Excellent Outfits Using Mardi Gras Colors

Excellent Outfits Using Mardi Gras Colors

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Party time wearing Mardi Gras colors

Excellent Outfits Using Mardi Gras Colors

There’s no bigger party tomorrow, so Lesley had the idea to dress in Mardi Gras colors. Of course that meant nothing to my mother and I who are very ignorant about Mardi Gras.
So instead of concentrating too much on the outfits, I’ll share some fun facts about the “holiday” including some memories from Lesley.

Quote of the day: “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” Maya Angelou

In case you didn’t realize, Mardi Gras colors are green, gold and purple. So we each decided to concentrate on one color and then add in some fun props. (Of course, my mom had to do extra credit and wear all three colors, LOL).

Older women style

Fun Facts About Mardi Gras

1-Mardi Gras actually begins on epiphany which is January 6th and runs all the way until the day before Ash Wednesday which is called Fat Tuesday!
2– It is called Fat Tuesday because it’s all about excess….excess food, fun and friends!!
3-It was first celebrated in what is now Mobile, Alabama…not New Orleans where it’s the big party now!!
4-The weeks leading up to Fat Tuesday are full of parades sponsored by many different secret clubs (called Krews).
5-The centerpiece of the home parties is the King Cake. The cake is made of sweet batter and decorated with Mardi Gras colors. Baked inside the cake is a plastic baby and whoever gets the baby in their piece is to host the next party!
6-Throwing beads from the floats started as a tradition in the 1870’s.

Green, gold and purple

Dress: Jostar~~Shoes: Franco Sarto


I love how this outfit of Lesley’s really could work for anyday, not just for one about Mardi Gras colors. At least the outfit without the beads and cute head decor!!
As for more personal information, Lesley is sharing her history with Mardi Gras at the end of this post.

Let’s really notice 2 things about this wonderful look. One is how the leopard shoes and belt work so well with the purple. (Especially considering Lesley was NOT a leopard girl before she got wrangled into the blog as a model). And secondly, Lesley will tell you that her body is a zucchini shape (she’s funny that way), YET, she is wearing a belt. AND it looks nice.
So I’d like to remind us to get past that idea that a belt is bad. You may “think” you can’t wear one, but I bet you can!!

Pants: Josephine~~ Jacket: Zara-thrifted~~ Shoes: AK-thrifted

Charlotte’s Mardi Gras Colors

My mom decided to incorporate all the Mardi Gras colors into one outfit. The gold jacket was an amazing find at the thrift store here in AZ and trust me when I say, I’ll be “borrowing” it sometime!!
BTW, Charlotte wore this jacket in her wardrobe essentials post!

While I doubt many women have a pair of darker purple pants, they could be a great addition to your closet instead of the ever popular black pants. They are dark but still give a tad more interest to a look!!

Dress: Old Navy-thrifted ~~Boots: Thalia Soda


I am a sucker for a sweater dress, and I found this at our Goodwill in Denver. I wore it once on the blog when the musical Elf inspired our outfits.
Notice how I wore different animal print boots both times?? I love how an animal print can give some sass to a solid colored outfit.

Thanks to Lesley for the scarf, so I styled ala her favorite way…sling in over one shoulder!! This works the best with Pashmina’s that aren’t too slippery.

History with Mardi Gras

Both my mom, Charlotte, and I really didn’t know much about this “holiday” until Lesley taught us a thing or two. Therefore, I’ll let Lesley take over from here:

“Since my mother grew up in New Orleans, she celebrated Mardi Gras every year. We grew up hearing stories about the fun of Mardi Gras. It wasn’t as wild as it has become now, but more like Halloween used to be. There were neighborhood parades as well as large city ones.
She was allowed to go to the neighborhood parades and she and her sister would dress in costumes and call out to the people on the floats for favors. Beads were the favors that were most popular, but they also got doubleoons (those are the coins), trinkets and candy.

We never celebrated as we were growing up in Denver, but the legend always fascinated me. I think I was won over with the costume/dress up aspect of the celebrations.
It’s the part of my creole blood and in my mind, I celebrate each year, usually with something simple like wearing Mardi Gras colors to work.”

Outfits with Mardi Gras colors

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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