The Fab Collab Brings You Pastels at 60 Plus

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Wearing Pastels for Women Over 40

Pastels for All Ages With Nancy

It’s that time again when Sherry, from Petite Over 40, is joining us in a Fab Collab. Since it’s springtime, we thought we’d investigate a time in our life when we wore pastels and how we’d wear them now! 

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

We started our series with Sherry, our 40’s generation model, here, where she shared the southern traditions about wearing pastels..

Next up was me, Jodie, the 50’s generation model with a pastel period in my younger life, here.

Now we get to see some of Nancy’s favorite pastel shirts that she has worn when she hangs out with the LaLas! Who are the Lalas? I’m glad you asked….keep reading to find out!

Nancy’s Fun (through her words):

“As a young girl, I never wanted to wear pastels, particularly pink, because it was too ‘girly’ and I did not want to be seen as a ‘girly girl’.  I didn’t play with dolls but I also didn’t play with trucks.  I liked playing jacks, jump roping and roller skating.  Then as a teenager I was asked to be in a fashion show by my neighbor who had a dress shop.  Guess what color the dress was that I wore? PINK!!  I loved it.  As time went on, I also noticed that people complimented me when ever I had on shades of pink or other pastels.  So I began to change my color scheme.

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

I now love to wear pink, especially the rose shade!  I even have trouble getting rid of my pink items when they are out of style or worn.  Somehow they are just special to me.  These particular pictures makes me smile because the people with me in them bring me such joy.  They are 5 of my high school girlfriends from Indiana and we call ourselves the LaLas!

I now live in Colorado but we get together at least once a year through travel (mostly to places that have wineries!). If we aren’t going somewhere new, then we’ll all join up at one of our homes.  When we turned 60 we even took a cruise together! We also keep very close via email and Face Time through thick and thin.  Between being with people I love dearly and wearing a color I feel wonderful in, these pictures always bring a smile to my face!”

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

As Nancy’s step daughter, I need to chime in! These 6 women together are a force to be reckoned with and a barrel of laughs!! They know how to have a good time and make sure that everyone else is having fun too!! Just so you know, I was indoctrinated into their group as a “junior” LaLa probably about 7 years ago—of course, for some reason that age span is seemingly getting smaller and smaller–ha ha!

Nancy’s (60’s) Outfit: This pink blouse of Nancy’s is truly one of her favorites. She’s had it many, many years and wears it for countless dress up occasions.  Since she tends to wear it more for the nicer events, I wanted her to start considering it with other items! Thus I steered her in the direction of these ankle pants for this outfit!

With the ruffle in the front of this blouse, it reminds me of all of the off the shoulder shirts the young girls are wearing. However, I know most of the women in Nancy’s age group aren’t running to the stores to purchase this style. So instead, I found a sleeveless top here, that has a front ruffle. Then, again, I know sleeveless is not always the favorite style either, so how about this one? And as one other option, I considered the fact that many of you don’t want extra material where “the girls” are concerned. That’s where this shirt can fulfill your need for ruffles, just not in the front!

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

This pink blouse came with a bow on it when Nancy bought it. Of course, you realize that means I wanted to remove it and do something else to it, right? In case you ‘d like to see either the shirt alone or the original flower alone, they are here & here (the pin is on the denim vest)!

These flower pins have never been my favorite accessory although I am becoming more and more open to wearing them. This one that I consider similar, is actually leather & metal, which is definitely more my style. My mom (the 70’s model) has a bazillion of these pins in her closet (and if you think I’m exaggerating–you’re wrong!). Of course the fact that she makes many of them with leftover scraps of material from her sewing projects is her reason to have so many. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, I think that Charlotte made this black flower for Nancy. It even had a pin and a clip on the back of it!

I even had one reader comment that she will make these pins from hair clips and other jewelry (did I say that correctly Kathleen?). Well, if you love these accessories as much as my mom & Kathleen, then here are a couple others that might interest you here with pearls, here & here with perforations, or here with straps.

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

To finish up talking about the rest of Nancy’s accessories, we decided to keep the earrings simple. We chose her black pearl earrings that are small studs so they didn’t compete with the large flower!

Now I’m sure you could spend a lot of money on pearl earrings, but if you only wear them a couple of times a year, there are some inexpensive versions. I found these for under $50, and even these for under $20 for two pairs-a black & a white version.

As for the arm candy, I had Nancy pile on the bracelets. I have decided that every woman out there needs to do this more often! And why not? Especially if you have bracelets in your jewelry box, why only limit yourself to wearing one at a time?? I feel like it’s such an easy way to bring in all the colors of your outfits!

Now you may not need any more bracelets, but it’s super fun to see all of the newer varieties out there. I think that it’s nice when the retailers sell the bracelets already grouped together. Like this example with pearls & gold, or this one with rose gold.

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

As for Nancy’s floral pants in this outfit, they have been one of those much loved items. Nancy bought them on a whim from J.Jill when she was looking for a sundress. She’s actually worn them many, many times on the blog, including for our ankle pants series here, here & here.

I think one of the reasons that these end up getting worn so often, is there are so many different colors in the print. And sure there are pastels in this print, but the background is dark, so it doesn’t seem too garish! In fact, they must have been extremely popular because it wasn’t that long after Nancy bought them that they were sold out online.

One of the pair that I found similar to these aren’t floral at all. They are a paisley print instead. Of course, many of you would rather have a more muted bottom half, so that’s where this pair comes in. But just in case there are some of you out there that love the bright colors, I had to include this pair too! They may be more money than you want to spend on this item, but it’s fun to see the different varieties that are available, right?

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

Now I can’t forget to mention Nancy’s shoes! The ankle strap shoes have been quite popular lately and for a good reason! The strap makes them stay in place so much easier when you walk.

I think we all know the advantage of a nude colored shoe by this time. And if you live in the part of the country that is a little colder, then you might appreciate these since they have a closed toe. If you rather have an open toed sandal, then this variety is being sold everywhere! For some reason there aren’t many heels available through my shopping program that are two toned, but I did find these!

Pants: J.Jill (similar here)~~Top: CDW (similar here)~~Shoes: Anne Klein (similar here)~~Pin: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelets: (similar here)

Thanks for coming along on our memory journey with us! And definitely join in and tell us about your like/dislike of pastels!!

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Here are more pastels in the shape of blouses to consider if your closet is lacking!!

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