Fall Trends for 2019

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Fall Trends for 2019

Fall Trends for 2019

Fall trends for 2019. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about living for the moment and like I said for one of my posts, “it’s silly to dress for the weather you want instead of the weather you’re having.” Yet, it’s fun to see what trends we can start looking for to, even if it’s just about shopping in your closet.

Quote of the day: “It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” Howard Ruff

There’s many ideas that you shouldn’t follow trends per se. Find your individual style and stick with that is what I hear many people say. Yet, if you saw a woman dressed in an outfit taken from the pages of a 1950’s magazine, wouldn’t you wonder about her sanity?

Because in all reality, we are visual people, and judge others by outward appearances. Of course, we know by now to look beyond the outside, yet we still check it out. All of this comes down to researching which fall trends for 2019 will be so you can look modern. And pull out some things that may be languishing in your closet.

Snakeskin Print

Snakeskin top for Fall Trends for 2019

Animal prints have been having their day for awhile now. Whether you love leopard, snakeskin, zebra or anything else, they are all very much in style.

In fact, the three of us wore snakeskin this summer all in different forms. I had to laugh when people commented that they wouldn’t wear snakeskin because they don’t like snakes. I understand hating snakes, because I’m the same way. Yet I never thought about the print because they are just clothes!

And I wouldn’t be surprised if many of you already had pieces in your closet. When I was packing for our move, I found 2 different snakeskin belts that I had and had forgotten about.


Blazers that are casual

I’m very biased because I wore blazers for work daily. So I think they add a professional air to any outfit. Granted, most of us gave them away when we retired. But if you kept any in your closet, now is the time to pull them out.

Not that you need to look like you’re going back to work. But they are a fun piece to add to more casual looks. For example with a graphic tee. Or wear it instead of a cardigan. Especially with a dress.

There are many blazers that are more casual in their cut, style or material now. The one above is a knit variety and looks more relaxed than the ones I wore to work.

Long Cardigans

Fall Trends for 2019 with long cardigans

The longer cardigans are all the rage right now. Not that I would suggest throwing out all your shorter cardigans, but maybe wear them in different ways instead. Think of your short cardigan as a sweater. You don’t always have to wear it open and unbuttoned.

We styled some of our longer cardigans last fall and there are many versions to choose from.


Fall Trends for 2019 with leggings

I remember when it was a question on whether us women of a more advanced age should wear leggings. Yet now I think they are a staple for most of us.

So it’s not surprising that they are still a great fall trend for 2019. Sure, most of us gravitate towards the black variety, but I’m hoping to push us into more fun options too. Especially if you are wearing them to the gym.


Jumpsuits for fall

Now I hear you grumbling!! You love the idea of jumpsuits but they are a pain in the butt for going to the bathroom. That’s why I worked hard to find tricks to make them work for all your problems.

This may be one time it’s worth buying one of the new jumpsuits out there. Finding one that makes it easy to get into and out of is a little time consuming, but well worth it in the end.

Just think, you put it on, add some shoes (and maybe accessories) and you’re good to go. As easy as dresses which we always say are “one and done.”

Fall Trends for 2019

These aren’t the only fall trends for 2019. But these are the ones I thought would be perfect for us women in our age groups. And maybe even a couple of things you already have in your closet.

So let me know. Which are your favorites? And are any of these in your closet already?

What to wear this fall

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