February Highlights

February highlights for Jodie's touch of style


One way to remember our lives is to journal it. And that’s the idea behind these highlights from each month. I’m only including the days that are somewhat interesting. However, since this is our anniversary month, I hope it’s full of love and fun!

In case you’re wondering, any days that aren’t listed here, are probably full of blogging work along with tea and crumpets. No, we don’t really have crumpets with our mid afternoon tea, but it sounds good.

February highlights with mom and daughter

Day 1: Mom, Rob and I headed out to AAA Travel Showcase to get some ideas about a New Year’s Eve cruise. It cost $6, and what made it worth it was the fact that both  mom and Rob could get their passport photos and renewal taken care of easily at the event. And because we attended this event, we were able to get some nice credits on the cruise we booked on Day 6!

February highlights with Galentines celebration

Day 2: We gathered the troops together to take some photos for our upcoming Galentine’s Celebration for the blog. Lesley really hits is out of the park with the red scarf and shoes!

Day 3: Even though it’s Superbowl Sunday, we watched the original Mary Poppins instead. Since we saw Mary Poppins Returns on Christmas, we wanted to check out the original one again.

Day 4: And then today we went to see Mary Poppins Returns at the theater again. The best part is since we can go during the day, it’s only $5.09. Don’t ask me which I liked better, that’s like choosing which ice cream is my favorite. But I did appreciate seeing the newer one after the older one because there are a lot of references that I didn’t catch the first time.

February highlights with book club

Day 5: Book club night was a first because NONE of us loved the book this time. Our book club is a little different where the hostess chooses a book that she’s never read. So it’s a crap shoot. And usually at least one person likes it. So let me save you the time and money. Don’t read Milkman by Anna Burns.

Day 6: We booked our cruise for New Years Eve 2020. We all decided on the Southern Caribbean cruise on Celebrity. My husband is already checking out the excursions, but we are open to any and all suggestions. We will be visiting Barbados, St. Lucia, Antigua, St. Kitts, and St. Thomas.

February highlights with our white boots

Day 9: For blog photos, I got us tickets to a local band concert. They are called Dakota Blonde and we saw them this winter with another group at Christmas. Before hand we took photos for our White Boots post. It’s been the best thing ever that we get to not only get together for photos, but also do something fun in addition!

February yarn at knit day with friends

Day 11: Just check out the gorgeous yarn all 7 of us were using today at knit day. This is exactly one of the reasons I fell in love with the activity. The colors, the textures is all such a treat!

February highlight with chocolate covered strawberries

Day 12: My husband is quite the romantic. In fact, when we were dating I had to tell him to stop buying me roses. Do you know how much those things cost? And then they die. LOL. So lately he buys chocolate covered strawberries instead. At least I can rationalize there is some nutrition involved, right?

February highlight from Maggianos lunch

Day 13: My mom got us a Maggiano’s gift card for our anniversary. She knows it’s one of Rob’s favorite places to eat. Heck, we even had our rehearsal dinner there before our wedding. So here’s the unfocused shot of us at lunch this day. Needless to say we ate WAY too much! Rob even wrote a blog post about it on his new site, Filofeast.

February highlight from Colorado Plus Cidery

Day 14: Like I said in our Valentine’s Day blog with my hubby, the day is also our anniversary. We’ve been going out to breakfast instead of dinner because earlier in the day isn’t as crowded everywhere. On this day we spent the whole day out and about and ended up at my niece’s restaurant in Golden. Word on the street says they have the best brussel sprouts as appetizers. And I have to agree. We took blog photos at her place earlier this year, if you want to see more. We also frequented some thrift stores for my shopping addiction. You’ll see the results of that shopping on the blog and Instagram soon enough.

February xylophone competition

Day 16: My cousin called at the last minute to invite us to her son’s percussion high school competition. Interesting fact, is that Rob used to play the vibes as a child and young adult. But his vibes have been sitting in my mom’s basement for years. So he recently handed them down to Julllian to play them when he’s at home practicing.  And we were able to see Jullian show off his skills today.

February highlights with Forever Fierce Day

Day 19: Happy Forever Fierce Day!! It’s the 50th day of the year, which is relevant to how the Forever Fierce Revolution started 3 years ago. I talked about the evolution of the group and how it’s not for everyone. Unless you’re kind. Then you should join.

Day 21: We are still trying to go to stretch class at our local rec center about every other week. I know it’s good for my mom since she’s not as apt to go on her own. Yet even Rob commented on how convenient it is to do our online yoga classes at home. If you are still interested in the discount that I requested for my readers, it’s still available. It’s Jtouch to get 3 months for $10. If you want all the specifics about it, you can check the blog post, or reach out and ask me.

InStyle magazine feature for February highlights

Day 22: I was beyond excited when a couple of my online friends reached out to say the 3 of us were featured in the March edition of InStyle Magazine. I had to run out and buy the magazine since my subscription still hadn’t come in the mail. And yep….there on page 64 in the bottom, right hand corner is US!!! Talk about exciting.

Greenhouse photos for February highlights

Day 23: It was photo shoot day. Things don’t always go as planned no matter how much research we do. We had talked to the people at Grow Haus to take photos on their tour earlier in the week. However, since it snowed over 8 inches this day, they closed down. Of course we didn’t find this out until we had traveled the hour to get there. So we punted. And found a nursery/greenhouse in another location that worked great for photos!

Girl Boss in February Highlights

Day 24: Another honor was being included in a local online magazine article, Voyage Denver, about Girl Bosses. I love how this movement is now even a hashtag.

Day 28: Massage day for both of us. It always seems like a guilty pleasure, but I’m sure it’s good considering how much time I spend at the computer.  I talked about this in a post about how we save money last year.

If you are interested in more of my daily outfits, you can see them on Instagram in my stories. I usually showcase them daily except when I’m in sweats all day. Yes it happens. If you are new to Instagram, and don’t know about how and what stories are, feel free to email me and ask. Or you can google it. Or I can always write a post about it.

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