Fall foliage outfits for women over 50

Fall Foliage Outfits: Selected Styling Inspiration For Ageless Style

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For our Ageless Style group of women, the prompt was what to wear to a fall event. Since we just styled outfit options for a football game in the hot weather, we decided to travel to witness the fall colors in the higher elevations of our state. And I thought it would be fun to include fall foliage outfits inspired by the outing.

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Quote of the day: “It is a beautiful truth that all men contain something of the artist in them.” Walt Whitman

This quote reminds me that there is beauty in fall foliage outfits. Even though in reality the leaves are “dying” they give a beautiful color spectrum that invites us to philosophize on the concept of time and how it affects us.

What I didn’t plan on was how we interpreted the fall foliage outfits so similarly with a brown print top or topper. It was the funniest thing to see when we picked up the crew and realized that we were all on the same wavelength.
Yet I think it worked out wonderful because we used different color combinations with the brown print pieces so that you could get different fall foliage outfit inspiration from all of us.
Did you notice we all wore hats too? Crack me up!!

Fall foliage outfit styling brown print tops
Monochromatic Look
Pair the brown print kimono with another fall color
Lighten up the look
More Inspiration

BTW, these were the outfits we wore on our field trip that I shared all of the behind-the-scenes planning for last week.

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Charlotte’s Monochromatic Fall Foliage Outfit

Women over 80 with fall foliage outfit
Jeans: Chaps~~ Top: My mom made it~~Boots: Keds-thrifted~~ Purse: Vince Camuto-thrifted ~~Hat: no label

My mom’s idea of fall foliage outfits was her brown print top with more brown. She has always been a fan of monochromatic looks and she used different shades of brown from the top and incorporated them throughout the rest of the outfit.

What you may not realize is that Charlotte made this top years ago.

Insider tip: A button-up top like Charlotte’s is very versatile since it can also be worn as a jacket by leaving it unbuttoned.

I always love the option of different colors for our jeans. While most of the time, I see only blue, black, or white jeans on women, it’s quite stylish to incorporate other colors into your wardrobe.

Brown jeans seem like the perfect option for the winter months. But don’t let the darker color stop you from wearing them into springtime too. As you’ll see in the related articles at the bottom of this post, you can find that brown goes with pastels wonderfully too.

Insider tip: If you are looking for the most modern brown jeans for 2022, you’ll be finding those in faux leather or corduroy.


Charlotte styled her accessories to match the different shades of brown in the look.

First, take a look at those fabulous booties. They were thrifted for a fabulous deal of $8 and are a comfy option for fall booties.
I was surprised at the brand of them, as I didn’t realize that Keds sold booties, but now I know.

A crossbody purse was the handbag of choice since we were exploring the changing leaves for the prompt of what to wear for a fall event.
Mom also included a light tan felt hat and brown beaded earrings to pull the look together.

Brown print as part of fall foliage outfits for older women

Lesley’s Fall Foliage Outfit with Burgundy

Shorts and kimono for autumn
Shorts: Nine West-Kohls ~~ Kimono: Soft Surroundings ~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: Vince Camuto-thrifted ~~ Necklaces: Estate sale~~ Purse: Insert tote from bigger tote (seen here) ~~Hat: no label

I love how Lesley incorporated other autumn colors into her definition of fall foliage outfits with burgundy.
Her brown floral kimono is the perfect option for adding the seasonal vibe to a warm weather day.

And the modern aspect of how Lesley is wearing this kimono is the fact that her topper is longer than the rest of the outfit. You almost wonder if she’s wearing a dress from the back.

Notice that her shorts are the paper bag waist trend which I discussed a couple of years ago. Don’t think that only women of a certain size can wear them. Especially since Lesley will tell you that her shape relates to a zucchini. She may not have much of an indented waist, yet the tie belt tricks your eyes to think that she does.

Insider tip: You don’t have to tie a bow with the ties of a paper bag waist. A knot can work just as well. Or if you want it hidden, yet the ties are connected, try tying them in the back instead.

Let me also remind you that if you have trouble finding shorts the length you prefer, then have a pair of pants cut off to the length that feels comfortable to you. Remember, you are the boss of your clothes and can change them up if you want.


I would have bet you money that this was two different necklaces combined (since Lesley is a master at necklace layering). However, it’s really just one necklace with the pendant hanging inside the two gold strands.
There is absolutely no reason you couldn’t copy this with 2-3 necklaces of your own!
I always think it’s a fabulous idea to wear the necklaces you have in different ways. Just because you already put one on doesn’t mean you can’t add another necklace to the mix.

She also wore a felt hat for the day in a burgundy color. Notice that her burgundy accents in the outfit don’t all match, but are different shades that work well together.

Hats can be such a wonderful accessory to our look besides being the best solution for a bad hair day. Sure, it’s good to have neutral options, but make sure to think about a colorful one from time to time.
And the secret to looking good in hats?? Keep trying. We aren’t used to seeing them on us, so we think they look “weird”. It’s only your brain that has to conform to the idea. Everyone else will tell you it looks great because it does.

Brown print autumn outfit

Jodie Adds Lighter Colors to a Brown Print Blazer

Lighten up a brown print outfit
Jeans: Maurices~~ Jacket: from Just Be Youtiful ~~ Top: Lilicloth~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Orleans” ~~ Scarf around the hat held in place with Maggie’s Snaps ~~ Purse: cruise line boutique~~Hat: Amazon

I recently bought this brown print blazer at my favorite local boutique, Just Be Youtiful. The colors are such a great inspiration for our fall foliage outfits but I wanted to lighten up the look.

Since it was a warm day in our neck of the woods, I also cuffed the sleeves to expose the inner lining which also lightens up the overall outfit.

Insider tip: Not all blazers are stiff and structured anymore. This one is a very lightweight material that moves and stretches. I’ve noticed many lately that are knit material almost like a cardigan.

And I decided to casualize the blazer with a graphic tee (isn’t that the best message?) and the white t-shirt lightened up the look.
Adding yellow jeans also made the fall foliage outfit less dark.

Even though the blazer doesn’t have this shade of yellow in it, it works because it softens the overall vibe.


As per my word of the year (EXTRA), I added in a ton of accessories and different prints. My shoes and backpack are both different colors of snakeskin prints, and then I used orange-based jewelry.

I too wore a hat (which wasn’t planned, but we were being sunshine cautious since we were outside) and I added a scarf to the brim of the hat to make it more colorful. This is a twilly scarf and I kept it in place with one of my magnets (found on Amazon).

Snakeskin footwear is a fabulous print that can be found with white backgrounds or darker backgrounds depending on your preference.
This pair of sneakers is from Walking Cradles and is one of their most popular styles called the “Orleans”. The snakeskin print is still available, but it’s also made in 20 other colors/prints. It’s that popular because it’s a comfortable sneaker that can easily be dressed up to look like a loafer.

Yellow jeans and brown print jacket

More Inspiration for Fall Foliage Outfits

Fall can conjure up such wonderful color combinations as we have shown in the past. Since the three of us wore brown prints for our fall foliage outfits, I concentrated on previous articles that included wearing brown.

1-Nature inspired outfits for fall
2-Remarkable fall colors
3-Brown and pink
4-Combining brown with gem colors

It’s also fun to see that while we all were styling brown print tops with a variety of colors, the tops are all different lengths.

Color comginations with fall foliage outfits

Ageless Style

These are the women who are joining the idea of fall foliage outfits on their blogs that have to do with what to wear to a fall event. I love how everyone can get so creative with this kind of theme.
And we don’t all post at the same time, so make sure to check back if their post isn’t up yet.

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Fall foliage outfits for grown women

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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