Camo and Lace is Our Secret to Feminizing the Print

Camo Print and Lace

Camo and Lace is Our Secret to Feminizing the Print

Quote of the day: “Stay true to what makes you different. As long as you’re unique, you’re irreplaceable. If you try to assimilate, you’re instantly replaceable.” Olivia Wilde 

Living in Denver, Colorado, you can certainly see many varieties of camo print on men and women alike. But in all honesty, I have to say I never thought that I would be wearing it! Not for any reason other than I like fashion, and in the past, I would have considered camo functional, not stylish!

But as I have learned over and over, times change and so does the definition of what is stylish! And once the camo print hit the blogger scene, I decided that maybe we should explore the possibilities with this print. Heck, it’s just another design, right?

Since we styled our camo last year in a multitude of ways, I had to get creative for this year! In fact, one of my blogettes from the past, Jude, was the brains behind this pairing of camo and lace. Isn’t it the perfect way to add some yin and yang to our outfits? Let me also introduce you to Kathleen, who has gone back and read all of my posts from the beginning. While she was commenting on last years camo print outfits, I suggested she join us!!

And on top of that, as I was crawling through Instagram this weekend, I saw my friend, Kim, also wearing camo and lace, so I asked her to join us also!! This must be proof that camo and lace is a great combination!

Kathleen (blogette): In Kathleen’s words “This camo jacket was found accidentally lurking on the misses rack in either TJ Maxx or Marshalls. It’s a junior’s jacket, but I wouldn’t have found it if it hadn’t been misplaced since I don’t usually visit the junior’s section!

I adore fashion, style and shopping – even more than I did in earlier decades!  Life is too short not to enjoy presenting oneself nicely and appreciating everyone who does so.  My other great love is animals and nature.  My husband (of 36 years) and I love all creatures, great and small, and have been vegetarian for decades.  We share our home with 14 cats (down from our all-time high of 39), and feed the birds, raccoons, possums, foxes and deer.  (The occasional bear does his best to get at the bird feeder.)  My PJ and lounging wardrobe is as extensive as my clothing wardrobe, for obvious reasons!”

Camo and lace

I love how Kathleen wore this camo jacket over her lace dress!! It’s the perfect dichotomy of feminine vs. masculine!!

Kim (@MidLifeStyleTips on Instagram): I met Kim as one of my partners for the Fierce 50 Follow Fridays for Instagram.

Kim’s Instagram account is a combination of style-selfies, features of fashion bloggers from around the world, video posts of funny everyday anecdotes, behind-the-scenes looks at my flight attendant life & Sunday inspiration.

Camo and lace

I thought adding her outfit to the mix was a perfect way to show you all more variety on camo items, since she’s wearing a pair of joggers with her lace top!

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit: First I have to comment on this shop in Denver! I’ve used their fabulous pink chair before on my blog when we styled Western Wear!

We were out with Nancy on this day taking photos, and Nancy ventured into the shop to check it out!! Not only did we find some great products including the t-shirt from this post, but we also met a couple of delightful women who you can see at the bottom of this post!!

camo and lace

For our camo and lace outfit, I only have camo shorts, so I grabbed these. I happened to get these shorts at a thrift store because I still question myself about the appropriateness of a 50+ woman wearing shorts! But I have found that I love wearing them with ankle boots! Maybe because it’s along the line of that yin and yang! Or maybe it’s because it’s new and different?

Of course, these ankle boots are the peep toe version. I realize that this could be considered silly, but you may like it more than you thought. At least here in Denver, we usually have many warm days all the way into November and so they could get a ton of use!! I found this pair and this pair that are lighter colored so would seem better for the warmer weather!!

camo and lace for women over 50

My lace piece is my camisole that has lace at the trim at the top and lace at the bottom!! I certainly wouldn’t wear this cami by itself, but it works great under many items! If you don’t love the camis, you could always wear a white lace shirt or colored one instead so you’d feel more comfortable wearing it in case you need to take off your blazer!

camo and lace for 50+ women

I’ve always been a huge fan of white blazers!! They seem so crisp and clean, but I could never wear one while working because it’d get too dirty! I know many women will say they are too messy for them, but if you don’t pay a ton for them, then maybe you wouldn’t get so upset if you mess them up.

