The Fab Collab Brings You Pastels at 70 Plus

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 The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

Pastels for All Ages With Charlotte

It’s that time again when Sherry, from Petite Over 40, is joining us in a Fab Collab. Since it’s springtime, we thought we’d investigate a time in our life when we wore pastels and how we’d wear them now! 

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

We started our series with Sherry, our 40’s generation model, here, where she shared the southern traditions about wearing pastels. .

Next up was me, Jodie the 50’s generation model with a pastel period in my young life, here.

Then Nancy, the 60’s generation model, included us in her LaLa’s group and her love for pastels, here.

It’s not always fair that we put mom last in our group. But alas, we’ve done it again, and ended with the 70’s generation’s story and look! Maybe it’s because we are saving the best for last?

Mom’s Story in her words:

“This was my first cruise during spring break a couple of years before retiring from teaching home economics.

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

I traveled alone and met this elementary school principal from Florida. We hit it off as friends for this adventure and ended up going on many excursions together. For the life of me, I can’t remember her name, but we enjoyed each other’s company!

The dress I had made a couple of years beforehand. It is a pastel plaid with bodice on the bias to create the soft cowl draped neckline. The turquoise earrings were purchased on a previous stop in the Dominica Republic.”

Jodie’s input: If any of you have grown up with a mother that sews than you can relate to my mother’s memories. Every photo from when I was a child involves a discourse about what I’m wearing and how she made it. Not that it’s a bad thing, but that’s exactly how my mom relates to her recollections! Thus when she said that mumbo jumbo about the bodice and neckline—it really makes sense to her! Us normal folk? Not so much—ha ha!

Charlotte’s (70’s) Outfit: So when I told mom ahead of time to pick out a pastel outfit for this post, I walked into her bedroom to a bed full of thousands of clothes. Okay–I exaggerate. But there was a bunch of different pastel pieces strewn across the bed. So we picked between all the items and came up with this! Very pastelly, very girly, yet very much my mother!

Let’s start off with the cardigan. I have to think that a basic cardigan is in every woman’s closet (like we discussed and styled here, here & here). Maybe you don’t have a peach colored one, but if not, feel free to check out this one with a darker trim or this one that is a little darker.

 The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

And what is the cardigan being worn over? Stripes of course! Many of you will pooh-pooh stripes thinking that they will make you look bigger. Of course you think that because you’ve been told that time and time again. But I’m here to tell you, that “fact” is a non fact! It’s truly the size and shape of the shirt, not the stripes that can make you look larger.

If you don’t believe me, then how about trying it for yourself? Make sure your striped shirt is well fitted (not boxy) and take a photo of yourself wearing it. If you have that same shirt in a solid, then that would be the perfect comparison. Make sure you take a photo, though. It’s too hard to compare them in the mirror one after the other! Don’t have a striped shirt to try this with? Here, here or here are a couple that won’t break the bank. Either that or try the thrift store!

Now mom will tell you that this striped shirt of hers is more of a sweater. And a Pendleton one at that! Which is great, right? But I keep telling her she still needs to wear it, no matter what the brand. It doesn’t help to keep it stored away in the closet!

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

I’d really like to point out the fact that my mom is print mixing with this outfit. Now it’s not a bold, in your face print mixing, but more of a textural one (like we did here). Although if you add in the floral shoes, then you can say she has on 3 prints!! Isn’t that fantastic? Next week we’ll be showing more print mixing on the blog, too!

The floral shoes are a relatively recent purchase when mom and I went shopping last year. These are very similar with an even smaller heel! Or if you like this idea more for the summer, then these are open toed and very pretty!

The bracelet is a jade one from when my mom visited Hong Kong on one of her trips! You can see that my mom likes to shop for jewelry souvenirs when she travels, like she stated in the above story with those earrings she was wearing in the older photo!

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

Now let me discuss the skirt! It’s always amazing to me how my mom loves to wear her skirts and dresses even now that society is quite casual. I guess when you are brought up that way, it sticks, maybe? However a lot of women I know, never seem to wear skirts anymore. What’s your take on this issue?

The skirt my mom has on is a St. John’s Knit. When she first started working at Nordstroms doing alterations after retiring from teaching, she’d go on and on about the St. John’s Knits at the store. I know she stalked them religiously until this particular one went on sale for a reasonable price. Mint is a color I was seeing a ton of the last couple of years. Not so much lately, but it’s still fun & youthful. Here’s one mint skirt that would be considered more casual if you like the color but don’t enjoy getting fancy! The pleated skirts are becoming big again, so here’s one like that!

The Fab Collab with Memories of their Pastel Items When they were younger.

Skirt: St. John’s Knit (similar here)~~Cardigan: Designer’s Originals (similar here)~~Top: Pendelton (similar here more greenish)~~Shoes: Alfani (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)

Thanks for coming along on our memory journey with us! And definitely join in and tell us about your like/dislike of pastels!!

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Since my mother loves wearing her skirts, I thought I’d tempt you with a couple of pastel ones!

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