3 Generations of Fall Outfits with Soft Surroundings

Fall outfits with Soft Surroundings

3 Generations of Fall Outfits with Soft Surroundings

Quote of the day: “Those who wish to sing, always find a song.” Anonymous

With fall right around the corner, many of us are excited to go shopping for some fall outfits! Either that or we figure out how to take what we have in our closet and make it work for the changing season. And as luck had it, Soft Surroundings reached out to the 3 of us to see if we’d like to showcase some items from their upcoming”Timeless & Transitional” fall collection.

If you haven’t heard about Soft Surroundings before, then you will love to hear that their philosophy is to #Livesoft by making it easy for women to take time out for themselves. They do this by providing soft-yet-stylish outfits that are amazingly comfortable in a one-stop-shopping experience since they also provide skincare and home decor!

The Pants

The pants I chose for the 3 of us are considered 5 Pocket Pull On Leggings! The nice aspect of these pants, is they are considered leggings because of the stretch in them, but you’re really going to think of them as jeans! They are a jean material and thus heavier than your normal leggings. These have real pockets, yet, the interesting aspect is they pull up and down like leggings, so no zipper action.

If you tend to shy away from leggings because they are too tight, then you will truly appreciate these. They are not skin tight, and in fact ran a tad big! I consider that a good thing, since most of us don’t love to be poured into our jeans at this age!! The other wonderful feature is that Soft Surroundings does offer petite sizing! I know both Nancy & I took advantage of this sizing option for our jeans and therefore we didn’t have to shorten them!

Fall outfits from the back view

What the 3 of us did differently when choosing our fall outfits were the colors we chose for our 5 Pocket Pull On Leggings! I have on the white pair, Nancy is wearing the Merlot pair and my mom is sporting the Marsala pair! There is also a denim version and a green pair available!!

I showed the back view too since everyone else you meet sees that perspective too! You can see how the jeans aren’t super tight. I will admit that at the end of the day, they felt like they were slipping down. So my advice would be to order a size down!!

The Tops

For our selection of tops to wear for our fall outfits, we each received a different one! Soft Surroundings rates most of their shirts with a softness rating, so you can tell how it’ll feel against your skin!

fall outfits with cold shoulders

My top is the cold shoulder top that does come in 5 different colors. I am wearing the Dahlia Red, which is what I would describe as more of a red-orange! All of the colors offered in this top have a very fall vibe to them! Because I ordered a petite in this also, the sleeves and length are shorter, so there isn’t the need for any alterations!! Now who doesn’t love to hear that?

And just so you know, I tried tucking in the shirt on one side only. I know many women don’t love the half tuck in the front, so I thought I’d try it on one side! What do you think?

Flare sleeves for fall outfits

Mom’s top is called the Berkeley Top which has flared sleeves. This is one of those fun styles I am projecting will be a huge hit in my Fall Trends post!

For mom’s top, I did not order the petite version, but probably should have. Instead she ended up shortening the length about 2 inches, but not the sleeves!! This top now comes in ginger, black and blue!

ruching in your fall outfits

Nancy’s top is called the Bermondsey Top, but I couldn’t find it on their site right when I created this post. You can always type in that name in the search tool,  but here is a surplice top that has the same ruching on the side!!

The Footwear

I have to admit that there wasn’t a pair of shoes they offered that I didn’t fall in love with. Of course, I realize I have a shoe problem, but admitting it is the first step, right?

Fall outfits with ankle boots

Since Nancy always loves the Southwest designs, I picked out the Taos booties for her! These come in the tan version like you see Nancy wearing or a grey version. And yes, the toe part of the boot is darker. It’s considered distressed, and it’s one of the distressed characteristics that seems very realistic!! My husband and I did that same distressing to a pair of his boots with shoe polish!

Fall outfits with mules

I told my mom that she could have these shoes only if I could borrow them occasionally!! These are the Ellenora Mules and also are available in a black version!! If you love this embroidery trend on your footwear as much as I do, you might also love Soft Surrounding’s Seychelles Lantern Booties!

Ankle boots in your Fall Outfits for women over50

My ankle booties are named the Calley Booties by Vince Camuto! I love that these have the cut outs on the side along with a bunch of bling! I thought these were perfect match with my white jeans since they are lighter in color!

