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Fashion Update: Fall Trends 2021 and How to Make It Affordable

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Fall trends 2021 made affordable

Fashion Update: Fall Trends 2021 and How to Make It Affordable

The fall trends of 2021 may bring back memories. I feel like we are seeing the styles of the 1970’s coming back. It’s been happening for a while, and I think it’s going to continue.

Quote of the day: “Being right half the time beats being half-right all the time.” Malcolm Forbes

If you’re anything like me, you may want to incorporate a new trend. Yet who wants to shell out more money than need be? So not only did I want to share the trends that I’ve been seeing more but also how to make it affordable for you.
I’ll also try to give some ideas of how to wear the fall trends of 2021, so if you do pick up something, you can incorporate it into your looks right away.

PS. Notice how this isn’t much different than the fall trends of 2022.

Sweater Vest

Sweater vest for fall 2021

The knitter in me absolutely adores the fact that I am seeing so many sweater vests for this season. The one above is from Macy’s juniors section, but don’t let the label “junior” put you off. Just check the size chart and measure yourself (read that again) before you order it.
And as I’ve shared in my online tips (that came when you signed up for my emails. If you need it again, just let me know), make sure you know the return policy BEFORE you order anything.

As for the shape of the vests, I’ve been seeing fitted ones like above, cropped ones along with oversized ones. This means the skies are the limit and you should be able to find something that you like.

How to make it affordable:

1-Since these have been around before, check your closest. There could be an old one lurking in the back.
2-If you have a male significant other, you might check his closet too. You could have an oversized sweater vest at your disposal.
3-Go thrifting (more on that below).
4-Removed the sleeves from an old sweater. Sure you would need to add some trim so it doesn’t unravel for a clean look.

Insider tip: If you don’t sew, there is glue that you can use instead.

How to wear it:
1-Since it’s fall, you’re going to want to layer it. If it’s oversized, it looks great over a larger blouse that is left untucked.
2-Wear it over your tees.
3-Pair it with the statement sleeve tops you have. It’s the perfect way to transition to the colder weather instead of trying to cover the sleeves with a cardigan.


Shacket. Jacket and shirt

Have you heard the term shacket? It’s the cross between a shirt and jacket. Basically, it’s an oversized shirt that’s usually a tad thicker than a normal shirt.
These were being showcased some last year, but I’m seeing them more again this year. This one above also comes in blue plaid and a darker green plaid.

How to make it affordable

1-Check the men in your household’s closet
2-Visit the thrift store and search in the men’s department.
3-Amazon has some relatively less expensive options like this one in brown, beige, green, or wine color.
4-You’re going to see these at the young girl’s stores more than at Talbots. BE BRAVE and try one if it’s inexpensive.

Insider tip: If you wear your men’s shirt as a shacket, the sleeves will most likely be too long. Don’t let that be a deterrent. Roll them up or if he doesn’t wear it anymore, alter it by moving the cuffs up.

How to wear it:
1-Layer it over another top so you can wear it as a jacket during the crisp days.
2-Tuck only one front panel into your jeans.
3-It’s perfect with leggings because it covers your tush.

We have examples of how to style it. Charlotte wore hers with a dress. Lesley styled her shacket with jeans. And I wore mine with faux leather leggings.

The New Jeans Silhouettes

Fall trends 2021 with jean silhouettes

With this throwback to the ’70s for fall trends 2021, we are seeing a change in the jean silhouettes. BUT DON’T WORRY. I’m still seeing a ton of skinny jeans. Most of them are high waisted though. But if your tops cover your waistband, don’t fret about that detail.

There are many straight-leg jeans AND flares all over the stores. What I notice on most of every variety is that ankles are showing. That means we are still embracing no-show socks, and ankle boots.
The raw hems are also still trending which makes it wonderful if you need to shorten your jeans!! Just cut them off!!

How to make it affordable

1-This is harder since the silhouette is going wider unless you still have some in your closet from years ago.
2-Vintage shops would be a good place to look for these.
3-Or go raid your friend’s closet who is stuck in the ’70s.
4-I do use an app called Karma that alerts me to sales on items I’ve liked/saved. Thanks to Bettye for telling me about this app.

How to wear it:
1- With high-waisted pants, you don’t usually tuck in a top unless it’s a bodysuit. This is why we are seeing more crop tops.
2-For the flares, chunkier heels always seem better. Luckily those have been popular the last couple of years, so maybe you already have some?
3-With the straight-leg jeans, make sure you have a pair of cute sneakers.

The Surprising Color for Fall Fashion 2021

The color lilac for fall

I love the unexpected color of lilac that is making an appearance for fall.

How to make it affordable

1-This is where the thrift stores are always a treasure, especially the ones that organize by color.
2- If you have something beige, white, or even blush-colored, you could dye it a soft purple (Rit dye here).
3-Stick with the shades that work for your complexion so it’ll be a much-loved piece. There are warm and cool shades of lilac so choose the ones that are best for you.
4-If you have a lilac top you only wear for spring or summer, pull it out for fall and layer it.

Insider tip: Dying clothes is not hard. I wrote a post on it here. AND color analysis can be done online nowadays. I’ve written on the pros and cons.

How to wear it:
Using my color recipe can be the first step. OR here are some wonderful color combinations:
1-Lilac and navy.
2-Brown and lilac.
3-Jeans are the universal neutral, so wear lilac with them.
4-Winter white is beautiful and lilac will keep the look soft.


The trend has been pushing towards more sustainable clothing and manufacturing. Of course, the absolutely most sustainable practice is to wear what you already have.
Since we all love new things too, don’t forget to have clothing swaps with friends where you can exchange clothes and accessories for free.

This is why I’ve posted about how to shop your closet
Shop Your Closet Series: Practical Ideas for Mixing Colors
Shop Your Closet Secrets: Mix Up Your Wardrobe
Unconventional Ways to Shop Your Closet

The next best sustainable practice is to shop secondhand. I always think that once I’ve worn something, it’s basically preloved, so what’s the difference at the secondhand shops?
If your area doesn’t have many secondhand shops, there are a couple of online options too.
thredUpthis link gives you $10 (and me in return).
Poshmark — here is the post about how to shop the site.
Uncommon Closet— nonprofit to help women
Gild the Lily–a local Michigan store that sells online

Fall Fashion Trends 2021

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