Fashionable Hats for Men and Women

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fashionable hats for men and women

Fashionable Hats for Men and Women

Quote of the day: “So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.” Norton Juster

Fashionable Hats reached out to me after seeing my post about how accessories can add some fun to our t-shirts. They sent me a man’s hat and woman’s hat for us to showcase for you. Their site has a wide range of hats for both sexes, and most of them are under $100. Of course, there are some that are on sale for under $50 too.

It’s only been since I’ve started blogging, that I’ve grown to love wearing hats. I couldn’t tell you why this trend has really appealed to me lately. So much so that I had all three of us women wear different hats for a couple of posts this summer. I know many of us think about hats in the summer to shade us from the sun, but truly they can be great for any season.

Maybe it’s because I’ve found that they are a great way to cover my hair when it isn’t cooperating? Or maybe hats are more trendy now? You tell me.  Are you loving hats as much as I am? If so, you should take advantage of the discount that Fashionable Hats is offering below.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: A tan, fashionable hat is the perfect neutral color that will really go with anything, I think.

This one is the Monterey, wool hat that also comes in black and burgundy. It even has two metal tassels on the ends of the cord around the crown.

I wanted to use my hat as a neutral accessory, but not really match it to my outfit. Hopefully then you see it as a fabulous accent to my look? But not being focal point, however.

fashionable hats for women 50+

Let me tell you about the outfit for these photos. It was still quite warm in Denver, so I ended up wearing shorts. Even if you don’t still wear shorts, you could easily recreate this outfit with white capris, white jeans or a white skirt. When you have an item that you love, like white jeans, it’s nice to get the same colored piece in different varieties. Then it doesn’t really matter the weather, you can still put together a great outfit.

The top is one I purchased when I decided I should finally invest in a gingham top from my Summer Bucket List post. I will be adding an update to this post, but it’s not the end of summer, yet. Of course, I obviously wouldn’t be satisfied with a plain gingham shirt, so I bought one with this flower trim at the top. If you love this top too, then check it out because it’s on sale!

fashionable hats for women over 50

But my issue with the top, is I didn’t love it when it was just hanging down straight. I tried tucking it in, gathering the ends in the front. But none of these methods worked great. When I gathered the ends in the front or the side, it would expose my belly when I raised my arms. So I become creative and gathered the ends together in the back instead with a tiny rubber band. I figured, I didn’t mind my back being exposed when I moved around.

The other detail that I wanted to work into this look, are these fabulous earrings. They are from my Rocksbox set and I figured I need to wear them with an off the shoulder shirt and no necklace. When I added these earrings to my wishlist, I didn’t realize how long they were in person. Of course, with Rocksbox, the nice thing is, I can wear them and then send them back. It’s not like I have to buy anything anytime. By the way, I didn’t purchase these earrings. As much as I loved them, they were pretty darn heavy at the end of the day.

fashionable hats for older women

Shorts: Ann Taylor (similar here)~~Top: Boo Hoo (here)~~Shoes: (similar here)~~Earrings: Perry Street from Rocksbox. Get a free month by using the code JTouchofstylexoxo (here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Hat: Walrus Hats from Fashionable Hats c/o (here)

Rob’s (50+) Outfit: Rob received the Capital Wool hat to showcase for you.

His hat is considered a fedora, which we all know means I’ll probably end up wearing it many times too. The version Rob is sporting also comes in black, grey, and brown. His hat is called pecan colored! Instead of tassels on a cord, the Capital hat has ribbon around the crown with a small pin in the middle of the bow part.

fashionable hats for men over 50

For Rob’s outfit, he put on one of the vests that my mom (the 70+ model on the blog) made for him a couple of years back. I love that my husband will wear unique and fun pieces of clothing now. But don’t think that he was always like this. His wardrobe used to consist of only khaki pants and boring, plaid shirts. I actually think that watching What Not to Wear was as beneficial for Rob as it was for me.

fashionable in men

I also twisted his arm to wear his new stud apparel. If you are wondering what stud apparel is, most of us call it a necklace. But when I first bought him one of these, he thought it was too “girly” to call it a necklace. Thus the “stud apparel” title came about.

This necklace we just picked up at our local consignment store called the Paper Chandelier. The store was having a summer sale and I went a little crazy at the $1 bins. You can see the haul of jewelry I brought home on my Instagram feed. If you check out that link to Instagram, feel free to give it some love, by clicking on the heart!

fashionable hats for men 50+

Jeans: Levis (similar here)~~Vest: Made by Charlotte, the 70+ model (similar here)~~Top: Arizona (similar here)~~Shoes: Ralph Lauren (similar here)~~Necklace: thrifted (similar here)~~Hat: Walrus hats from Fashionable Hats c/o(here)

Fun with Cindy

fashionable hats for older women

Let me introduce you to a fellow Denverite blogger, Cindy. She and her husband were so gracious to have us over for dinner one night, and that’s when we took these photos. Make sure to check out her blog, Middle Sister’s Style Blog and give her some love! You might remember her from our Summer Shirts posts from only a month ago.

And p.s. Cindy is wearing Rob’s hat in this photo. Which could be a good reason to not only look at the women’s hats, but also peruse the men’s choices too, because don’t you think they are an unisex item?

If you do find a hat from Fashionable Hats, make sure to use the code JODIE10 for 10% off your purchase within the next 3 months. FYI, these hats are sized! There is a nice guide on the company’s site on how to measure your head so you get the correct sizing!!

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know! And thanks for supporting the companies that want to work with my blog!

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