Fashion Focus-How to Style an Oversized Sweater

Fashion Focus-How to Style an Oversized Sweater

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Oversized star sweater

Fashion Focus-How to Style an Oversized Sweater

I thought it would be a great challenge to come up with 5 ways of how to style an oversized sweater. While I’m all about altering our clothes to make them fit well, there are times you can’t or don’t want to have the piece altered. But there are non sewing ways to make an oversized sweater still look great.

Quote of the day: “Thoughts are extremely powerful. They are the fuel of life.” Cathie, my friend on Instagram

This quote really hits home. How many times do we say that we don’t look good. It’s not us, it’s the clothing!! Yet there are times we can “fix” that clothing to make it feel and look better on us.
And for those of you that don’t sew or like to spend money on alterations, this post is for you!!!

This Star Oversized Sweater

I purchased this sweater when I saw my friend wearing it. It’s from an online boutique called Naomi and Ruth. You’ve heard me talk about this boutique because the owner works here in Phoenix, and we’ve met in person. She is an absolute dear person and I love supporting her on this new endeavor!

If you want details about this sweater, it’s lightweight and will be perfect for the springtime here in Arizona. If I were still living in Denver, I would need to wear it over a thicker layer to stay warm.
If you love this style but it’s not available in your size, I have been seeing a lot of these star clothing items on many women. Either that or you can always reach out to Andrea on the “contact us” tab and ask her if she can order more!!!

So let me show you the 5 ways I went around styling this in response to the idea of how to style an oversized sweater.
Some of these are obvious, but hopefully some of the ideas will make you think outside of the box too!

Camo leggings and star sweater

Wear it With Leggings

I think we are all comfortable pairing something oversized with something that is tighter. Wouldn’t you say that an oversized sweater is basically like a tunic?
Now if I were analyzing this from a proportion standpoint, I wouldn’t say it’s ideal. Yet I do think it’s more important to enjoy what we are wearing and have fun with our style.

Besides I thought the print mixing with the camo leggings worked wonderfully. BTW, these sneakers are my new Jambu sneakers that are one of my most favorite Jambu pair of shoes to date. (Code JTOUCHS21 gets you 20% off)

Style it Over a Dress

Another way to approach the loose item paired with tighter item is to wear your oversized sweater over a tighter dress. However, I will say that it could also work over a non-tight dress. As I always say, you won’t know unless you try it.

I consider this a fabulous way to wear some dresses that you might otherwise “save” for good. For example this orange dress is one that I’ve worn for holiday parties. In fact, you can see how I wore it here, 6 years ago with a lace theme.

Insider tip: This could be a great way to wear a dress that seems to tight on the top half!!

Other examples of wearing a top over a dress to make it look like a skirt
4 Different Ways to Wear a Dress when Traveling
Dress 3 Ways 2 (As a Skirt)

Add structure with a blazer

How to Style an Oversized Sweater with a Layer

Now I wanted to see about giving some shape to the oversized sweater with a layer over it. This would work with both a vest or a jacket like I’m showcasing.
This works with this particular sweater especially because the sweater is lightweight.

I like this idea because a structured vest or jacket gives you shape and the sweater adds some color even below the blazer.

The Non-Sewing Way to Shorten It

Some sweaters can be tucked under themselves and will stay if they are heavy enough. Since this lightweight version wouldn’t stay on it’s own, I decided to give it some help with a belt.
This isn’t the first time I’ve used this trick with a belt. You saw it when I styled my striped sweater.

The advantage of this trick is you shorten the proportions of the sweater.

Insider tip: Sometimes you can create this same look by tucking the hem of the sweater into your waistband instead of using a belt.

Use a hair tie as how to style an oversized sweater

Knot It

I’m showing one of my secrets to knot an item from the inside. I’ve showed this when I blogged about making a kimono more fitted too, and showed how it looks from the inside.
I use a hair elastic and gather some of the material on the inside of the sweater to create a ruching effect. This detail is popular on some of the purchased tops, so why not create it yourself?

This kind of sweater also lends itself to using the half tuck that we talked about recently.
Useful Ways of Why and How to Half Tuck a Shirt
The Side Tuck Shirt –Another Perspective for the Half Tuck

Your Outfit Made Better with a Faux Tuck

What do you think? Which idea is your favorite?

How to style an oversized sweater

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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