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Expert Step By Step Online Glasses Tutorial for Newbies

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Back when I was still working, I remember commenting on one of my patient’s cool glasses, and he told me he ordered them online and gave me the company name. I was gobsmacked that you could get prescription glasses online. As well as I wondered if they were good quality and would it work for me.

Needless to say, once I retired, I ordered and tried multiple companies and consider myself an expert. This is why I wanted to share a step by step online glasses tutorial to help anyone else who might feel nervous about how it works.

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For this online glasses tutorial, I am going to show the steps with the Glasses Shop online site because
1-I have over 10 pairs from this company
2-I am an ambassador and can offer you a huge discount, JODIE35. Because of this, I can also receive a small commission on any orders through my link.

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However, this online glasses tutorial will apply to any online glasses site, because they are all very similar.

This isn’t the first time I’ve discussed online glasses, and you can find more information in those articles.

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Online Glasses Tutorial Step 1-Choose Your Frames

Glasses Shop online glasses

The hardest part about choosing online glasses is there are so many options. If you feel overwhelmed by browsing through the selections, then I would suggest using the filter on the side of the page.
Below is a list of all of the different filters you could use.

Insider tip: Color is the detail that people notice before anything else. So don’t stress as much about the shape. You get to virtually try them on if you want anyways, so you will be able to visually see how different shapes look.

Step 2-How They Look on You

For my step by step online glasses tutorial, I wanted to show you how I chose my latest pair of glasses, and how you can try them on.
I found this subtle cat eye shape that I would consider flattering on most women.

Glasses Shop online glasses tutorial

Insider tip: If you have a pair of glasses that you are using now and love how they look on you, then measure them, and stick to that same size.

When you find a pair you want to try on or check, go to the size guide next to the box that says size, and below is what you will see regarding how to compare the measurements for your glasses.

But the best tool is the virtual try on option. This is how you can really “see” the glasses on your face. Once you select the “Try On” button, you will see the model wearing that pair of glasses.
But you want to see how it looks on you, so either upload a photo of yourself (sans glasses) or use the camera on your phone or computer to take one.

Insider tip: If you want a bright photo of yourself, make sure to face the light coming into the room. As you can see in my photo below, the light is behind me. But for the sake of this online glasses tutorial, you will still be able to see how this works.

Once you take your own photo, you will click the “Continue” button and be instructed to move the red crosses to the center of your eyes. I’ve shown this step below.

Below is a comparison of how Glasses Shop showed the glasses in my photo vs how they really look in person.
I call that very similar especially if the lighting was the same.

Insider tip: If you want to get your friend’s opinion, you can easily take a photo of the try on and send it for them to give their two cents.

What you may think is that the glasses look too big for my face up close like that. But take a look at the full body photo below.

Wearing online glasses for daily outfit

Insider tip: I happen to like my glasses a little bigger than my face. I’ve heard a couple of comments in the past about how they were not “right” for me. Yet it’s the perfect example of how our likes/dislikes are very personal, and shouldn’t be dictated by others.

Step 3-Lenses

After you’ve decided that the frames are what you want, now you choose the kinds of lenses you want and again there are many options.
I have not explored reading or non-prescription glasses online, but I’m sure they are just as good as the distance and now multifocal lenses that I have had.

Choosing glasses

For this online glasses tutorial, we are going to go through all of the options I chose for my pair of Glasses Shop glasses. Then you can see what an amazing deal they are, and the details that can be included.

Options of lenses

At this stage of the game, I need both distance and up close correction for my eyes, and I always get progressives instead of bifocals.
After this option, you will be requested to put in the numbers that your eye doctor gave you.

Presciption online glasses tutorial

Insider tip: This step is extremely important to make sure your glasses are correct. I will triple-check what I entered on the screen vs. the prescription given to me by my eye doctor at least 3 times.
If you are unsure, it’s good to reach out to the company and ask before submitting the prescription. For instance, Glasses Shop has a help center where you can call, email or chat to get answers.

Step 4-Other Details

I have grown to love having my glasses transition to sunglasses to make life more convenient. Sure, there are pros and cons to this, but for me, the pros outweigh the cons.

Insider tip: The biggest con is the glasses don’t get quite as dark as sunglasses. The times I wear my true sunglasses are when I’m at the pool. The other time they really don’t get very dark is in the car. So if you are driving for long distances, you might take your sunglasses.

Lens options for online glasses tutorial

As part of the online glasses tutorial, I’m including how I choose the transitional detail for my glasses.
You can also get blue block lenses or pure sunglasses with your prescription in the frames.

Different lenses

For some reason, I have always chosen the “photochromic” option. If you are interested in the other transitional choices, just click the circled “i” for that option and it will give you more information.
Notice you also get a choice of what color you want them to darken to. I usually choose grey.

Personally, I get the Basic photochromic lenses, but you have many options as seen below.

Kinds of lenses for online glasses

Online Glasses Tutorial Step 5-Finish & Pay

Now it’s time to finish up your order. With Glasses Shop, you do have the chance to review your prescription to make sure it’s correct before you make your purchase.

Insider tip: You have yet to put in your credit card info, so there is no drawback of going through the whole process just to see how much it will cost. You can always change your mind, close the window and not get them. The only thing you will be out of is your time.

Presciption online glasses tutorial

Then I wanted to show when using my discount code, Jodie35, with Glasses Shop, the cost of this transition, progressive glasses below. Basically $100 meaning I saved $50 just with the discount. Heck, even without the discount it’s an amazing deal. I remember paying $500 or more at the eye doctor.

Insider tip: Many times there are sales and even better discounts available. I try to share those in my email when I learn about them.

Budget shopping with online glasses tutorial for newbies

How Long and Returns

It usually takes 2-3 weeks for your glasses to arrive at your door. Truthfully, it doesn’t seem that much longer than when I bought glasses from my eye doctor.

The only disadvantage is that if they need adjusting, you either have to do it yourself or see if your eye doctor will do it.

Insider tip: We have heated up the temple pieces in really hot water and gently pulled them out if the glasses are too tight against your head.

Glasses Shop has a 30-Day exchange and returns policy.
Here is what they say: “If you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase, or made a mistake during the order, please contact our customer service team within 30 days after receiving the products, we’ll provide free exchange (only shipping fees will apply) or a 50% refund. Each order is eligible for a one-time exchange/return. For exchanges or orders placed with store points, there is no second time return.”

I’m sure most companies have a similar policy. The best way to know is to check at the bottom of their site and look for the return policy.

Organizing Your Glasses

Once you realize the money you can save on your prescription glasses now, you will want more than just one pair. And when that happens, it helps to have a good way to organize them. After I collected more than 4 pairs of glasses, I started using this utensil storage organizer tray.

Right now I get 2-3 pair in each section and they are much easier to see that way.

Now there are a ton of companies out there, and I hope this online glasses tutorial will help you feel more comfortable using any of them. Times are changing and this is one way to save money while still getting what you need.

Even if you don’t need this information now, I hope you pin this to have for later or share it with someone who can use this online glasses tutorial.

Step by step online glasses tutorial

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