February and This is What I Wore

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Since it is February which is the month of LOVE, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to see lots of pink and or red in the mix. But I also joined in on a dress challenge on Instagram that my friend Mireille put together. So there are more dresses than normal for the week.


This is a sweater I won in the fall from Wooden Ships, so I wanted to wear it before it got too warm.

I usually wear these silver, camo jeans with a darker color for contrast so I challenged myself to go with a lighter look.
See how I wore them with an embroidered sweater here.

I was going to wear a floral shirt under the sweater, but I went with a leopard hoodie which almost matches the jeans.

Then I wore my Jambu sneakers to match the sweater. Even though it’s a more subdued outfit with matching shoes no less, I still consider it fun and extra.

My extras:
1-print mixing the top and jeans
2-Sparkle earrings
3-Graphic sweater


You’ll see more of this underneath outfit on the blog one of these days, but after the photo, I did replace the cape. I wanted to showcase the cape in this post (for a specific reason which you’ll read about), but it just didn’t go with the outfit.

I’m so glad I take daily photos because I wasn’t entirely sure until I took the photo.

But let’s talk about these Una Blue Jeans. The company will take a pair of your old jeans and recreate them. They won’t look like this because you get to basically design what you want.

I sent in a skinny pair of jeans and decided to have her create a flared pair with extra (my favorite word of the year).

The funny part is how the boots (which are really mules) match so well, and I’ve had them for over 10 years if not more.

You will also see this cape on Instagram for a #YarnDay post. I knit it as a sweater and hated it, so I transformed it into this.


Today was the second day of my friend’s, Mireille, #7daydresschallenge on how to winterize a summer dress.

Nothing is new here. In fact, you can see what the dress looks like all by itself here. I’ve winterized it before here (where you can even see the back view) and then styled an oversized sweater over it here.

This pink and tan sweater is a vintage Givenchy Sport found for $2 thrifting. I used it for my color recipe with 6 different color combinations in the past here. And none of them with orange so that’s 7 different ideas.

The lug boots are my Jambu ones worn many ways here.
A faux fur scarf (with a brooch because I’m trying to wear them again) finished off the look.


Another day, another dress made appropriate for winter for Mireille’s dress challenge on Instagram.

We always think about layering OVER our summer dresses but how about UNDER them too. Confession, I was going to wear this sweatshirt over the top of the dress but decided it might be more subtle (if you can use that word, haha) under it instead.

I wore my white thrifted boots and pulled in a white belt and white sweater. Notice the pin on my sweater? It not only holds the scarf together but is also attached to the dress so the scarf doesn’t move around.

Insider tip: Since I’m belting not only the dress but the sweatshirt, I kept the belt looser than normal, so it wouldn’t showcase the bulk of the sweatshirt.

This dress is from my thrift haul at a local place called Horizon thrift. You can see all 8 dresses I found that day in this short video. Notice I didn’t use the self-belt in today’s outfit. Just because it comes with one doesn’t mean you have to wear it with the dress.


Even though I was wearing a dress, I decided to pair it with a pair of jeans. This dress is part of my haul from a local thrift store. Here is the short video showing all 8 of the dresses.

Then I also wore the cropped sweater that I recently just splurged on. It’s a two-piece set which meant that of course, I had to split it up. (You can see the set on Tuesday’s daily look here.

I’ve had the red jeans for years and while I rarely wear a dress with jeans, it’s really not much different than leggings or tights, right?

As for footwear, I tried my red boots but settled on my brown Jambu pair. Then I bookended the look with the brown hat.


This is the sweater I purchased on my birthday in December, and I wore it here with black boots. But I wanted to make sure I had the chance to wear it at least one more time before it starts warming up.

If we were living in Denver, I wouldn’t worry about that until June, haha.

This time I added in my purple/teal booties and I left the ruffles of the socks exposed. Reminds me a tad of the 80s, anyone else? LOL!! Hey, I loved those days, and I see no reason not to revisit them!


You just get a headshot today because you’ll see the rest of the outfit on the blog soon.

But I wanted to showcase these earrings. One of our friends recently lost his mother, and he was giving away her baubles.

He generously offered some of them to my mom, Lesley, and me, and these earrings are one of the pieces I picked. He’s sure they are from the 50s or 60s.

The other bauble in this look is the angel brooch (which is sideways, but I straightened it after this photo) which was from another friend’s mother’s funeral as a gift to all who attended.

Notice the headband. It’s one of Gibby’s headscarves worn upside down. Check out her site because she is having a special where you get a free scarf when you sign up for emails.

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