Experimenting with Scarf Style for a Big Bust

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Woman wearing a scarf style for a big bust

Experimenting with Scarf Style for a Big Bust

I thought it’d be a great topic to explore the idea a scarf style for a big bust. My YouTube video about tying a square scarf for a short neck has been very popular. So I figured we all want to know the secrets when it comes to addressing our body types.

Quote of the day: “If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.” Erica Jong

One of the comments I hear the most about wearing scarves is that women don’t know to tie them. There are so many options with a scarf, and it can be overwhelming. I get it. But you won’t ever feel comfortable wearing scarves if you don’t take them out of the closet and try styling them.

I wanted to dissect an outfit and show it in stages. And see if you agree with these ideas with a scarf style for a big bust.
FYI, I may not have the largest bust ever, but considering my cup size is a D, I consider myself able to discuss this topic.
Just because I am addressing the idea of style for a big bust, does not mean that I consider any body attributes bad. We do NOT need to hide or camouflage our “issues,” yet I realize it’s nice to feel better about our proportions. So when I talk about how this or that can be better, I want to point out that our bodies are not bad to begin with.

I hope you also visit how Lesley wore two different scarves in two totally different ways along with a guest model, MK showing off a magical magnet. On top of that, there are many accessories that can be used with scarves to help them stay in place and make it easier to style. We showed a bunch of them in another post.

The Dress

Wrap dress for women

Let’s start with a solid colored dress. I am sure most of us are comfortable wearing a one color dress. Heck, the LBD is the most talked about dress out there. We’ve blogged about styling our black dress for every season on this site.
When I wear this dress alone, I do feel slightly uncomfortable that my “girls” are the first thing to greet you. Yet I have learned that the answer isn’t always buying a bigger size dress. Wearing an item that is too large only makes us appear bigger.

You may ask why I purchased the dress then? Good question. One reason is because it had long sleeves and I bought it when we lived in Colorado. Denver winters are cold, so I figured that it would be a perfect layering dress which I’ve shown in the past. Now that we live in Arizona, I am still glad I have it. Especially with all of my scarves to liven it up.

Adding a Belt

Belt addition style for a big bust

One trick for styling is trying to change the focus away from what you don’t like. Heck, that’s one reason I wear bright lipstick many days!! It’s the hope you don’t notice my messy hair, LOL!

So I wanted to see if adding a belt would help. Sure, I think a belt can change a look, however not so much in this case. My belt is too thin, and the eyes still focus on the girls.

Adding a Vertical Line

One shoulder style for a big bust

A vertical line is always a flattering idea if you read the fashion rules. Lesley is the queen of the trick of throwing a scarf over a shoulder to add in that vertical dimension. For this example of a scarf style for a big bust, I also added a belt to keep the scarf in place.
If I had been at home putting my outfit together, I would have made sure the embroidery was showcased better in this example. Suffice it to say that my husband didn’t notice how wonky the scarf was laying.

Insider tip: If you don’t want the belt to be such a focal point, choose one that matches the dress or is the same shade. For example if I wore a black belt with this outfit, you wouldn’t notice it as much.

I love this scarf style option also for the reason that it creates that same vertical line down the back side. In fact, I may like this even better than my original outfit below with both sides of the scarf in front. What do you think?

Insider tip: A thinner scarf is the best option. Even most Pashminas can work. The best way to make it look thinner is to iron it. I know, ironing is a pain, but it makes the scarf less bulky.

A Scarf Style for a Big Bust

Belting a scarf style for a big bust

Dress: RD Style ~~ Boots: Betsy Johnson ~~ Scarf: ~~ Belt: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: c/o thredUp

Wearing a scarf like this reminds me of a vest or kimono. You have the column of color down the front and material on the sides. I think this example shows perfectly how the girls are basically hidden, yet there isn’t a lot more bulk.

This isn’t the only way you can make a vest out of a scarf. Charlotte has styled her scarf this way before by a couple of strategic knots. I wanted to use the same idea but differently. I feel like belting the scarf keeps your profile less bulky. Granted, my version does not give you any coverage on your backside. That could be good or bad depending on what you want.

Woman wearing a scarf style for a big bust

Remember scarves can be very inexpensive. I bought this one in the airport on our way home from the cruise. The embroidery detailing is what caught my eye. And considering scarves are one of the essentials for travel, I knew it would be well loved.

Insider tip: If your dress or top isn’t the best color for your complexion, a topper can save the day. In this case, my topper is my scarf.

Do Your Shoes Matter?

Boots to make a statement

It’s impossible for me not to notice people’s shoes. While I still love and can wear heels, I realize that many women need flats. Don’t let that be a deterrent from finding interesting and fun shoes. Granted not all flats are created equal, but I know there are ones out there that should make your heart aflutter!

Burgundy dress

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo


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