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Fashion Secrets: What to Wear with Palazzo Pants

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When you live in an area that is hot, hot, and more hot in the summer months, then you will want to know what to wear with palazzo pants. Palazzo pants are basically maxi skirts with an inseam, and the advantage is they are cool in the summer and look wonderful.

Quote of the day: “You cannot push anyone up a ladder unless he be willing to climb a little himself.” Andrew Carnegie

Some women think that palazzo pants are too bohemian or not flattering for them. That’s why we are here to show that any age or any size can wear them. Cathie, Charlotte, and I are giving 3 options of what to wear with palazzo pants.
And I hope you take a chance and try them out yourselves.

The definition of palazzo pants can vary depending on who you talk to, so let’s discuss that first.

What is the Difference Between Palazzo Pants and Wide Leg Pants?

Wide leg pants have a large leg opening with a straight cut from thigh to ankle and a relaxed fit. They can be made from all different types of materials including denim and worn all year long.

With that definition, palazzo pants could be considered a variety of wide leg pants. They are a loose fitting type of pant that is constructed of a light, flowy material. The silhouette and material make them ideal for wearing during hot temperatures.
Many times you will see palazzo pants have more of a bootcut hemline, and originally they were a print material. Yet, the exact definition is not as important as how you wear them.

This brings up the question of what to wear with palazzo pants.
But first, I want to point out that these pants are great to conceal heavier legs in case you worry about your size and wearing such pants.

Insider tip: The trend for 2023 has shifted to having volume on the lower half. Because of that, you are seeing a lot of wide leg jeans and correspondingly tighter and shorter tops. In fact, bodysuits and cropped jackets are making a comeback.
Be open to this new silhouette and have fun with it. The older silhouette is not extinct but if you never try this different look, you could look frumpy and stagnant.

Wide leg pants have been showcased on this site many times before because they can be fabulous.

Grown women and what to wear with palazzo pants

3 Options of What to Wear with Palazzo Pants

Each of our palazzo pants is different in material and exact shape, and we even gave you a variety of options of what to wear with your palazzo pants.

Let’s talk about guidelines (notice I didn’t say rules). The first time you wear a pair of pants that have more volume than you are used to, it’s best to stick with a balanced look. And by that, I mean, since you have a lot of volume on the lower half with palazzo pants, then you are safe by pairing it with a top that is fitted and/or shorter.

Cathie did that by wearing a tube top which is form-fitting as well as cropped. The advantage of a strapless top like that is you make the top proportions smaller.
Charlotte also did this in another way by wearing a white, fitted t-shirt that she shortened with a “hidden” belt. Her top covers both shoulders.

I, on the other hand, decided to experiment with a long, flowy top that covers one shoulder. Admittedly, the proportions are not ideal and you may think it’s too much. Honestly, it’s not my absolute favorite outfit ever, but we only grow and evolve by trying out new styles.

So let me give you the specifics on each outfit starting with both shoulders covered and working our way to bare shoulders.

Charlotte-Wearing a White Tee with Palazzo Pants

Shorten a top with a belt
Pants: JM Collections-Macys~~ Top: Croft & Barrow-Kohls~~ Shoes: Viviaia c/o worn with Sheec socks~~ Necklace: found at Charlotte, NC airport gift shop ~~ Earrings: thrifted~~ Purse: no label-garage sale

The best part of including more than one model for a theme is that you can see a variety of choices for what to wear with palazzo pants as well as different kinds of palazzo pants.
My mom’s pants are a cotton blend, print material that has a border at the hem.

Since they are blue and white, she played it safe by wearing a white t-shirt.
But don’t think you can’t wear other colors with it. Blue is a fabulous color to pair with yellow, green, pink, or even black. In all reality, I would say that any color would work.

Many times when you see palazzo pants on the models in the stores, you will see the shirt tucked in to help with having a smaller proportion on the top.
Yet there is another way to shorten a top that is too long. Just add a thin belt and pull the extra material over it to hide the belt.


My mom stuck with blue accessories and shoes for the overall look. It’s the matchy-matchy aspect of her growing up that she finds hard to change.
I would suggest that it would look more modern (even in a conservative way) to wear tan shoes and accessorize with a different color. For instance, an orange necklace, earrings, and purse would have given the look some depth.

Insider tip: Remember the goal of the outfit is not to have everything match anymore. It’s important to have a focal point or at least have something fun about the look.

Jodie-Volume + Volume

One shoulder top and palazzo pants
Pants: ~~ Top: Banana Republic~~ Shoes:~~ Necklace: ~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: from Just Be Youtiful~~ Purse: no label

I wore these pants 3 years ago with a print top and even paired them with a blazer in Friday’s look from my Daily Outfits post. For the question of what to wear with palazzo pants, I wanted to see how they would look with something flowy and long on top.

As I said above, it’s not my favorite ever look. I can instantly see how the proportions aren’t ideal. Yet there are parts about it that I really like.

The top is asymmetrical both being a one-shoulder top as well as the hemline being slanted. I think that gives the look some flair. And I love the color combination too, especially with the yellow accents.

Heck, I would call this print mixing because the green top has a subtle print in the material. I found the top for $6 back in December and couldn’t pass it up. Granted I had to take up the armhole because it was a bigger size than my normal, but I just love the pleated effect.


Even though I wore yellow sandals and carried a yellow purse, I didn’t only wear yellow accents. My earrings are a light tan statement earring that is fun but isn’t too loud.

Insider tip: Be careful when choosing earrings that are close to your hair color. Then they blend in and don’t show up. For example, these earrings were the same color as my hair until I added a coat of white fingernail polish to them (seen in this video).

The other detail is that I wrapped a long, skinny scarf around the leather handle of my purse. Why? Just for fun.

Cathie-Strapless and Cropped

Plus size ideas of what to wear with palazzo pants
Pants: Eloquii -Final Clearance ~~ Top: Wild Fable-Target~~ Shoes: Madden Girl-Goodwill~~ Earrings: Torrid~~ Purse: vintage from Junk In the Trunk

Cathie told me that I inspired her to get some of these wider leg pants. She usually wears dresses, skirts, and shorts in the summer, but she is now loving these wider pants.
It didn’t hurt that she found these orange pants for less than $3 at a place called Final Clearance.

She balanced out the volume of the pants with a tube top. Anything strapless would shorten the proportions for the overall look.

I love the color orange, especially for the summer months, and Cathie paired it with white to keep it light and bright.


I have to admit that when Cathie found this purse while thrifting, I was enamored. The colors and design are just so fabulous.
One of my other friends had one very similar and she told me she was selling it on Poshmark, so I snagged it.
For some reason colorful straw purses just seem iconic for summer.

Style and what to wear with palazzo pants

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Options of what to wear with palazzo pants

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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