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I love how our Where Bloggers Live group comes up with topics you would never really think to write about. Yet they can be the subjects that you discuss with friends. This is one such case. The right kitchen appliances can make life so much easier.
Since eating is something we all have to do, and I believe that our health is governed by healthy eating, then this could be an eye-opening topic especially if you all share with me your favorites.

Quote of the day: “An inventor fails 999 times, and if he succeeds once, he’s in.” Charles Kettering

The thing with cooking is you really only need some good knives, pots, pans, and a cutting board and you can create all kinds of amazing meals. Oh, and you need food!
Yet finding tools to make the prep easier is nice.

Food and cooking is such an interesting topic because, at this time in our lives, I think we all realize that the food we eat can either fight disease or feed disease. Yet changing our eating habits is H.A.R.D.
That’s why certain appliances and devices can be helpful.

I mean, you just gotta love how there’s a tool for almost anything and everything, right?

BTW, I had to share the tea towel hanging on our dishwasher because it’s so funny and inspirational, right? These are great gift ideas and I find a ton of them on Amazon.
My exact towel in white is available too.

I’ve written other articles about healthy eating if you are interested.


I shared the air fryer in my best purchases article recently. We used to have the toaster oven style but recently switched to the basket style. We like the basket style better because it seems to get things crispier.
And who doesn’t love crispy?

Living in Arizona in the summer means trying to use our oven as little as possible. Sure, we eat a lot of salads during these months, but we still like to cook things.
That’s a huge plus for the Airfryer appliance. It won’t heat up the whole house when we cook with it.

Yes, it’s big. Yes has limitations. But we especially love it for roasting vegetables and even reheating pizza.

BTW, I use it for butternut squash in the 2 ingredients healthy fudge cake created by my friend, which is fabulous, that we make on repeat.

You can find air fryers everywhere including WalmartAmazon, and Target.

2-Egg Cooker

I grew up with an egg cooker. In fact, I didn’t realize that you could hard cook eggs any other way until I was an adult.
Sure, I probably don’t NEED this in my life, but for me, it makes life easier.

I routinely use my egg cooker to make hard cooked eggs. It comes with the water measuring tool which also has a needle to create a hole in the egg before you cook it.
In the past, I have made poached eggs (another insert used for that) and soft cooked eggs with my egg cooker, but right now, it’s been working hard just doing hard cooked eggs. Why? Because we have been trying to have more protein in the mornings, so many days we split a hard cooked egg to go with one of our 2 favorite gluten-free breakfasts.

You can find loads of different styles of egg cookers at many places including Target, Best Buy, and Amazon.

3-Immersion Blender

I never knew how great these immersion blenders were until I had one and then it died on me. In fact, I decided I really didn’t need to replace it because I already had a full-sized blender and a food processor.

But the more I cooked and carried on without my immersion blender, the more I realized how much I missed it.

The things I use it for the most:
1-Blended soups like gazpacho (here is the best watermelon gazpacho recipe that I make all summer long)
3-Homemade mayo. Why? Because most mayo is soybean oil based and my husband has a reaction to anything legumes. What’s amazing is how easy it is, when it works. Here is the recipe if you are interested.

And that’s the list. I bet you expected me to list over 10 foods, but those three things are recipes that I make a lot, and my immersion blender saves the day.

I love that you can find these at all kinds of price points at either Walmart, Target, or Amazon.

4-Toaster Tongs

Who knew? Maybe not something in everyone’s kitchen, but with a husband who likes toast for every breakfast, these are a life saver.

I think one of the hardest things, when we found out my husband needed to be gluten-free, was the idea of forgoing toast in the mornings.
Until we found Simple Kneads which is not only gluten-free but also free from all of the extra crap (including sugar) that you find in most gluten-free bread.

Insider tip: It’s not the tastiest ever untoasted, so if you are looking for sandwich bread, I would try Canyon Bakehouse. It does have 3g of sugar in each slice, so beware.

Now we still can have toast, and our toast tongs get used every single day.

My pair is from Pampered Chef, but you can also find them at Walmart and all kinds of styles on Amazon. BTW, these are very inexpensive, and your fingers will thank you.

Tell Me Your Favorite Kitchen Appliances

I would love to hear your favorite kitchen appliances because who knows, they might become my favorite too.

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