The Jewelry

Soft Surroundings also has a wonderful selection of jewelry available! Since each of us were wearing a solid colored shirt, I thought I’d accessorize each of us with a necklace!!

Ageless style for fall outfits

With my mom’s top, I thought this Devotion Necklace would be a great addition. It blended in well with the colors of her outfit, yet the gold pendant makes it so it doesn’t get lost.

Jewelry in your fall outfits

Nancy’s neck candy was something I fell in love with the moment I saw it!! You may see it on me in the future too!! That’s the advantage of living close to my family—swapping opportunities!!

The necklace is called the Serengeti necklace and is quite the statement!!

Ageless fall outfits

My Amulet necklace I chose so that it would blend in and stand out all at once! I rationalized that the bead around the neck sorta matched my top, while the pendant stood out more since it was black!

Fall outfits including accessories

Our Fall Outfits

So that’s how we put together our fall outfits with these gifted items from Soft Surroundings. There are a couple of my blogging friends who are also working with the company. I thought I’d link to my friends also so you can see other women with some of the same pieces to give you an idea of how they could work for you! Nicole, Cheryl, Debbie, and Fashion Trends & Friends will be showcasing their looks soon too! So check their blogs when you can!!

And as many of the other bloggers say, “thanks for supporting the companies that support us!”

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

Keeping in Touch

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And if you’re new to the party, you can always see our outfits organized by categories, here! Don’t forget to check out the deals & discounts too, on this page!

  • Wow…just found your blog from a comment on Wardrobe O and I know I am going to like it. I like all 3 of the SS shirts. I am partial to the white pants and wear them more than others. Love, love the 3 ladies approach. You are all just beautiful! Hope you will check out our blog when you have time.-Laurel

    • Thanks so much Laurel!!
      I’m so glad you found our blog, and I hope you check back again!!
      Have a great weekend!!

  • Jodie, I don’t know which outfit or which pieces I love the best! It’s all so fabulous. Your white cropped jeans are adorable! I am loving Charlotte’s bell sleeve top. And those buttons on Nancy’s top! How cute! And all of the shoes are fantastic as well as the jewelry. I will be checking out Soft Surroundings for sure. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for linking up with me! This post will be featured as a reader favorite on my link up which will go love at 5:00 EST today!


    • Thanks for all of the positive vibes, Shelbee!! I will admit that Soft Surroundings have quite a fabulous selection—usually I am drooling over their tunics, but their footwear and jewelry has been quite impressive too!!
      Thanks for the heads up about the feature—that just made my day!

  • Well, who would have thought…..I love all of these outfits!

    • Well, will wonders never cease??? LOL!
      Thanks Jennifer!!

  • Nice autumn colours. I love autumn and winter fashions.

  • I have never heard of Soft surroundings but the colors you have chosen here are right up my alley. The shoes are gorgeous too!

    • They have a store out in Park Meadows, although I’ve never been to the store. I’ve always just drooled over their catalogs!!

  • LaurieStone

    Wow! What beautiful, adorable models you use! Love the clothes. Have seen their catalog. Will have to look more closely next time.

    • I was very impressed with the jewelry and boots, especially Laurie!!

  • Loving all the boots! I do so love the colour of your top Jodie & the style (& colour) of your mum’s top.

  • Pamela Graham

    This is an inspired post you beautiful ladies. The colors you’ve chosen to put together are absolutely sublime!


    • Thanks so much Pamela!! That’s so nice of you to say!

  • I can’t believe those pants are leggings – they must be so comfortable. I love that you chose tops with a lot of visual interest, you mom’s bell sleeves are my favorite. And Nancy’s necklace is such a stunner!
    Chic on the Cheap

    • I know..they were nothing like I thought they’d be. They really are like jeans with no zipper, and tons of stretch!!
      Thanks Lydia!!

  • Such a wonderful post, thanks for sharing! Love it.

    April of: https://beybiapril.wordpress.com/

  • Great outfits Jodie, I particularly like the top with the buttons down the side and your cold shoulder top.

    • Thanks Jan!! It is fun to have some tops with a little more interest in them!!

  • Jodie,

    You girls are so ready for fall with your Soft Surroundings outfits!
    I have been a big fan of Soft Surroundings and I do love the 5 pocket legging!
    It really does look and feel like regular jeans!