This might be the perfect time to check out some stores you don’t normally visit. The blazer I’m wearing was under $20, and this one and this one are too! Or you could choose a jacket instead of a blazer!!

Feminize camo and lace

Shorts: Joe Fresh-thrifted (similar here)~~Blazer: BooHoo (similar here)~~Top: Zenana Outfitters (similar here)~~Boots: Indigo Rd. (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)~~Bracelet: (similar here)~~Purse: Tignanello-thrifted (similar here)~~Sunglasses: Nora NYC with 10% off use NewShades (here)

Nancy’s (60+) Outfit: Nancy grabbed her Mod Loops lace piece that we discovered at our local boutique, Trendz to pair with her camo blouse.

This mod loop lace piece is a 6 inch piece of lace that you can wear either on your chest or at your hips! The advantage is then you don’t have an entire shirt or cami covering you, but you get the prettiness of the lace trim! Nancy’s is a beige colored, so it’s almost camouflaged against her skin!!

camo and lace in an outfit

The nice thing about Nancy’s camo print blouse is how lightweight it is! I hear that many women prefer to have their arms covered even in the summer, so finding the perfect shirts for that isn’t always easy! This one is python print or you might like a floral one better!!

camo and lace for women 60+

Nancy’s usual choice of bottoms in the summer is a pair of capri pants. The 3 of us styled them earlier this summer, and in a couple of weeks, we will be pairing up with 2 other bloggers to show you more options and styling choices!! If you don’t wear them, I’d love to hear why! If you do wear them, then I’d love to know your favorite length!! There always seems to be such a controversy about this clothing item.

Camo and lace for feminine

These are some of Nancy’s most comfortable sandals, but I usually veto them for the blog. To me, they aren’t the most stykish ones she has in her closet. But I’ve become less rigid in my old age, and decided to let her wear them for our outing since it was her birthday funday.

The three of us will be showcasing some Jambu shoes soon on the blog which are very much tailored to those of you who expect comfort from your shoes!! But I have to say that really, many manufacturers are doing a better job at combining style & comfort. Just the fact that many shoes have ankle straps make them so much easier to walk in!!

Camo & lace for women over 60

Pants: St. John’s Bay (similar here)~~Top: Living Doll (similar here)~~Shoes: White Mountain (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here with coins)~~Purse: Charming Charlies (similar here)~~Sunglasses: (similar here)

Charlotte’s (70+) Outfit: For my mom’s outfit that involved camo and lace, we chose her lace blazer that she bought in Japan.

It’s one of those pieces that you don’t see everywhere, yet it’s been quite versatile for any season! I actually tried one on in Stein Mart not too long ago, but I curtailed my spending on it.

There are some fabulous ones available as more of a bomber jacket style, if you’re interested. This one is not only lacy but also sheer which would be perfect in the summer months!! There is also the crochet lace version that is really pretty! And then there is the version with just the sleeves being lace! In addition to that, the one I linked to as similar below is even different from all of those!

camo and lace for women over 70

Then I grabbed these shoes because I thought the open holes in them would mirror the lace design of the blazer!! For those of you who love to match your details, I thought this was perfect!!

If you aren’t a huge fan of sandals in the summer, then holes in your shoes could be the best way to keep your feet cooler! This pair even has an ankle strap which has been my favorite feature lately!! But there are certainly ones without the ankle strap too!

camo and lace with pearls

And then the pearls came out!! In a way adding in the pearls is another way to create a more feminine look with the masculine camo, I think! Of course, my mom wasn’t buying it, but she’s a good sport and at least wore them for the photos!! I know when I wrote the article for Sixty + Me about wearing your pearls more, there was some push back from some of the comments on Facebook.

To me, wearing pearls with a casual outfit is that yin/yang idea all over again! Besides, why save the good pieces for special events? Isn’t everyday a special day??

camo & lace in an outfit

The last thing that we picked out for this camo and lace outfit was the pants. It’s not our usual way to choose an outfit, but sometimes the creative juices work in mysterious ways!!

