Fab Collab: Celebrating Summer in a Sundress at Forty-Plus

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Summer Sundress for 4 generations.

Summer Sundress: Then & Now

It’s time for another Fab Collab! Sherry from Petite Over 40 is back and this time we’re featuring that favorite summer staple, the sundress. If you joined our first Fab Collab where we shared styles and stories behind our pearls, you know that each of us represent a different decade in life. Sherry is in her 40s, I’m in my 50s, Nancy is in her 60s, and Mom is in her 70s. 
All this week you’ll see how we’re styling sundresses during these summer days and you will be able to read our own personal connections to a particular dress we picked from each of our pasts. Sherry got the week started styling a Lilly Pulitzer sundress and sharing a story about the dress that made her feel as elegant as Meryl Streep in the movie Out of Africa. Read her story below .
We hope you’ll join us all week for the Fab Collab Fun!

Summer Sundresses for 4 generations.

A Little Sundress History per Sherry

The sundress idea has been around at least since the Greeks and Romans were walking around in togas.

It’s unlikely, though, that the Greeks and Romans viewed their togas in the same light we see dresses today and, given all that fabric, they may not have been as easy to work with as the sundress. So maybe it would make more sense to look to the colorful shift dress introduced by Lilly Pulitzer in the 1960s for a better comparison.

The rest of the history of Lilly Pulitzer and Sherry’s story regarding the “then” picture can be found on her website, here!

Summer Sundress for 4 generations.

I had to include the full body picture of Sherry with the Space Needle in view! What a great view to have from your rooftop, right?

Although, you’ll be able to link to Sherry’s posts from my blog, I know she’d really appreciate it if you subscribe to her blog so you won’t miss out on any of her fabulous posts. She’s actually going through each of the decades researching the styles of the times, and how it relates to modern day. If I could say one thing about this woman is that she is such a talented writer and really researches her topics so well!! In one of her past posts, she even included music to listen to while you read her post—now that’s adding a personal touch!!

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