Fall Trends

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Fall Trends

Fall Trends

Quote of the Day: “There is no such thing on earth as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person.” G.K. Chesterton

Fall trends in fashion is among the most touted news in the industry, especially in the magazines when I was growing up. Although I’ve never written a post specifically talking about the upcoming trends, I always love reading about them. Especially since I read so many blogs, shop quite a bit and keep an eye on what the stores are selling. Therefore I thought you might enjoy hearing about some of the newer styles that would work for any of us!

Not that I’m trying to push you to go out and go shopping for any of these items. In fact, there’s a possibility that you could already have some of these items in your closet. And since they are in style, it’d be the perfect time to pull them out! Either that or now you can keep an eye out for future sales or deals!

So let me go over 6 of the biggest fall trends I’ve been seeing for this next season.

Utility Jackets

Fall Trends in Utility Jackets


Utility Jackets are one of those fall trends that seem to be on the masculine side. Of course, you can find them in many different colors like pink, black, green, ivory or a print too! The one pictured above is considered a dark grey, however, it’s sold out right now! If you love the dark grey, then here’s another option in the larger sizing.

I think the utility jackets are perfect for any age because it’s a coat. And every woman wears a coat at one time or another. Even if you live in the warmer climates, there are times that a lightweight jacket is needed. That’s one of the nice things about these jackets! I’ve seen them in heavier weights and lighter weights, and longer ones vs. shorter ones.

This is one of those items, that it could behoove you to even venture in the “younger” shops to try out! You know, those stores that you think of for trendy pieces and you think are for younger women! But they can have some of these fall trends for a great discount, especially if you’re not sure you’d wear them for years!



Fall Trends with Blush


The color blush was big this spring and summer, and I think it’ll be around for the colder months too. I know we all tend to reach for our darker and more subdued colors when the weather isn’t as nice. But it’s also good to keep some aspects of our outfits light and bright.

So even if you don’t love the color blush for your complexion, there are many other ways to wear the color. Take the necklace above for example. It will really show up fabulously against your darker tops!

Or you could get a cardigan in this blush color to lighten up the dark jeans & tops that we tend to wear. I’m planning a couple of posts for the next month concentrating around this color paired with the more traditional fall colors! If you also want some ideas of other combinations to wear with blush, make sure to sign up for my email updates!! I include a color combination card that will give you some fun ideas!!



Fall Trends with Mules

Now here’s a shoe that should be comfortable for most women. In fact, they remind me a little of slippers! I still have a pair of printed mules that almost look like boots from over 10 years ago. It’s one time that I didn’t purge a pair of shoes, because I loved them so much!! I’m sure you’ll be seeing them soon.

In the meantime, if you still have some of this footwear in your closet, then the fall is the best time to bring them out. I know during the winter, it can be too cold to have your heel exposed, but for the transition months, it could work perfectly! Although if you had this pair, then your heel might not get cold!!

There are quite a variety of colors for the mules as seen by the rose gold, blue, beige, or print!  And those are just the flat versions! If you still wear heels then there are boot versions, or plain ones! I know Nancy (the 60+ model) once stated that she didn’t love it when the mules of long ago, used to slap her on the heel when she walked. I think most of these newer ones have more material across the foot, so the shoe doesn’t make that sound as much!


Fall Trends with Flare Sleeves

The sleeves are having their day for the fall trends this season. I think this is a wonderful detail that each and every one of you can wear!! I’ll be showing my version next month with a top I bought that has flared sleeves. And Nancy has worn this one all summer, that she received from Covered Perfectly!

If you’re not a fan of these flared sleeves like the one pictured above, then there’s also the ruffle sleeve version. There’s also the option of embroidery on the hem of the sleeves, that can add some fun and interest to your tops!!

I know I heard one woman ask what kind of jacket or blazer you would wear over these tops. I think if you are looking for coverage over this top, you’d be better off with a 3/4 length sleeve topper, so you could still appreciate the details on the sleeves!!

Now the one suggestion I would make with these tops with larger sleeves, is to make sure they aren’t too long. I know I had to shorten the sleeves 3 inches on my top. I believe in looking cute, but I want to be functional too!! The last thing I need is to have my sleeves in all of my food, LOL!! And if you don’t take the time and money to have them altered, I bet you will end up not wearing them, and that seems like a waste!

Over the Knee Boots

Fall Trends with over the knee boots

Now, I know what you’re thinking! Why in the world, would you want a pair of over the knee boots? It’s true that these kind of boots seem to have a reputation. But retailers and bloggers are trying to change that idea! I wrote a post about them when I bought my first pair two years ago! Ever since then, I’ve been hooked! And I’m not the only women over 50 that thinks so! I bet if you read many blogs, then you’ll see the same phenomenon!

Heck, even my mother (the 70+ model) is going to be sporting a pair soon enough! And I bet you she’s going to love them more than she thought because they really keep you warm. Especially if you enjoy wearing skirts or dresses in the winter. With these longer boots, you don’t have much leg exposed between the top of the boot and the hem of the skirt that can get cold.

I think many of the lower heeled versions of these boots would be perfect for most of you. Just think how great they would be with your leggings and tunics! If you’re not sure, but may want to try them out, then I’d suggest a black pair or even a taupe pair to start! Those colors seem to go with everything.

Long Cardigans

Fall trends with long cardigans

And the last of the fall trends that I think would be perfect for us women, are the long cardigans. I feel like I’m always needing to grab a cardigan, and right now the longer ones are the way to go.

Last fall, the 3 of us showed some different styles of longer cardigan from VIPme, and this particular design has only gotten more popular. I feel like this may be something you already have in your closet, since it’s not super original.

But if you don’t there are certainly plenty of designs and colors to choose from at the stores! Just to give you a couple of examples, there are knee length versions, shin length versions, and mid thigh length ones!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these fall trends and if you’ll be incorporating any of them in your closets. Or maybe you already have one or two? I’d love to know which ones you like!!

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