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Bettye always comes up with interesting topics for our Where Bloggers Live discussion. And talking about our favorite piece of furniture is certainly something I would never have thought to write about on my own. Yet this brought up a lot of fun memories, so make sure to join in and let me know your favorite piece of furniture!!

I’m not a big furniture lover in all reality. I can take it or leave it and don’t spend a ton of money on it. But you might be surprised at this story.

Quote of the day: “Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments.” Rose Kennedy

What young kid wants furniture for their birthday?? I mean a pony is something that every other kid seemed to want at my age. For the kids nowadays, I bet it’s a phone.
But no, the 9-year-old me had her heart set on a piece of furniture. For some reason, as a girl, I was enthralled with roll-top-down desks. I think part of the attraction is all of the tiny drawers where you can organize everything and anything.

But then the roll-top part? Isn’t that just super cool too?? It hides all the mess away and makes the area so pretty with a flick of the wrist.

So that was the thing I begged and pleaded to have for my 10th birthday. Now just so you know, my birthday is in the middle of December, so at that time, I tended to get the “big” gifts as “birthday-Christmas” gifts. Not always fair if you ask me, but I sure wasn’t neglected in life, so can I really complain?


On the morning of my 10th birthday, I awoke to the hugest surprise!! There was a roll-top-down desk IN my room. You might wonder why I was surprised since I had asked for the desk. Let’s just say that my mom played her part well by saying we couldn’t afford it and to wish for something else.

To put it mildly, I was beyond overjoyed and couldn’t wait to fill up all of the drawers with my stuff.

But I had to ask my mom, how in the heck did you do it because it wasn’t there when I went to bed, and then it was there when I work up.

Show Me!

I’m sure you’re wondering where are all of the great photos of this fabulous roll-top-down desk?

Let’s just remember that I grew up in a time when you didn’t take a photo of every item and event in your life, right? As opposed to now, where you photograph the food you eat and our daily outfits! LOL!

So I scoured through all of my photos (that are NOT organized right now, ugh), and the ONLY one I could find was a half photo with my cat Toffee as the real subject matter. But if you look closely you can see the lower part of the desk in the background.
The funny thing is I was using a folding chair that my mom JUST got rid of on this most recent move.

I found a ton of photos of friends, places we had traveled, even my new bike, and car, but for some reason, we never took photos of my 10th birthday present. Nor did we take many pictures in my bedroom.

Therefore, I included other photos in this post. One of myself around age 10 along with my mom and Jack (just look how mom stands the same way many times even now, haha).
Just for reference, here is a photo I found online that would be similar to the one I had. If my memory is correct, and we know how that can be!

The Back Story

Even before my birthday night, you have to laugh at how this large piece of furniture was kept hidden. Because believe you and me, if there was a gift within miles, I would find it hidden in the house.

This was the day of the station wagons (with the wood panels on the side), and yes, we had one. My mom told me she had my desk in the back of the station wagon for the longest time. We even laughed about how one time I had asked her what that lump was that was covered with a blanket.

Her response was, “Just some of Jack’s (my stepdad’s) junk”. Now you have to understand that I was a curious kid, so obviously, my mom’s intonation was well-practiced to make me think she really was annoyed with the fact that Jack left some junk in the back of the car.

Then the night of my birthday. After I was asleep, my mom and my stepdad rearranged my room and dragged the roll-top-down desk to the side of my bedroom.
Gosh, don’t you wish you slept that sound nowadays? I know I do!!

So…Where is it now?

I LOVED my roll-top-down desk. Granted I was a studious child, but funny enough that’s not the place I always studied. I also had a built-in desk area in my room which is where I studied more in high school. Either that or on my bed.

But having that roll-top desk made me feel SO adultish when I was a kid. And being the organizational freak that I was, I loved rearranging all of the drawers with all of my stuff.

Yet this kind of desk is not something that can go off to college with you. And so it stayed at home. When my mom finally moved out to Denver when I was a dentist, she asked if I wanted it moved to have it in my house.
Can you believe I said no? My life at the time wasn’t so happy and I just didn’t see a place for it. Looking back, it is a shame because it’s one of those pieces that has so many memories and I know I would put it to good use now. Yet we can’t save everything, can we?

I will say that many times when we go on our tours of older houses in the area, there are roll-top-down desks on display, and my heart goes pitter-patter. So the love for this piece of furniture hasn’t died.

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