    Here’s to a #LiveSoft Fall!


    • Thanks so much Robin!! We were so happy with our selections!!

  • Gorgeous autumn colours. Ours are more citrus in Australia right now as we go into spring.

    • It is always so funny how you guys are on opposite schedules as us, Leanne!!

  • Love these color palettes – they are definitely fall inspired! Also love the booties – the cut outs on the booties are super cute


    • Thanks Michelle!! I have a feeling, I’ll be wearing these boots a ton!!

  • You all look great in your outfits and I love that the pieces are so soft and comfortable to wear – comfortable clothes are so important, I have no time for tricky to wear or uncomfortable pieces now haha!

    Your necklaces and earrings are such great accessories with those outfits and easily my favourite part! 🙂

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • You’re exactly right Mica!! That’s why finding the right clothing is so important!!
      Thanks and have a great weekend!!

  • Lovely ladies! I love your statement necklaces.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • Thanks so much Jessica…they really are fun pieces, aren’t they??
      Have a fabulous rest of your weekend!!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Thanks for linking up to Top of the World Style. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

  • I love all of your outfits! Such pretty colors and cuts. And the shoes are fabulous, too!

    I hope you are having a good weekend!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    • Thanks Andrea!!!
      The shoes are my faves, I think!!

  • Missy May

    I can’t believe Fall is nearly here. Beautiful season, but I’m not a fan of the cold and early darkness. Ha!! Loving the colour combinations going on in these outfits. Y’all look wonderful and Fall ready.


    • That’s exactly how I feel Missy!! I don’t mind pulling out my sweaters (especially the ones I knitted) but I don’t like being cold!!

  • Oh my goodness! I love this post, Jodie! So fabulous that all of you are in jeggings! Perfect top choices, shoes and accessories. I love your little shoe/booties. Great color to wear with everything!

    • Thanks Carrie! I think these outfits really work for all age groups!!

  • Mother Daughter

    I just received a Soft Surroundings catalog. I love the pants you picked and they fit you so well. Great fall looks.

    • They do have some lovely pieces, don’t they Victoria??
      Thanks and have a fabulous weekend!!

  • These are all such classic pieces and they fit you all really well!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • These are all such wonderful colours for Fall!!! Not to mention they all compliment one another so well!


    • It does make us look so nice together, doesn’t it Joti??
      Thanks and have a fabulous weekend!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    All three of these outfits are perfect, Jodie. I love the colors of the tops and the jewelry is a great addition. I didn’t know that company did so many different things. Thanks for sharing the info. – Amy

    • I didn’t realize that either, Amy!! I guess when I look through their catalogs, I’m always mesmerized by the tunics!!
      Have a wonderful weekend!!

  • Cindy

    Love each outfit. My fav is Nancy’s statement necklace! Wow!!

    • Isn’t it spectactular, Cindy??
      I told her I get to wear it some time!!! That’s fair, right?

  • Loving the combination of colors in your outfits! You ladies are so cute!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  • fashionistha

    Really loved all the three fall outfits…Pretty pictures!

  • Great looks Jodie!

  • You look great! Love the colours and styles of these clothes. They look really good quality too. I love the button detail on Nancy’s top… I just bought a jumper with similar details myself too. Gemma x

    • Thanks Gemma!!
      The best thing was that we didn’t have to shorten the sleeves for Nancy!! Yay for petites!!

  • Pretty fall color combos! All of these looks are fabulous but what I’m really loving are the shoes and jewelry!

    Doused in Pink

  • Impressive! To coordinate the three of you in different styles but in a visually coherent way. Great post. I bet you three had fun doing this one.

    • Thanks Terri!!
      We do usually have fun together (except when I tell them we are taking bathing suit photos—haha!!)

  • Jacqueline Rendine

    I love Soft Surroundings! I am wearing their shoes in my post today!
    Stylin In St. Louis

    • That’s so funny Jacqueline!! I commented on those shoes and absolutely loved them—but I totally didn’t realize they were from Soft Surroundings!!

  • Daiana Abagnale

    I love so much your work! I just discovered you and felt in love! amazing!

    • Thanks so much Daiana!! Your comment just made my day!!

  • Mother of 3

    I just love Soft Surroundings and wore one of their tops yesterday! Their clothes are so soft and wear well too. You all look fabulous.