I’m sure you all have some tan pants in your closet. They are truly a basic, but I’ve also been noticing some funner ones out there. Of course, in the summer, linen is always a popular choice.  But what do you think about the more flowy styles? If you like the wide legs, but wanted them shorter, there are also the culottes, which I’ve become a huge fan of lately!

camo and lace for 70+ women

Pants: Fabrizio Gianni (similar here)~~Jacket: from Japan (similar here)~~Top: H&M (similar here)~~Shoes: Clicks (similar here)~~Necklace: (similar here)~~Earrings: (similar here)

Here are Nancy & I with Hannah & Hannah at Wish Gifts in Denver! It’s always a fun time searching through their amazing gifts. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that they hand out champagne when you walk in the door!! You really should check them out if you’re in town!! Then stroll across the street to Bonnie Brae ice cream! That was part of the fun on this day too!!

Wish Boutique


So here I am trying to push some boundaries and rules that we didn’t grow up with! You may think of the camo print as something that only hunters should wear. But isn’t the camo and lace together a fun twist?

Thanks to one and all of you for your support. It means more than you know!

The Facts

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I rounded up a large variety of camo items. I’m betting you already have some lace in your closet, so what would your camo and lace look like?


  • Melissa

    Camo is a print I have learned to love over the years. But adding lace to the mix, definitely makes this print very appealing! Hope Nancy had a great birthday 😉


    • It’s definitely been a process with this print!! But now it’s one of my faves—funny, huh?
      Thanks Mel!!

  • I love the camo shorts with the jacket and ankle boots, it all just works so well. I don’t own anything in camo print, to be honest I wasn’t a fan until recently, but now I really want to get a jacket. The one you’ve listed from Macy’s is fab – shame we don’t don’t have one in the UK. I really like Nancy’s lightweight blouse too and the lace band underneath is a great idea!

    Emma xxx

    • I felt the same way…that’s why I bought my camo at a thrift shop!! It’s been amazing to me how much I’ve really come to love it. Kinda the same with skinny jeans. I remember thinking I’d never wear those..LOL

  • jess

    At first I thought you had on a skirt, but love the camo shorts on you! I have a pair of camo joggers I might wear soon and love a feminine look with this style.
    Thanks for linking!
    jess xx

    • It really is such a modern print—and to think I never thought that I’d be wearing it in my lifetime—ha ha!!
      Thanks Jess!!

  • Ok, just seeing this post! I have paired camo and pink lace and loved the look. That’s about as far out of the box as I can think. These looks are all so pretty. And loved your more recent post with the camo and your polka dot ots. Be still my heart!

  • Mother Daughter

    I think I like the camo more dressy here with the lace, then with the denim. My search continues for pink camo.

    • Thanks Victoria!! It was fun to see what we could do with our camo!! I love the idea of pink camo—I’ve seen it a couple times, and it’s the perfect yin/yang!!

  • Jaki

    Love the shorts. Faded camo is my fave! #DreamTeam

    • Thanks so much Jaki!! I’m certainly loving it more and more!!

  • Debbie Stinedurf

    Camo and lace…a girl after my own heart! And it’s an added bonus that your cami is pink since that’s another camo combo favorite of mine. Girlfriend, you need to beef up your camo collection since you only have the shorts…look at me enabling you yet again…lol! You and I would be dangerous together. 🙂

  • Judy Gramith

    For me camo needs a neutral pairing as Nancy’s look illustrates. I actually have a dark green camisole that has a lacy embellishment and I love black with camo as well. Nancy’s beige is lovely.
    Your boots with the camo shorts are so cool Jodie!

    • I can see that pairing the neutrals with the camo, keeps it in the theme of the entire idea of camo, Jude!! Maybe that’s why I always gravitate to the opposite? Ha ha!!
      Thanks and much love!!

  • I wouldn’t think about pairing these two, but you make them look so good together. What a nice contrast of feminine and edgy!

    Jessica |

    • Well, I can’t take credit for this pairing idea, but I would definitely wear it again!! It’s so fun!!
      Thanks Jessica!

  • This is such a fun post, Jodie, mainly because I would never have imagined you ladies in camo attire 🙂 Yet, you all pull it off so beautifully! Camo-anything has never been on my hit list of fashion must-haves. That said, I actually really like the carmel-hued camo you ladies chose. It seems softer overall than the classic green-hued version. Love your styling of it Jodie! The shorts look great with your cami and blazer! Hmmm, could camo be in my furture? At least you got me to think twice about it 🙂


    • I have to admit my skepticism at first with this print too, Mary!! That’s why I started at the thrift store for my piece and wound up with these shorts!!
      I feel like it’s quite easy to print mix with because it’s so subtle, and it seems very modern!!

