Exploration of 5 Ways of How to Wear Combat Boots

Exploration of 5 Ways of How to Wear Combat Boots

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Floral combat boots

Exploration of 5 Ways of How to Wear Combat Boots

Trust me when I never thought I’d be discussing how to wear combat boots. Even though I have a pair, the entire style is not really my favorite. But just that fact, made me feel like I should give them a second (and third and fourth) chance to see if I could find some rationale for the trend.

Quote of the day: “It’s better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life.” Sister Elizabeth Kenny

I’ve used this quote before, but I thought it very appropriate for today’s subject of how to wear combat boots. I think the fact that combat boots are very masculine and clunky are the reasons they aren’t my go to. Yet, once I styled them as my wild card in which shoes to wear with short skirts, I came to the conclusion that I wasn’t being open minded.
And I like to pride myself on being open minded. Why? Because new things can be learned daily, and maybe there’s a good reason why others are wearing them.

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So not only am I exploring 5 ways of how to wear combat boots, I’m including some pros and cons below too. You might be surprised at what I found out in this experiment.
Confession?? While I still won’t say they are my favorite style, I do like them much more than I did at first.

Pros and Cons

Let’s talk reality. Most of us struggle with some sort of foot issues from time to time. Whether that is we can’t wear high heels now, or we need a wider toe box because of hammertoes.
Luckily, I have discovered and shared many comfortable footwear brands in the past (if you need a reminder, here are a couple of posts that do the trick)
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But here could be a reason to wear this combat boot trend. They could fit our aging feet AND make us feel on trend. Sure, it might be a trend you thought you would pass on, yet isn’t it better than some of the ugly “old lady shoes?”
And I bet the younger kids will look at you with a bit of surprise and respect. I know that’s how I felt when one of my 80 year old patients used to come to the office looking stylish in a newer trend.

As for the con of these boots?? Some can be heavy which is not on my list of wonderful attribute of my shoes. So make sure to either check the details, email/call the store to ask, read the reviews or don’t expect to wear them for a ton of walking.

Details to Think About

If you do consider getting some combat boots, here are a couple of details to think about when styling them.
1-There are fun prints available so they don’t seem as masculine or you could DIY a pair to add embroidery patches on them. BTW, this Upstyle is a new platform very much like Pinterest. If you are interested in it, please give me a follow too!
2-I usually like to scrunch down a sock to fill in the space between the boot and leg. BTW, I have “borrowed” many of Rob’s socks for this, if I don’t have a pair that matches.
3-Most have a zipper or laces in the front, so they can be left slightly open. This gives you more space so the boots aren’t so tight.
4-Just like with any boot, you might want to size up so you can wear your thick socks in them.
5-If you want to try them but aren’t 100% sure you’ll like them, I would suggest a less expensive pair to start. For example, these I found at Gordmans, but I also saw a couple on thredUp (go through my link to get $10 off and don’t search for combat boots. For some reason that didn’t bring any up. Instead search under “shoes” for “boots” and then filter by your size. In fact, if you’re a 7.5, I saw a cute red plaid pair!)
6-Use the trick of yin and yang to keep the look modern. The boots are masculine so don’t be afraid to pair them with feminine details.

How to wear combat boots and leggings

How to Wear Combat Boots with Leggings

I wore these recently with a pair of leggings and a long vest. This seems to work well because the top half is bulkier than the leggings. Since the combat boots are clunky too, this bookends the outfit and doesn’t make me seem top heavy.
Well that’s my rationale at least, what do you think?

Shorter Skirts and Combat Boots

Like I confessed, this option was the wild card for me where the three of us talked about what shoes to wear with certain length skirts.
I didn’t mind either of these outfits. The swingy skirt counteracted the clunky boots and the bigger sweatshirt did the same.

Jeans and combat boots with a blazer

Jeans and a Blazer

This was inspiration from one of my friends on Instagram. Granted I made it my own with some color and dark jeans. I also tucked my jeans into the boots whereas my inspiration’s jeans ended at the top of her boots.

Wide Leg Pants

Part of my experimenting with how to wear combat boots involved wide leg, cropped pants. I thought this would help to balance out the chunkier boots plus you wouldn’t have to worry about tucking them in the boots.
The reason there are two options shown is both Rob and I just weren’t loving the looks.

I’m not sure if it’s the pants per se or the sweater. But what I really should do is try it again with either of these pants and see if I would like a different combination. Many times I think we are too quick to accept defeat and think it won’t work!!

Maxi dress with combat boots

Maxi Skirt

Since I had styled a shorter skirt, I wanted to try other skirt lengths with my combat boots. In fact, I had my pleated skirt out to wear but I thought you would be getting tired of this theme. So I’ll save that for another time.
The layering at the top half of the outfit does balance out the chunky boots is my thinking.

How to wear combat boots 5 ways

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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