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Tis the season to decorate our homes with winter holiday decor. Truthfully, I was never much to decorate every season. It just seems like a lot of work for something so temporary.
However, over the years, we have accumulated some items that really touch my heart.

So when Bettye suggested my favorite winter holiday decor, I decided to focus on 3 items.

Quote of the day: “Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.” The Polar Express

I figured this quote was ideal for my holiday decorating scheme this year. Sure, the items are pretty and sentimental, but that’s not the reason behind the season. Right?

These 3 items are basically the only holiday decor that came out this year. Why? Because we decided to go with a more bare approach to decorating this season. In fact, it was my friend, Beth, who said they were going to put up their tree but not the ornaments.

And I decided that kind of minimalistic decorating would work into our holiday scheme perfectly.

So we pulled out our skinny, white Christmas tree (found on Amazon) and my 3 favorite winter holiday decor pieces.

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Hand Sewn Santa Tree Skirt

Yes, this is real-life people. Notice the stain on the floor, haha.

My mother made this tree skirt for me over 20 years ago. Of course, I love it because it was made by my amazing mother. It’s hard to tell in the photos, but the different textures make it so interesting.

The red portion that is his “cap” is corduroy. The white for his face is a combination of quilted fabric and some lace fabric. Then the green material is a shiny fabric.
Santa’s eye area is a pink, glossy fabric where there are 2 black buttons for his eyes and a red button for his nose.

Etsy has a wide range of Christmas tree skirts and even patterns if you would love to make your own. I couldn’t find one like mine but there are many other fabulous ideas.

Insider tip: If your household is anything like mine, then your Christmas tree skirt gets pet hair, tree droppings, and other misc. dirt on it. The best way I’ve found to clean it is with my pet hair remover which also gets off all kinds of dirt and junk. The company has a discount code too: 10UPROOTPRO
I have put mine in the washer once, but some of the red bled onto the white areas. In the future, I only wash portions that NEED washing in the sink, and use my tool otherwise.

Rob’s Nativity Set

We originally had a ceramic nativity set that my first-ever dental assistant made me. However, over the years it’s gotten beat up, so about 6 years ago, Rob decided to start looking for another Nativity set.

We kept a lookout for a couple of years, and when Bethlehem Handicrafts came to our Denver Catholic church, Rob decided to purchase this one.

Insider tip: The company does have a store on Amazon. They aren’t inexpensive, but Rob wanted to support the company and cause.

The amazing thing about this particular set is it’s carved from one piece of wood and it’s all connected. That means no missing parts over the years, haha.

We have placed it on the front entry table at times, and even on the dining room table, but this year it went under the tree.

The Iconic Ceramic Christmas Tree

If you’re from my generation, then you probably recognize this ceramic Christmas tree. My grandma’s good friend, Mrs. Horvath, made this for me when I was a kid. Of course, we have lost some of the lights, but considering it’s been with me for over 45 years, I’m always surprised at what great shape it’s in.

Insider tip: Did you know you can get new ones like this on Amazon? But if you want an original version, then your best bet is to check eBay.

The best part about blogging is how we can share with each other. So make sure to tell me your favorite winter holiday decor items. Inquiring minds (that’s me) want to know.

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