  • Amy D. Christensen

    I love this, Jodie. I keep hearing about camo as a fashion item. I guess I need to start looking for a piece. My hubby has plenty of it, but most of it wouldn’t fit quite right. Ha, ha. I think you gals did a great job pairing the camo with lace. This post is definitely going in my idea folder. – Amy

    • That’s totally why I got my shorts at the thrift store because I wasn’t sure it’d be something around for long, or if I’d really like it!! But I just bought my second piece, and I actually love it—not sure why….

  • You ladies wear the camo so well. I don’t care much for it, but you’ve given me some ideas on how I could rock it!

    • It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, Barbie. I know it seemed way too “hunterish” for me at first. But now that I see it styled fashionably, it’s peaked my interest!!

  • Kathleen McDermott

    Well Jodie, I’m becoming camo obsessed. I clicked over to Macy’s on your link above and bought the Fair Child Koi Patch Camo Jacket! (Also just bought camo ballet flats and the actual camo vest version of my jacket – my niece spotted it and I had to have it. Score!) Love your camo stylings. Your shorts look fabulous on your Barbie Doll figure. Oh, how I love/covet Charlotte’s lace jacket. Nancy is always cute as a button. Kim’s camo joggers are too cute for words – must find a pair.

    • I really know what you mean, Kathleen!! It’s funny how I’d never even consider the print before, and now I want it more and more!!
      Last weekend, when I was at the thrift store, I purchased a pair of camo jeans, so I can totally relate. And how could you not get that jacket—for under $20, it’s such a steal!! Almost as good as TJMaxx !!
      Thanks so much for joining in!! I’m so glad you’ll be part of our blush posts too!!

      • Kathleen McDermott

        Must mention that I love the colors and print of camo. I refuse to think of hunting. Prefer to think of nature photography or handsome military men! In any event, I find camo print, in its various guises, artistically appealing and alluring. Can’t wait to see your jeans. Excellent purchase!

        • Here’s the photo I posted for our #thriftedchicstylechallenge yesterday wearing the camo jeans. I’m not 100% sure it will link for you–let me know?

          • Kathleen McDermott

            It downloaded. Love both your outfits, head to toe. You look adorable and Charlotte looks elegant. Leopard and camo is delightful.

  • Camo is totally not my thing, but I love the way you styled these outfits! J.Crew’s fall preview collection in Spring NYFW had camo, gingham, and tulle as their main counterparts, and I seem to remember seeing it in some other shows too, so you could be totally ahead of a trend here.


    • Well, that would be a first, Mary, LOL!!
      I have been surprised at how much I like the print lately. Maybe because it’s usually very subdued, so it’s fun to mix prints with???

  • Carol Cameleon

    These outfits look great Jodie. Who’d have thought camo could go so well in a mish-mashed way? Not me! I’d never have considered it and may well do now. Thanks for sharing with #HighlightsofHappy

    • I know what you mean Carol!!
      The fact that I’m wearing camo surprises me time and again!! And that I actually like it—LOL!!

  • WOW, all of you pulled the camo print perfectly. And to be honest, I love Nancy’s look the most. She is so stylish and chic in that blouse!
    Have a wonderful rest of the week, ladies.

    • Thanks so much Miri!! I’ll forward this to Nancy, and you’ll have made her day!!

  • Anna Marcus

    All of you ladies look really rock the camo. Thanks to Nancy and Charlotte for showing us that this style is for everyone. I think you shouldn’t worry about the appropriateness of the shorts in our age because you look great in them. Like how combine the military look with chic white blazer

    • Thanks so much Anna!!
      Mom and Nancy will be especially happy to hear you say this!

  • You certainly are unique Jodie and irreplaceable! Since I abhor hunting and war (my dad was a hunter) I have never liked green camo, even though it can be used for nature photography. However, I’d love a pair of PINK camo jeans or leggings if I ever find some. 🙂


    • That’s probably why I never liked it at first either, Carmen. I always associated it with hunting and my first husband was a big hunter.
      But I think now I look at it as more of a fun print—and especially the different colored ones!!
      Thanks Carmen!!

  • What a great combo! Love the lace and camo, Great styling !
    Have a lovely day !