    • They really are so soft!! I didn’t realize that was one of their priorities—but it makes sense with the name!!

  • I love all of these color combos! What a great start to the fall season!


  • You all look so fabulous ! Love the colors !
    Thanks for sharing !
    Have a great day !

  • mummabstylish

    One of my favourites Jodie, superb photos and the outfits blend so well with the background – but still manage to stand out – bravo Jodie. x Jacqui

  • Carrie @ Curly Crafty Mom

    Oh, I just love Soft Surroundings! I have a velvet moto jacket from them. All of you look so cozy in these fall outfits and the colors from your outfits all coordinate together, too!


    • They do have some fabulous pieces, don’t they Carrie??

  • I JUST discovered Soft Surroundings on a shopping trip with my mom a month ago. They have some beautiful pieces, and I like that they have a larger range of sizes so both me and my mom can shop there. This is a great introduction to the brand, and I love the fall color palette you’re all modeling!


    • They really have some beautiful items, I think Liz!!
      I’ve never been in the store, but I’ve always drooled over their catalogs!!

  • shootingstarsmag

    Ooh those jeans sound great. I like that they aren’t super tight! I like my jeans to be comfortable. I’m loving the cold-shoulder top too.

    I love fall clothes!


  • Those pants sounds amazing! I need a pair of those! I’m not the biggest legging fan because I don’t like how tight they are…so, these would be right up my alley. And wow!! Nancy’s necklace is so cool! I really like that top too! You ladies all look fabulous in these outfits!


    • Isn’t Nancy’s necklace so stunning, Lindsey?? In fact, I told her that I need to borrow it!! That’s the advantage of living close to family!! Ha ha!

  • Kathy Marris

    I do like the colour combinations you have used here with leggins and tops. The leggins do in fact look like jeans. I particularly like the cold shoulder top you’re wearing Jodie. Lovely! #TeamLovinLife

    • Thanks Kathy!!
      I have grown more used to these cold shoulder tops—it seems like everyone has them–which makes me smile!!

  • Sue Loncaric

    Now don’t you all look gorgeous! All of my favourite colours and beautiful smiles to match. I would love all of those shoes!

    • Thanks Sue!! You sure know how to make us feel good!!

  • Loved the necklaces and the shoes on all of you – and the colours were wonderful. I’ve been clicking on a few links to check them out.

    • Thanks so much Leanne!! This was such a fun post to put together with all the pretty things!!

  • writeofthemiddle

    You all look so fabulous!! I am particularly loving that top with the flared sleeves that your Mom is wearing! Those pants (um trousers) don’t look like leggings, they look like real pants! Super stylish today ladies! 🙂 xo #TeamLovinLife

    • I would call these pants jeans too Min!! The only difference is there is no zipper, but they are perfect!

  • You know I had heard of Soft Surroundings, but never had personal experience with them. I must say – very nice! The shoes and jewelry are outstanding! And I like the special detailing on the tops…flared sleeves, touching, cold shoulder. Excellent!

    • In the catalogs, I’m always drawn to the gorgeous tunics….maybe that’s why I had never noticed the great jewelry and shoes?? It goes to show how the focus can change!!
      Thanks Ronnie!

  • Nicole Mölders

    Nancy picked the same top as I did except I went for the black one. Charlotte picked the same mules as I did, except that I went with the black ones. I love my pices from Soft Surroundings. They are great quality.

    • It’s funny how we chose some of the same items, Nicole!!
      Aren’t they fabulous!!

  • I love the trousers (pants, as we tend to call them in Australia). They don’t look at all like leggings but seem to offer the same comfort. What a great idea! We’re heading into Spring and then Summer so I’m going to need to revisit some of your older posts!!! #teamlovinlife

    • My mom totally loves the idea of the ease of these pants!! I always forget and try to unzip them—haha!!

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    LOVE these looks, Jodie, the colors and clothing are wonderful. Love those ankle boots, too!

  • The pants look fabulous on you all. I especially like the sleeves in your Mum’s top. #TeamLovinLife

  • You all look fabulous. I love the block colours. And your white cut off, ankle hugging pants would be something I’d definitely buy Jodie 🙂

  • Nancy’s pretty top is called Bermondsey. Note the spelling and you can find it.

