Exploring the Kirkland Museum with our Best Spring Accessories

The best spring accessories for men and women

Exploring the Kirkland Museum with our Best Spring Accessories

The best spring accessories not only add to an outfit but can be for men and women of any age.

Quote of the day: “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” Edgar Degas

Now isn’t that quote fabulous? Since this week was all about spring accessories, this is exactly how I see these details. They can totally change the focus of any outfit.

Lucky Nancy is in Italy right now, so it was just mom, Rob and I for this adventure. And we decided to explore a museum in Denver called the Kirkland museum. Join me below for some of the coolest finds we saw.

Mother and daughter at Kirkland

Mom’s History with Floral Purses

Part of the outfit my mom wore for this category, was her floral purse. She interpreted the theme of best spring accessories by wearing pink and floral. And if you missed the post, she even shared the reason she started wearing earrings.

This is not the first time my mom has carried a floral purse. Yet I think it’s good to point out, they don’t always have to be for springtime.

In the first photo, my mom’s purse is not only floral but also has an owl on it. This could be a great way to have some whimsey and yet not OD on flowers.

For the second example, this purse is not even a purse. My mom got creative and it’s a great example of how we should look at many items with different eyes.

And another way to incorporate flowers is with the three dimensional version. I know both Nancy and myself have purses like this too.

Jodie’s History with Statement Earrings

While I feel like the term obsessed gets over used by many style bloggers, I actually think I could say that I’m obsessed with statement earrings. For this theme, I incorporated another pair as part of my spring accessories.

In the first photo, I pulled in some of the colors of the skirt with my necklace and earrings.

For the second photo, I tend to stick with larger earrings when I have a top that is too busy to wear a necklace. The saddest thing? I lost one of these earrings so I definitely need to replace them.

The last photo showcases another pair of tassel earrings. You might wonder how many pair of tassel earrings I might need? But my love of them stems from the fact that they are not only fun but SO lightweight.

Rob’s History with Accessories

I’m so happy that Rob joined us to showcase men’s accessories. While he may not be among the majority of males out there, I’m glad he embraces these fashion details.

RI do think that most men still love a great watch, and this first photo showcases the Jord watch he received. He absolutely loves this watch and wears it regularly.

This second photo shows another one of Rob’s “necklaces” or what we refer to as stud apparel. He really wears one most times we go out with his t-shirts.

And in the third photo, Rob is wearing another one of his hats. He keeps thinking he should get rid of this one because the brim has gotten wavy. But I like it this way.

Kirkland Museum

The Kirkland Museum is not only a showcase about the artist, Vance Kirkland, but a collection of other artists too.

The Kirkland dot paintings were my favorite of his because not only are they gorgeous, but how he made them is amazing.

His studio is part of the museum, and if you can see in the larger photo, the rope over his desk. Vance would lay on these ropes in order to be able to reach the middle of the big paintings. Talk about Mission Impossible stuff.

Collections at the Kirkland Museum

But there was so many other things to see at this exhibition. Let me just point out a couple of really cool things.

First this rug hooking. If you can’t read the wording about it, it was made with yarn of used sweaters from thrift stores. Then the sweaters were unraveled by his two sons and made into this rug. Wowza.

My other favorite piece was the black ribbon dress. Those are wrapping ribbons hanging from the bodice of the dress. I bet my mom could create something like that!

Adventures in the spring in Denver

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo & Jodie

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