Brown and black together

Fall Casual Outfit: What to Wear to the Botanical Gardens

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Even a trip to the botanical gardens can incorporate a stylish yet comfortable fall casual outfit. These are the times that you may not be adding your best accessories or dressy items, but you can still look great.

Quote of the day: “Different meanings can be assigned to the same events. Look for evidence of how the world is encouraging you, and you will find it. Look for evidence of how the world is burdening you, and you will find it. Choose an explanation that empowers you.” James Clear

A day of walking around outside in nature can be exactly what your soul needs. The autumn season here in Arizona is when many people get outside because the weather has cooled down and it’s comfortable to be outside. Now, don’t get me wrong, the winters can be cold as I’ve explained here.

Charlotte’s fall casual outfit was worn to a day of exploration at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. I love how any botanical garden can be a place to check out no matter what season.

Don’t forget to check out another version of an outfit for a fall day when Lesley styled a kimono. Or you can see a fall casual outfit with a fair isle cardigan AND the fun views from this day.

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Exploring a botanical garden in a fall casual outfit

Pants: Caron-thrifted ~~ Jacket: Techgear- Kohls~~ Top: JM Collection ~~ Boots: Walking Cradles c/o~~ Scarf: ~~ Purse: Bought on the cruise ship

Fall Casual Outfit at the Botanical Gardens

Now how do you start putting together an outfit for a fall casual outfit? Even when you’re going to be more casual, it’s nice to have something fun and interesting as part of the outfit.

That’s why I love that Charlotte grabbed her statement print pants to wear for this day at the botanic gardens. If you have yet to wear a pair of print pants, I’m telling you that you are missing out. Do you think they are too crazy? I bet each and every one of you have a crazy part of you, so why not wear crazy pants?
Make sure to see how my mom styled them for the summer.

My mom found this pair of pants while thrifting, and if you aren’t sure about a style, I always think that’s the place to start because you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on the items just in case you end up not liking the style.

But wait!!! If you try out something new and feel like you failed to style it, don’t give up right away. I swear sometimes you have to try things a couple of times before it really feels comfortable. That’s why I just love showing many ways to wear the same thing.

In fact, do you need ideas of how to style print pants?? Here are some great ways to style them:

Brown and black together

Athletic Jacket Made Fashionable

You may not think that you could add an athletic jacket to a fall casual outfit and look cute, but leave it to my mom to show it can happen.

This isn’t the type of jacket my mom usually buys. But it was on sale at Kohls, and she liked the black panels on the side that she thinks are flattering. Since this black color isn’t great with her complexion, the scarf and brown shirt help to give a warmer base to the look.

Accessories for a Fall Casual Day

You may not think to wear accessories for an outing at a botanic garden but even the most simple outfit can benefit from extras.

If you are wearing a solid-colored t-shirt, it’s always nice to have some sort of decoration to change the focus from the large expanse of color on your chest. While the jacket helps narrow that expanse of color, it’s still nice to use an accessory to bring the focus to your face.
Charlotte used a cotton bandanna that is knotted and tied to act as a necklace.

Insider tip: This was a square piece of fabric that was folded in half diagonally, and then a pointed knot was tied with the ends. My mom actually keeps this knotted like this and just pulls it over her head when she wants to wear it.

The other important accessory is the purse. Since most of us don’t go anyplace without some kind of bag or purse, you want one that will be easy to carry for a day of walking around a botanic garden.

We have showcased a variety of hands-free purses in the past here. It’s nice to have a couple of different options depending on your fall casual outfit.
Many women prefer crossbody bags for convenience. The disadvantage of those types of purses is how they can create a valley between the girls. There’s always a pro and con to each product, right??

I know many women think they don’t want more bulk at their waist. Yet, I’m here to tell you a secret. It’s like a peplum detail in that sometimes a piece that sits on an area can actually camouflage it.

Woman over 80 in fall casual outfit
Print pants with ankle boots

Walking Shoes

One of the most important factors when you are out exploring whether it’s outside or inside is the fact that you need comfortable shoes.

This pair of ankle boots is from Walking Cradles that maybe aren’t the most stylish pair, but they are certainly ones that you can walk ALL day in. If you don’t know the brand Walking Cradles, they have an amazing variety of sizes plus they have tiny pillows in the soles which make them fabulous for walking.

We have showcased all kinds of styles of Walking Cradles shoes here on the blog. We normally choose the more stylish shoes to showcase, but last year, we were asked to try to style shoes that have a wider toe base and comfortable style. Charlotte styled them with black pants at that time. This exact style isn’t on their site anymore, but you will always find comfortable shoes on their site.

Other very comfortable shoes we’ve shown from this brand:
1- Loafers
2-Sneakers & Pumps
3-Dressy shoes

Athletic jacket as part of a fall casual outfit
Fall casual outfit with print pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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