Fall Bucket List

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fall bucket list

Fall Bucket List

Setting some goals and ideas for the upcoming season was never on my radar until I joined some bloggers for this kind of themed post. I’m one of those people that work well with lists, and feels fantastic about crossing off items that I’ve written down to do. Therefore, I decided to continue with this endeavor for autumn and put together a fall bucket list. And if you at all interested in how I finished up with my summer bucket list goals, you’ll be able to see the updates tomorrow.

If you joined in by creating a fall bucket list, I hope you’ll add your post to the linkup below. It’s so fun to see what other’s are planning. Even if you don’t blog, or didn’t join us, you can still see what other women have planned! So with no further ado, here is my fall bucket list.

List for the fall bucket list


Considering that we just moved into this place 2 years ago, you wouldn’t think anything would need to be done. But let’s be honest. When I first move into a new place, I put things away just to clear out the boxes, and tend to make it the same as it was in the former house. Well, that’s all fine and good, but I also love to rearrange and reorganize on a regular basis.

Organize Purses

For some strange reason my purse collection has grown considerably since I’ve started this fashion blog. Therefore how I organize them needs to evolve also. I’ve decided to clear out this wardrobe and make it my purse storage.

Wardrobe organization

Right now it is full of t-shirts, undies and my dressier purses. My everyday purses are in my walk in closet. Well, that’s just plain silly, as they should all be together, right? And luckily, we put together a bed frame in June, that has drawers under it. Two of the drawers in the bed frame are empty, so I plan to relocate these t-shirts to one of the drawers and my undies to the other and have all of my purses here in one place.

Inside of wardrobe to organize

Showcase Rob’s Crosses

Rob has a collection of crosses that people have given him along with ones we have picked up on our travels. We used to have them glued to a large mirror. But we have since moved the mirror and now need to find a better home for these crosses. Unfortunately some of them got damaged or ruined when we took them off the mirror, but we can always find more.

Cross collection

Rearrange Office

So here is small view of where I type these blogs everyday. I don’t have a better photo because right now it’s even messier, with no hope of cleaning it up just for photos. So this is the picture I took after we first moved in.

My husband wanted a better layout for us since there isn’t much room to work side by side. So we traveled to AFW to find some new desks and figure out a better layout.

This desk we have been using actually used to be my father’s drafting table from the 1960’s. I have a feeling, we will be trying to get rid of it, if anyone is interested?

Office space


I don’t plan to buy new clothes every season, but it would be impossible for me to say that I don’t buy any. There is a difference between planning and doing, right? Needless to say, it’s nice to think about the gaps in my wardrobe, and keep an eye out for what I “need.” Right now I have longer cardigans, OTK boots and plaid on my fall bucket list for new clothes!


Of course any outings that we will be doing will have been planned ahead of time. As much as I love the idea of spontaneity, I am a planner through and through.

Seattle Meet Up

We are planning to visit my 40+ cohort, Sherry, from the Fab Collab Posts along with other wonderful women. You will surely see a post all about it after the first weekend in October. If you want to see it as it’s happening, feel free to follow me on Instagram and check out my stories as we go along.


I realize that Christmas actually falls in the winter season; however, mom, Nancy, Rob and I usually plan on a fun activity together for the day. Therefore, we really need to get our heads together and decide what we will do for this year’s holiday. Last year we spent a couple of days in Vegas together. Many years we go out to a nice dinner and see a movie. All of this instead of exchanging gifts!


I added in the idea to practice my korma recipe. This is far and above my favorite item to order when we go to an Indian restaurant. I’ve been thinking that it’d be fun to try to make it myself, so the gauntlet has been thrown! I’m going to try to make this for the book club meeting that I am hosting in November, so I better get practicing! Of course, if I’m not successful, I will just order some from the restaurant and serve to the women anyways!! So if anyone has the best ever korma recipe out there, will you share?

The other item I added in for the fall season is making ice cream. Not that this is really the season for ice cream, but since it’s my husband’s most favorite food (besides pizza), I thought it would make him happy to read this. Should I try pumpkin ice cream?


Part of the aspect of blogging that I enjoy so much is finding new and different companies and ideas for my readers. Of course, I should ask you if you enjoy that too? Hopefully, you do, because it’s on my radar now! I know earlier in the year I discovered a Finland company, Coruu, that made silicone jewelry which is so lightweight. And then just recently I introduced you to Jambu who has melded comfort and style into their shoes! If you know of any companies that you would love me to approach, then feel free to let me know!


Knitting pattern

My wonderful neighbors bought this kit for me when they visited Iceland, so of course, it needs to be my next knitting project. Trust me when I say, I’ll be working on it for awhile. I used to be able to knit a sweater in about a month or two. However those days are long gone, now that I spend a ton of time on social media for the blog.

I am changing this sweater to be a cardigan by knitting in steeks, so I can cut it up the middle. My neighbors had also purchased these fabulous buttons at the same local store in Iceland, so I figured it would be a perfect way to use them.

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know. 

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