    • OMG—I need you as my editor!! I copied it from their email, and that’s why I couldn’t find it!!
      Thanks Jean..I’ll change it now!!

  • Great post, Jodie. I’m a huge fan of Soft Surroundings even though I’ve yet to buy anything from them. You did a fantastic job of showcasing the variety of style options available. I think that pull-on pants in a modern cut (and without the old typical gathered waistband) is a fabulous alternative for those looking to minimize the profile of their abdomen. (and kudos to your photographer … the pics are awesome).


    • I’ll tell Rob you said that—he’s such a great sport and puts up with all of our shenanigans!!

  • You guys took some great photos here.

    I love that you are all in solids but different colours.


    • I have to admit, I’d probably usually pick prints if given the opportunity!! I wonder what that says about me??

  • You all look fabulous with your outfits!

    StyleSprinter Blog by Katya Bychkova

  • love all the colors! So beautiful for the up coming seasons!!! 🙂

  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday

    oh wonderfull colours! So beautyful pictures and ladys.
    XO Tina

  • This brand sounds amazing! I love the tops and dying over all the shoe choices.


    • Aren’t the shoes just so fun, Kathrine?? I’m sure it doesn’t hurt that I’m a shoe girl!!

  • jess

    I love all of your outfits Jodie! The colors are perfect on each of you and I love the style of the tops as each has a unique detail. Those leggings sound up my alley; I never did pour into jeans or like tight jeans so these sound quite nice! Love your taupe booties too! I am ready for Fall!
    Have a great day!
    jess xx

    • Thanks so much Jess!! I remember when skinny jeans came out, and I couldn’t imagine wearing them. It’s funny how we get used to certain styles! But it’s nice to some that aren’t so tight!!

  • You are all so well-coordinated! I love how your colors all go so well together. And a thoughtful background with the steps! However, my favorite picture is when all three of you are just standing around talking. What a beautiful picture!

    • That’s exactly what my husband said, too, Julia!! He loves getting the photos when we aren’t posed or ready!! It’s like we are more relaxed that way??

  • You chose some really cute pieces! I think this is the first time ever that I heard you say that you didn’t have to alter anything! Kudos to Soft Surroundings! I want your mom’s shoes… And Nancy’s necklace!

    • Don’t they have some nice things, Darlene?? I told my mom I was giving her these shoes ONLY if she’d let me borrow them! Aren’t they divine?? And the funny thing—I told Nancy the same thing about this necklace.
      We have the same taste!!!

  • As usual its a treat to see you three ! Lovely colour palette and the accessories are right on-

  • This is a lovely post Jodie! I will link back to it when I do mine next week! It is so funny, I got the same top as Charlotte, the same pants and shoes as you and the same necklace as Nancy! Love how you all styled things!

    • I can’t wait to see yours Cheryl. When yours publishes, I’ll link directly to that post!!

  • loving the combination of colors ladies!! so awesome as always.
    kisses from the sandpit ❤︎

  • Living on Cloud Nine

    Oooh loving these soft Fall hues! Great shoes selections to complete the look! And again, you all have nailed the accessories…pretty!

    • Thanks Andrea!!
      The shoes always float my boat!!

  • donnanance

    Wow, there isn’t a thing here that I don’t love! Didn’t realize that Soft Surroundings had shoes and they are dandy. The pull on jeans would be comfortable but I can see how they would “relax” during the day and slip a bit. The outfits are fab, accessories and all! xoxo

    • I know Chico’s pants that were pull on, were a tad like this too! But I did have my mom alter the waistband of those pants, so I’m going to try it with these—wish me luck!!
      I didn’t realize they offered shoes either, Donna! I must always have been mesmerized by the tunics in their catalogs?? The funny thing is that the brand of my mom’s shoes from Soft Surroundings (which I love and have told her I will need to borrow) are the same brand of the pair of mule boots I have from ages ago!! Obviously the brand speaks to me!!!

  • Judy Gramith

    I LOVE Soft Surroundings and get their catalogues with each season.
    You three look really great from head to toe. My favorite pieces are Nancy’s necklace and all of the shoes!! These are beautifully styled outfits Jodie!

