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About the Blog:

Nature inspired outfits worn differently

My goal for the blog is exactly what my tagline says! It’s never too late to look great. Just because your driver’s license says a certain number does not mean that you can’t continue looking fabulous! In the same thinking, your beauty is not dependent on being a specific size. And on top of it all, spending a ton of money on your clothes does not guarantee that you will look and feel great. EVERY woman I have ever met is wonderful and has a great story to tell. And since we are visual animals, we should use our clothes as the table of contents for what’s inside us.

Of course not everyone loves to plan their outfits and go shopping, so I wanted to give each and every one of you a place to visit to get inspiration. Most weeks on the blog is a theme for what we are wearing that week. This can help you when you have a similar clothing item for imagining different ways to wear that piece. Or the same holds true for specific events and occasions that we highlight. Therefore I created a menu of all of our past outfits here. Feel free to look around the blog and let me know if you have items or colors that you’d like help in styling.


Windy Shot for Lime Green outfits

I used to think there was only one right way to dress, but this blogging experience has certainly taught me more than just computer and photography skills! I’ve learned that it’s fun to try new styles and be more adventurous! Heck, it’s only clothing, right? I certainly wish that every woman could feel better about themselves with the clothes they wear. We all know that life is too short. So we might as well wear the fun clothing, break a rule here and there, and look incredible each and every day!

Considering, I’ve always been an exuberant and thrifty shopper, I also believe that spending gads on clothing items is not usually necessary. I rarely spend more than $100 on items for myself, and thus I try to link to the same kind of items in the same price range.


Having fun in a dress

I’m a retired cosmetic dentist turned fashionista. Many women think it’s a 180 degree turn; however, I’ve always loved shopping and clothes. I say that it’s in my DNA from my mother.

Shopping and decorating are truly a fun pastime for me–heck, I even like grocery shopping.  I’ve come to learn that life is a learning process and we can be continually evolving! Styles change, our bodies change and even our likes and dislikes change.

I’m married to the best husband around, and we have 2 rescued kitties. Besides some of my outfits, my laugh is the loudest thing about me!


Using a handbag scarf as an accessory

Charlotte is my mother! She grew up on a farm in Indiana and attended Purdue University in order to become a Home Economics teacher. My mom met my dad at Purdue and moved to Toledo to start her family. She taught Home Ec at a small high school in Ohio for almost 30 years before retiring!

About 20 years ago she moved out to Denver, to be closer to her only child (me!). Once here in Denver, she worked in alterations at Nordstrom’s Department Store and would even alter clothes for neighbors and friends.

My mom considers herself a collector and hates to part with much of her closet. She has traveled with groups to see many other countries and places! Most of the time she comes back with interesting clothing, material or jewelry to add to her collection. If I remember, I always try to tell you about these pieces in the blog!


Scarf ties with ladies summer dress hats

We met Lesley at our first blog event and became fast friends. Since Lesley recently moved to Arizona right before us, it gave us the opportunity to include her in the fashion blog.

Lesley considers this a dream gig since she got hooked on fashion from the tender age of 8. In fact, when she was young, she started sewing her own clothes in order to have trends when she couldn’t afford new clothes. Heck, she even won the Grand Champion award in her 4-H club.

After living in Colorado her entire life, Lesley moved to Arizona recently. The move was to start a new chapter of her life when her husband passed away suddenly in 2018. You can read more about her when I welcomed her to the blog.


Different kinds of short haircuts for ladies

Nancy grew up in Indiana and also went to Purdue University for Elementary Education (quite a few years after my mom & dad were there)—small world, huh? She moved out to Denver because it was an adventure and started teaching 1st grade!

She met my dad in one of her square dancing groups and they married in 1994. He passed away from pancreatic cancer in 1999, but the nice thing is the three of us get along fabulously! I even wrote a blog post about our relationship.

Nancy still skis in the winter months with a group of friends, and loves attending plays and baseball games! She’s also an avid traveler and usually has one or two trips in the works whenever you talk to her!

Some Specifics

In case you’re wondering, all of us are considered petites. I’m 5’2″, Lesley is 5’2″, Nancy is 5’0″ and mom is 5’4″. I consider us “real” women because we are not what social media would consider “model material.” The wonderful thing is you can be inspired by not only different age groups on this blog, but also different sized women and unique fashion style.

Rob (Men’s Fashion Model & Photographer)

Rob not only helps out with the photography and is Jodie’s husband, but he’s also starting to show up on the blog by showcasing men’s fashion. If you wanted to group him into an age category, then he’d fall into the 50+ company!

Besides being the best husband ever, Rob’s style has evolved tremendously over the years. There was a time when the thought of stepping into a mall would cause him to break out in a sweat (seriously). But he’s grown to love shopping, clothing and looking terrific! I always say that behind every great man is a great woman, but in Rob’s case, he has the 3 of us!! Lucky him, right?