How to wear denim shirt and white jeans

Excellent Options For Styling Your Denim Shirt And White Jeans

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I believe that our denim shirts are as versatile as white button-down shirts so I had each of the crew work on styling a denim shirt and white jeans.
In all reality, our definition of white jeans varies in case you want some variety.

Quote of the day: “Pay attention to how readily people talk themselves out of things–and be wary of adopting the same narrative. People will often try to convince you their limiting beliefs should become your own. They do not. Find your own ceiling.” James Clear

Too many times, I hear women say that they don’t like white jeans because they get too dirty or they make us look bigger.

I say hogwash to both of those concerns.

First off, there’s always the trick of dying your jeans if they get too dingy.
And second, why is smaller better? Truthfully, once you start questioning the things you believe, it can be very eye-opening.

But onto the idea of outfits with a denim shirt and white jeans.

I consider a denim shirt a true essential in everyone’s closet because it’s neutral and will go with everything. There are a ton of different variations and I happen to love them all.

We have worn denim shirts in the past if you are looking for more inspiration.

Young woman in denim shirt and white jeans
Pants: Splendid ~~ Denim Shirt: Lola River-thrifted~~ Sports Bra: Amazon~~ Shoes: Style & Co-Macys~~ Purse: no label~~Watch: Garmin

Francisca: White Pants with a Denim Shirt

If you aren’t a fan of white jeans, then a pair of white pants would substitute fabulously. Francisca is joining us from Canada and was excited to be able to wear sandals, lightweight pants, and no parka!

You might be surprised at her pink top layer. It’s actually a sports bra just like I’ve shown how sports bras can be worn for every day.

And then Francisca used turquoise as her accent color. I love how the turquoise pops against the white pants and adds a third color to the mix.

Woman over 70 in denim shirt and white jeans
Jeans: Gloria Vanderbilt-thrifted~~ Duster: Ninxes-Just Be Youtiful~~ Top: Zenana-Just Be Youtiful~~ Boots: no label-online~~ Necklace: Steinmart ~~ Purse: No label-Hallmark store ~~Hat: no lable-boutique

Lesley: Denim Shirt Worn as Duster

I love how Lesley confessed: “Denim shirts are so versatile, always in style and easy to change up. I actually have 5 different shirts and wear them year-round. Dressed up or down, they’re almost always acceptable dressing.

I don’t feel as bad having a bunch of different washes and lengths of denim shirts too. In fact, I even have a short-sleeved one for the summer.

Longer shirts like this have the amazing capability to be worn as a dress or as a duster like Lesley is showing. Heck, you could even wear it buttoned up and put a skirt over the top so it looks like a short blouse.

I’d also like to point out that Lesley’s jeans have a raw edge. For those of us who are older, I realize it seems messy and wrong, but it’s really a great modern detail that can have you looking less frumpy easily.

Insider tip: The raw hem makes altering jeans much easier if they are too long. Just cut them off at the right length and you’re done. No sewing, so stress, just easy peasy.

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Charlotte: Wearing a Denim Shirt Over a Turtleneck

For wintertime, a denim shirt works wonderfully as a layering top either under or over other clothing. My mom wore her decorated denim shirt and white jeans with a turtleneck under it so you could appreciate all of the work she did on the shirt.

Charlotte wore a pair of snakeskin booties with her white jeans that really added spice to the overall look. White jeans and white footwear can feel strange in the winter, so this is a great option.

Jodie: Denim Shirt & White Jeans with a Sweater Vest

The truth is my jeans are not white. They are ivory, and it’s a fabulous choice if you shy away from white jeans.

My denim shirt for this outfit is one “rented” from Your Revolving Closet (where you can get a 30-day free trial). It has puff sleeves, so I didn’t want to cover that detail with a jacket, which is why I wore a vest.

Sweater vests are one of my favorites lately (truthfully, I’m an equal opportunity vest lover).

My necklaces are packed away right now so I pinned a brooch at the “V” of the vest for decoration. The other color in the outfit comes from my accessories as well as the pink in my backpack and coat.

Denim shirt and white jeans styling options

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Denim shirt and white jeans for any age woman

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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