February 2022 Life Updates

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I wanted to start sharing some of our life updates due to some of the questions I get. My goal is not only to share what has been going on in our lives but I would love to hear about yours too either in the comments or email me.

While this blog is usually about fashion and lifestyle tips, there is always a backstory to everything, right? And I find that hearing other women’s stories gives me so much inspiration.

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Since this is a fashion blog, it’s no surprise to report that I have been thrifting due to a couple of collaborations with 1-a local thrift store and 2-Savers.
I will admit that my closet is fuller than full, and I’m trying to show restraint!!

But the big-ticket item is we finally purchased a new couch (here is the link to see it in more detail if you are interested) for our living room. Macy’s was having a President’s Day sale (which made it half price) and we figured our cheap couch was long due for a replacement.
Our original blue couch was purchased from the suggestion when we used an online interior decorator to help us style our living room years ago (post about that here). We weren’t 100% sure we would like a navy couch which is why we didn’t invest a lot of money at the time. But now we LOVE it, so it was time for one that will be more comfortable.

Even though we just ordered it, it won’t be here for another month. But at least we made the decision and did it.


Many of you have asked if I still use the Collective Lab hair serum, and yes, I’ve now been using it for over 1 year. I know it’s helping especially because I don’t have that “bald area” on the back of my head that my husband used to always have to fix for me.
The best news?? Collective Labs is selling it on Amazon now so you don’t have to sign up for a subscription on their site. In fact, there is a one-time code, 50CLSerum, you can use to get it for half price. I used it to buy 3 more bottles because it seems like you can only use the discount once.
The blog post about this hair serum here.

I’m also still using my Borby eyelash serum. I just LOVE having long eyelashes and it’s such an easy thing to do nightly. What I have learned is if you’ve had irritation with Latisse, you will probably have irritation with Borby.
The blog post showing my results here.

My favorite all-day lipstick? I’m vacillating between Maybelline’s Matte Super Stay and Rimmel Provocalips. I have links to both of these on my Tools of the Trade page. In fact, I have it on my list of things to do, to compare them side by side one day, and show you how my favorite colors look on my lips. Plus some tips and tricks that I’ve learned since writing this post where I researched 10 different brands.

3- Health and Diet

Rob and I still subscribe to a nutrient-dense way of eating (as discussed in this post). It’s been over a year and it’s much easier now than it was at first. Accommodation is something that happens with many things in our life, I guess. Who knew I could actually give up sugar? And how much better I would feel. In fact, Rob’s finger joints used to swell quite a bit, and now they don’t.
Granted, we do splurge very occasionally (like on our anniversary), but we split the dessert (that photo that I shared in my email) into three nights so it wasn’t an overdose.

One of the things I’ve learned from this endeavor is how our gut health is crucial. We hear it all the time, and we are bombarded with the idea of probiotics; however… The truth of the matter is there are so many bacteria in our gut that you just don’t know which ones you really need.

Luckily Rob’s naturopath suggested this gut test so we could supplement with the supplements he really needed. I’m not sure how you could take this test without a doctor prescribing it, but it’s been very beneficial. I’m hoping that after a year of the “right” bacteria, Rob might be able to incorporate legumes and wheat back into his diet.

As for working out, we’ve been occasionally going to our mat Pilates class and Strength Fitness class. We usually only make it twice a week, so I’m trying to push to do some exercising ourselves.
The thing we are great at is rolling on the foam roller (like this one) every evening before bed as well as doing about 5 minutes of stretching before we even roll out of bed every morning.

4- Exploring

This is the perfect time of year in Arizona to get out and explore, so we have been trying to take advantage of it. The weather is exactly what I would consider spring (we never really had that in Denver as much).
We recently went to Tombstone for the day (and took blog photos, of course). It was touristy but definitely fun. The photo above is the gunfight we saw. It was the comedy version which was right up our alley.

We’ve also been to the Phoenix Zoo to see a film screening regarding extinct birds. We didn’t get to see the animals that evening, so we need to get back to do that one day. Then we spent a day in Scottsdale and visited the Scottsdale Museum of the West. We even went to a nearby town to have brunch in an old filling station and check out the car show in the parking lot. It was much cooler than it sounds, seriously.
I mean look at the leather straps on that old Porsche’s hood below.


Did you laugh at the photo of me at the top? It goes to show that my mom dressed me in bright colors at an early age. This is the month we send out our yearly letter to our family and friends (instead of sending it at Christmas), and in return, my stepdad sent me some old photos he had taken.

Now is the season where I am wearing my Sheec socks more and more because I’m sporting lower-cut footwear. I get many questions about if these really stay in place. Seriously, I have bought most of the ones I have after working with the company, so I think that proves how much I LOVE them.
I don’t wear the Sockshion as much anymore, but I do wear the Ultra-low cut and Active-X low cut all the time. Even the mule style is amazing.

The last thing I’ll discuss is my Earth Breeze detergent. Who knew that after reading the book Laundry Love, I could find ways to make the chore easier and better (as discussed in this blog post). Not that this detergent was in the book, but I feel so much better about using it. BTW, I did sign up to be an affiliate with the brand, that’s how much I love it.

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