Experimenting with Ordering Clothes from Amazon vs. Another Online Store

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Pink camo sweater

Experimenting with Ordering Clothes from Amazon vs. Another Online Store

I haven’t been ordering clothes from Amazon until this project.

What project, you ask? It’s an Amazon vs. Other Online Stores project to compare and contrast the buying process. Therefore I asked the three of us to order some clothing from the site. Yet to make this more than just a “here’s what we ordered” kind of post, I added in some other qualifications.

I had us compare the same kind of piece by ordering 2 like items through Amazon. I wanted one of the pieces to be higher priced and one to be lower priced. AND THEN, I wanted us to each order the same kind of piece from another online site.

Heck, both Rob and I hadn’t been using Amazon much for anything until we moved. Now that we need some more things for our house, we’ve been trying them out. Which made me think about ordering clothes from Amazon.

Make sure to see Lesley’s experience with her black jumpsuit. And then my mom found a blue dress through this process. After the entire process I put together some tips about buying clothes on Amazon.

Pieces that Didn’t Make the Cut

So I ordered 3 different silver pleated skirts. I’ll tell you my reasoning later in this post. The one you see above is from Amazon for $20. The only reason I didn’t like it was the material was VERY scratchy. I didn’t take a photo of the second one because it ended up being the EXACT same one that I ordered and kept from Walmart.com. Only the Amazon one was almost $10 more. The funny thing is online the brands say they are different, but the tags in the items were the same.

For the top, I decided on a pink camo sweater/sweatshirt. The second photo is the one from Amazon for about $20. And the last one is from Shoptiques for $36. Seriously, they were both the same. Very flimsy, and all polyester (even though both sites say otherwise…the tag inside them told the truth). While I have seen others loving this sweatshirt, it seemed too cheap for the money.

Ordering Clothes from Amazon

Ordering clothes from Amazon

Skirt: ~~ Sweater: Cable Stitch~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles~~ Necklace: thrifted ~~ Earrings: Theresa Rose (gifted at FierceCon) ~~ Purse:

The end result is I kept the skirt from Walmart.com’s site since it was identical to the Amazon one, yet less expensive.

And this pink camo sweater was the winner from Amazon. It’s very soft and while it is unfitted, maybe that’s a good thing in the warmer weather.

Having fun with style by ordering clothes from Amazon

Adding a Pop of Color with the Accessories

There were many options for accessories with this outfit. Sure, I could have gone subtle and kept them white or silver. But what fun would that be? LOL.

So I grabbed these earrings that were a gift in our swag bag from FierceCon. The woman who makes them, Theresa, is a wonderful person that I’ve met both years at the event. These earrings are leather and so very lightweight and easy to wear. She has other colors and prints if you’re interested.

The necklace and purse were added and maybe you can even see the pink ring too. I always like adding in a third color to an outfit so it’s not too matchy matchy.

How ordering clothes from Amazon can be helpful

Now I also tried tucking the sweater in the skirt just in the front. While I realize many of you don’t tuck your tops anymore, it seemed more interesting than just letting it hang.

I’m sure you’ve seen many Pinterest posts of women doing this. While you may think you don’t need more bulk in your middle, I think you should try it. AND don’t forget to take a picture….don’t just trust the mirror. Just like when I experimented with 10 ways to wear wide leg pants, you might be surprised.

Besides I’d also like to point out that it’s not the most important thing to look thinner. Remember perfectly imperfect? Maybe you need to read it again and absorb it. Because I TRULY believe that looking thinner isn’t going to make you look better. Loving yourself ‘as is’ is!

What Shoes to Wear

White mules

I have no shortage of shoes in my closet, that’s for sure. Even though it was warm enough I could really have worn sandals, I’ve been trying to wear my closed toe shoes instead. So I opted for this pair of mules from Walking Cradles.

One reason is because they are so comfortable and I knew we would be walking around quite a bit this day. The other reason is I’m on a white footwear kick lately. I love the modern vibe they can give any outfit. That’s why I have white boots, white sandals, and these.

Skirt and sweater

Why I Bought these Pieces

I got the idea that I wanted a pleated skirt about 6 months ago. In fact, I asked my mom if she would make one for me. However, she said they are too hard to make with all of those pleats. So I had it on my list of things to look for when I’m thrifting.

Why did I want a pleated skirt? I thought it’d be perfect by itself, yet also fabulous under a sheer skirt my mom made me last year. Don’t worry, you’ll see it next week on the blog.

As for the pink camo top, I couldn’t quite decide what kind of top I wanted at first. So I searched for women’s sweaters on Amazon and stumbled upon the idea of pink camo. To think I’m wearing anything camo makes me laugh since that would have never been on my radar years ago. However, we have worn it quite a bit on the blog before.

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Experimenting with ordering clothes from Amazon

Amazon vs. Other Online Stores

Since I didn’t have any experience with Amazon for clothing, I didn’t know what to expect. What I was very surprised about was that the Walmart pleated skirt was the exact same brand as one of the Amazon ones and yet was less expensive. For some reason, I was under the impression that Amazon would always be less expensive.

However, I was impressed with the selection that was offered when I was searching for my items on Amazon. I’m sure that is the hugest draw for most people.

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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