    • They do have some fabulous offerings, Jude!!!
      I told Nancy that I get to borrow her necklace sometime!! And my mom’s shoes!! That’s the advantage of living close (or disadvantage..ha ha)

  • nancy baten

    What a fantastic colours! You all look like ice cream, like candy! What a delicious post!😂😂

    • Thanks Nancy!!
      I absolutely love your description—so fun!!

  • arollorkins

    You all look amazing!! I love the soft colors and, of course, your glowing smiles!

    Xx, Lora | Cherry Cola Style

  • Z K Folta

    These sound like leggings I would be interested in. I’m so glad you did this post. I’m also loving that top your mom is wearing. Those sleeves are so pretty.

    • Thanks so much!! I love that it’s something you are interested in!!! And thanks for letting me know!!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    We are so on the same page it’s scary…I’m working with Soft Surroundings too and you and I chose the exact same boots…lol! I love how you all look different, but at the same time are color coordinated. 🙂

    • Of course we chose the same boots—they are so cool!!!
      I’ll add you to the list of other bloggers in my post, Debbie!! I can’t wait to see your outfit!

  • Laura

    I am loving the soft colors paired together here! And those pants look really comfortable! I like that they aren’t super tight!

    • We do kinda all go together, don’t we, Laura?? But it is fall, so I guess that’s why??

  • I get those catalogs…everything looks so comfy!

    You all look so pretty together in the colors you chose. What lovely transition colors.

    But…you really got me at the shoes! Spotted Nancy’s from the first…great choice. Loved how Charlotte’s look, though every pair of mules I’ve tried so far feels like they’ll slip off my foot. And Jodie’s? Those Vince Camuto’s are the deal sealer…they are definitely in my future!!!

    • I know what you mean about the catalogs Em!! It’s their tunics that I’m always drawn to—we just didn’t have the option for any of those!!
      But I didn’t realize they had such fabulous shoes (because we all know what a shoeaholic I am!!).
      I got these Vince Camuto boots in my normal size. If you aren’t going to wear them with socks, then that’s the way to go. But I almost wished I gotten them a half size bigger, so I can wear them with layers. I may try to stretch them…..

  • Karen

    I was glad to see this post since I get Soft Surroundings catalogs all the time and until very recently we never had a store close by to try things on. I like to be sure of sizes. I have looked at these leggings and wondered about them, they seem to fit snugger in the catalog which I liked. I also was interested in their metro leggings and jeans. You say these fit large, I wonder about the other things. I love the relaxed feel of their clothing. There are a few items I have on my shopping list on their website and am just concerned with sizing. I like bottoms that fit close for the most part, though I have variety in my jeans. I love the flare sleeves on your mom’s top, and know that sleeves are still trending. The catalog I got (SS) yesterday had a GORGEOUS white top on the cover with bell sleeves that I might just have to have in the black color for winter. The booties you are wearing are great – love those!! Their boots and shoes seem to be really pricey, but they are gorgeous! Would you say the tops fit true to size, or did you need to size up or down? I like the half-tuck on the side very much. That’s a really good idea! I like the ruching on Nancy’s top with the button detail. That’s very flattering!

    • I’d say the tops fit true to our normal sizing Karen. For both Nancy & I, the petites worked perfectly—what you see on us is how they came (after we washed them—but I don’t think they shrunk). My mom shortened hers in the body, but the sleeves were that length—and she didn’t get the petite. But if you have a store nearby, you could always order a couple of different sizes, and take back what doesn’t fit! To me, that’s the best way!
      I specifically didn’t order the other leggings because they seemed so tight, but I wished I had ordered one pair so we could compare! I think one of the reasons these “jean leggings” seem big, is because there is no zipper, so the waist is bigger (to stretch over the hips). I’m going to try to alter them, but we will see….

  • Hi Jodie,

    First of all,you all look so happy and beautiful! I love how relaxed you look. And when it comes to my favorite outfit, this time I like yours the most because of the low booties, white pants and that chic off-the-shoulder top.
    Wishing you all a wonderful week!


    • Thanks Miri!!
      We try to have fun when we’re all together taking photos—might as well, right?

  • Bernadette Laganella

    Love Soft Surroundings and you guys look super in the outfits.

    • They do have some fabulous offerings, Bernadette!!!

  • Mireille

    You all look so cute! I especially love everyone’s shirts and your shoes!

    • Thanks Mireille!!!
      The shoes are my faves!! Of course, I have a shoe problem..ha ha!