom is pointing at the camera. It does smell like sulfur when you first get to the pool, but you soon get used to it and don’t notice the odor.

There is a hotter pool which is where we are hanging out. And then closer to the walking bridge is the cooler pool that also has a diving board, and lap lanes.

The pool at Glenwood Springs

P.S. This hat is the reversible one I just finished knitting that you can see in my December month post. Here I am wearing it with the stripes showing, and you’ll see it below with the cables.

Hotel Colorado

We booked our rooms at the Hotel Colorado which is the oldest hotel around. There are so many great older photos around the hotel showing it back in the olden days. In fact, in our room, there was one old photo showing how the hot springs were part of the front yard of the hotel before it was fenced off.

This hotel was a favorite of President Teddy Roosevelt and you can see many statues and photos of him here also.

Our hotel in Glenwood Springs

The hotel had some wonderful Christmas lights decorated inside and outside, as you can see in the photo below. Since the hotel is pet friendly, we were able to get our dog fix at almost every turn.

I’m not here to review the hotel or criticize our experience. But if you’re wondering, the hotel is quite old. There isn’t much sound damping between the rooms. However, even considering that fact, we all slept very well that night. The beds seemed very comfortable, whether because they really were, or whether it was from the fact that the hot springs are magical, we’ll never know?


Hotel Colorado at Glenwood Springs

And here we are in our Christmas finery ready to enjoy our dinner at the hotel dining room. You can see that Santa was going to join us, but he was pretty tuckered out from the night before, so he stayed back!

Christmas dinner in Glenwood Springs


Since this is a fashion blog, let me review some of our clothing choices.

Fancy Dinner Outfits

Charlotte wore her maxi dress that she modeled for our holiday inspiration post. She even added a velvet scarf to the mix since it was chilly outside.

Nancy also wore her outfit from the above post, except she added black hose and her black booties. She even layered a black shirt under the dress to help with the chill.

And I wore the burgundy dress I modeled last year for our velvet post. Except I added a lace shirt over top of it for fun. You might recognize the tights from this Instagram post. And I layered with my faux fur wrap that I received at our holiday book club party from last year.


The next day we walked across the pedestrian bridge to check out the town. Here’s our versions of coats to wear to keep warm.

Nancy bought this puffer coat last year when we went shopping. I’ve never been a huge fan of puffers in the past, but lately I’ve been seeing more flattering styles. The reason I like Nancy’s coat, is the “puffs” aren’t so big and overpowering. Or the ones with a belt can also help that issue. Have you seen the print puffers too? I think that’s another way to disguise the fact that we might feel too puffy.

My mom packed her ski coat from ages ago. She’s had this in her closet for ages and ages, and considering we were going to the Ice Castles this evening, she thought it’d be appropriate.

I decided to get creative and layer my coats. You might recognize this embroidered jacket from last December. I ordered it for Nancy to have, but she feels like it’s not big enough for her when she wears the layers she needs when it’s cold outside. Therefore, she handed it down to me. It’s not super thick, so I layered it over a tan wool coat. You’ll see more of this creative layering on the blog this month, so stayed tuned.

Going to breakfast in Glenwood Springs

Shops & Restaurants

I’m sure it’s no surprise that we happened upon a fabulous boutique while exploring the town. It was called Ala Carte and we made fast friends with the owner, Vicki. It’s not like we needed any clothing, but she was having an after Christmas sale, and we just couldn’t resist. Besides, I always rationalize that we are helping out the local community by purchasing from these small businesses.

P.S. My mom made my burgundy tunic for me for my birthday. It was fashioned after the Brooks tunics that we modeled on the blog this fall. My mom has enough material to make herself one also, so I’m sure you’ll see that soon too.

Ala Carte in Glenwood Springs

And then this was where we landed for lunch. It’s called the CO Ranch House and I posted this photo on my Instagram Stories with the caption “you know you’re in the mountains when there’s a deer head in the restaurant.”

Christmas time in Glenwood Springs

Thanks for tagging along with us on our Christmas adventure in Glenwood Springs.

The pedestrian bridge in Glenwood Springs

 Ice Castles

I was invited to witness the Ice Castles in Dillon, Colorado. Since Dillon was on our way home from Glenwood Springs, we thought it’d be a fun adventure. Like I said earlier, nothing like the two temperature extremes on this vacation.

Even if you saw the photos I posted on my Instagram, I grabbed a couple of different ones for this short video clip. If you happen to venture out to Colorado this winter, you should definitely check them out in person. And they are in 5 other areas across the US and Canada too.


Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

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