Fashion Fights Arthritis Gift Ideas AND a Cash Giveaway For Christmas

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Fashion fights arthritis

Fashion Fights Arthritis Gift Ideas AND a Cash Giveaway For Christmas

While talking to mom and Lesley one day, I had an idea about gift ideas for fashion fights arthritis. Just because our hands, fingers, arms and whatever don’t work the same doesn’t mean we don’t want to look nice. But we have to find the products that help us. And I thought a little humor might be needed for this post.

Quote of the day: “My joints go out more than I do.”

In addition, I am joining up with a group of women to offer you some fabulous gift cards that you can use for your Christmas shopping (or for you, no one will know!)

Gifts for Fashion Fights Arthritis

I had both Charlotte and Lesley help me with these ideas. My mom has struggled with arthritis for years and I’m sure many of us have limitations when it comes to some of the details on our jewelry.

And I’m sure there are many other items that would be helpful. If you have ideas, please share them with me too.


Necklaces with magnetic closures are much easier for arthritic fingers. In fact, at FierceCon, I met a woman who makes these kinds of necklaces. Her company is Katia’s Designs, and I showed how her necklaces not only are magnetic but also very versatile. I actually have 3 of her necklaces and they are fun to layer together which I’m showing below. And the thing is you can just as easily wrap these around your wrist to create a bracelet too!

Katia designs

While Katia’s designs are a little more expensive than the couple I showcased below, you are also supporting her business if you purchase from her. In fact, I just reached out to her and she said she will give you 10% off and free shipping until November 21, 2019.

Her website only has a couple of examples on it, but you can see more on her Instagram or Facebook. Then just message her and mention me (Jodie’s Touch of Style). She will even mix and match so you can ask for a certain color stone and different inspirational message other than the ones you see already put together.

Katia also has less expensive bracelets that incorporate the same uplifting messages. I don’t get anything from promoting her jewelry, except that I met her in person, and she’s an amazing woman.

Or how about long necklaces that you can just slide over your head? I just received one from Alison + Aubrey that would be perfect. I do receive a commission if you order from Alison + Aubrey as long as you go through my link.

As long as the necklace is long enough, you can just ignore the clasp on it.


Any bracelets that are magnetic or elastic would solve the problem of trying to get them clasped with arthritic fingers. Alison + Aubrey have quite a few bracelets like that. This is the one I have and love. But check around for others too.


Earring backings can be tough as part of fashion fights arthritis. There are two options that could be better. One is an earring cuff that has no closure and fits around the cartilage part of your ear. The other is the omega back earrings that simply flip closed.

Brooches or Pins

A magnetic brooch or pin would be very helpful for more than just decoration. Sure you can wear them as bling on almost anything, like we have shown in past blogs. We’ve shown them by our neck, on a pocket, and even on other accessories.

While you can use them as decoration, don’t forget they would work wonderfully to “tie” a scarf closed or even a cardigan.


Watches are another item that can be harder to get on and even to read the face. I love the idea of a cuff bracelet for your watch or a magnetic closure.


It can be hard to give rings as gifts because they are usually sized. Except the ones that aren’t. Those are my favorite even though I don’t have arthritis yet. Because then I can wear them on different fingers depending on the day.


And onto the giveaway, which is what I know you are all here for!! I hope you not only enter, but check out the other’s hosts blogs. Everyone appreciates your support.

It’s time for a Christmas giveaway! Are you getting geared up for the shopping season? Do you need extra cash for Christmas?? Don’t we all!

fashion fights arthritis and christmas giveawya

We are so excited to be giving away $430 in cash prizes for you to use starting this Thanksgiving weekend.

Here are the prizes:

1 – $150 Amazon Gift Card
1 – $100 Target Gift Card
2 – $50 Walmart Gift Card
1 – $50 Kohls Gift Card
2 – $15 Starbucks Gift Cards

There will be 7 winners in this giveaway. Each winner will receive a gift card code to use either in the online store or in the actual store.

Now its time to meet our wonderful co-hosts who have made this giveaway possible.

Christmas giveaway hosts

Starting at the top row we have:

Tammy – My Life Abundant | Heather –The Super Mom Life | Carrie – Curly Crafty Mom | Audry – That Recipe & Munofore | Jodie – Jodie’s Touch of Style | Linda – A Labour of Life | Leslie – Once Upon a Time & Happily Ever After | Trish – By Trish Sutton | Susan – Crafting A Family | Debi – Life Currents | Sinea – Ducks ‘n a Row | Gladys – Mom to Grandma | Meredith – The Mom of the Year | Kellyann Rohr – This Blonde’s Shopping Bag | Andrea – Living On Cloud Nine | Michelle – Our Crafty Mom | Kristin – White Arrows Home | Emily – Domestic Deadline | Kathleen – Our Hopeful Home | Jamie – As For Me and My Homestead & Coffee With Us 3 |Ahna – Ahna @ Hammers N Hugs | Lois – Walking on Sunshine Recipes | Christy – Ice Cream N Sticky Fingers | Donna – Blog by Donna | Beverly – Eclectic Red Barn | Lisa – Blogghetti | Erlene – My Pinterventures | Janelle – Num’s the Word |Tammy – Creative K Kids

Please stop by and say hi to these wonderful ladies and their blogs.

The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on November 27th on the day beforeThanksgiving. You will have 48 hours to respond to the email claiming the prize. If you respond right away, we will get you the gift card code promptly so that you can shop with it on Black Friday! If we don’t hear in 48 hours, we will have to choose another winner.

Open to anyone who can receive gift cards from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kohls, and Starbucks

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