Exploring Different Kinds of Short Haircuts for Ladies

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Working with your hair stylist for the best look

Exploring Different Kinds of Short Haircuts for Ladies

It’s always fun to think about different kinds of short haircuts for ladies and how they can change up your look. Then my friend, Lesley, had an idea for some blog posts about working with a hairstylist on the blog.

Quote of the day: “If in the last few years you haven’t discarded a major opinion or acquired a new one, check your pulse. You may be dead.” Gelett Burgess

Hair is one of those things that we can totally stress about. Just like I discussed in my post about embracing my curls. But let’s also talk about how our hair cut/style can really transform us too! So I asked my longtime hair stylist (and former dental patient), Cindy to work with the three of us for this series. More about Cindy and her tips later this week.

While it’s not easy to try different kinds of short haircuts, the realistic part is that hair grows. So even if you do get a new cut, and don’t like it, the reality is that it’s not permanent. Even though I believe in the magic of a great outfit, I also believe our hair can make a huge difference between looking modern or not.

If you’re not up for a new cut, how about styling what you have differently? That’s what my mom did. And then I experimented with hair accessories. The best part is how Cindy shared many hacks with us that can apply to everyone.

Nancy’s Short Haircut Before

Nancy’s almost always had short hair. Below is her haircut that she’s had for years now. We were out to breakfast months ago with friends when our waitress came up with the cutest short haircut. Both Nancy and Anna were in awe of it. It was a little more edgy than what Nancy is comfortable with, but it got her reiterating that she wanted a change.

I do love the idea of changing up our haircut from time to time. Even if you think you have the best cut for your face shape right now, it might be nice to experiment. Because it’s good to look fresh and modern. And maybe there’s something even better out there?

Changing up a hairstyle for women over 70

View Point

I will be sharing a lot of what we learned this day from my stylist, Cindy in a future post. One of the things that I realized is to take into account the other views. We may always see ourselves from the front, but that’s not the case for others. Everyone else sees us from all different angles. So the side and back are just as important.

It’s also so interesting how we focus on one little thing about our hair. Like with Nancy, it’s that small piece of hair that sticks out at the side. Yet I bet most others don’t notice those little details. So it reminds me that we need to stop obsessing over some of these issues. You know? Don’t sweat the small stuff, and everything is the small stuff!

It’s also good to know about your hair and it’s characteristics. Like Nancy. She has a LOT of hair. Along with the fact that it grows fast. And both of those things are great.

Working with your hair stylist for the best look

Nancy’s History of Hair

Nancy remembers having many permanents in her life starting as a young girl. She had shoulder length hair during her early adult years, but her mother said it never looked good, so she gave up on that. She was also brought up in the times of rollers, before there were small hair dryers so that made a difference.

Just like Nancy shared in her color analysis post, her mom was not interested in clothes or style. And that included how to style her hair. Her mom always got her own hair styled at the beauty shop weekly, so she didn’t know the ins and outs to teach Nancy. In fact, Nancy says in all of her grade school photos, where her mom tried to curl her hair, it looked terrible.

New haircut for woman over 70

Going Grey

Nancy doesn’t remember exactly when her hair started going grey. Obviously when she first met my dad, it was still brown in that photo I shared. And just so you know, Nancy doesn’t love that pixie haircut in that photo. But both Rob and I love it. That’s where I don’t always think our own perspective is how others view us. Just like how most people comment that they like my curls and I always want straight hair.

A funny story about Nancy going gray is when one of her first graders (she was a first grade teacher) drew a picture of her and told her that she had to color Nancy’s hair brown in the picture because she didn’t have a grey crayon. And Nancy had to think twice about that because she didn’t even realize her hair was going grey all that much.

Styling different kinds of short haircuts for ladies


One of the things that I appreciate, is practicing your new style. Cindy, is SO good about rewetting your hair at the end of the appointment, and walking you through how to make it look good. She’s done this with me before in the past, and it’s an invaluable tool.

Granted, having a new hairstyle can still take time at home to find the ins and outs about how to get it to work well. Products, can make a difference too, Cindy was saying. Especially how you use them. Like hair gel, I bet most of us use it wrong.

Practicing with different kinds of short haircuts for ladies

New Hair Cut for Nancy

So this is the new “do”. Isn’t it just fabulous? From the front it’s not all that different. Yet the sides and back are very modern and perfect for Nancy’s lifestyle.

Different kinds of short haircuts for ladies

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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