  • I haven’t done Camo in the longest time. Love all your ideas. Great post! 🙂


    • Thanks Tanvi!!!
      You need to wear it again–I’d love to see yours!!

  • Such a smart styling idea! I love the idea of mixing a girly print with something a little tougher! It created an awesome balance in all of your outfits

    • Thanks Michelle!! This is one of our styles that I really have been loving! In fact, I wore the same theme last night (it’ll be on IG soon!!)

  • Your post caught my attention with the “camo” heading! I love camo and I have a wonderful camo skirt, floor length, with sequin embellishments! The gold sequins compliment the camo so well. I bought the skirt years ago at a boutique in NYC!

    • Hi Robin!!!
      How fabulous that you like the print too!! And pairing the camo with gold is such a fabulous idea!! In fact, I’m putting that in the queue for next year’s camo posts!! Would you want to join in with your skirt?? If so email me at!!

  • That’s a really good idea for a combo! I absolutely love your mom’s look!

    • Thanks Laura!! And I’m sure you just made my mom’s day!! Thanks for that!!

  • Very nice. I like all your outfits. I hate to admit it, but I’ve been timid about wearing camo. Even though I see how smart it looks, I have yet to buy a piece.

    • I felt the exact same way, Donna! I had too many memories of it being the “hunter’s print”. That’s why I bought these shorts at a second hand store! And mom’s shirt was only $5 at H&M. Nancy had bought her blouse, so I figured we might as well try it!
      And I have to admit, that it’s been a little funner than I thought!!
      Thanks Donna!

  • Love all of these looks. Camo rocks and is so modern Jodie. Well done! Pinned….

    • Thanks Rebecca!!
      Maybe that’s why I’ve grown to love it so much—it seems so modern!!

  • I had always thought of camo as more functional than stylish as well. It certainly is popular in Wisconsin as well (lots of hunters)! But you ladies are making me rethink this! Each of your outfits is so stylish! And goodness Jodie, you look fabulous in shorts! Keep rocking them! 🙂

    • That’s exactly my thoughts at first, Lindsey!! Colorado is a huge hunter’s playground, so I couldn’t imagine why I would wear the print!!
      But like Rebecca said, it seems so modern, so maybe that’s why I’ve been loving it!??

  • Missy May

    Camo is definitely one of the timeless pieces that will never fade away. Y’all ladies killed it!! Just reminded me of a camo collecting dust in my closet. Gotta pull that out soon. Ha!

    • I’m glad to hear you love the print too, Missy!! For some reason it just seems so fun and modern!!
      Can’t wait to see yours soon!!

  • I really love how the three of you styled camo. I think your touches of lace and pink really make it work! I’ve been debating whether or not to add a camo piece to my closet – although I love how it looks on everyone – but I think I may just do it and break out my lace (and/or pink) to go along with it! Thanks for the inspiration!


    • That’s truly how I felt at first. I just wasn’t sure about it which is why I bought these shorts at a thrift store!! I didn’t want to invest a lot in the print, if I wasn’t going to wear it much!!
      But I have to laugh at how much I love it now—it must be because it seems so modern and different!!
      Thanks Cathy!

  • I love both came and lace, but I am not sure I have styled them together. You just gave me inspo for my outfit today!

    xx, Elise

    • I have to admit, that this wasn’t my idea!! It was one of my readers who came up with the pairing!! But isn’t it so fun??
      Thanks Elise!!

  • Now that you mention it! I havn t worn anything camo this season!! Huh? I love it, I think it s edgy yet feminine! I absolutely love Kim s joggers! But hey Jodie! You ve got great legs lady!

    • Thanks Nancy!!
      Well, you definitely need to pull out the camo!! I’ve been seeing it on many women this week for some reason!!

  • How fun, and what a marvelous shop! Champagne and fashion?! Count me in! 😉

  • Terri Webster Schrandt

    Loving this…I also love pink with the camo green! Fun, fun!

  • What a great idea – I love the camo with lace! I don’t own a single camo piece, but now you’ve convinced me to try it!

    • It really feels so modern for some reason, Lana!!
      You should check your local thrift stores—then it’ll be inexpensive!!

  • Jacqueline Rendine

    I never thought I would wear camo ever! Now I have a few pieces!

    Stylin In St. Louis

    • I’m the same way, Jacqueline!!! I just couldn’t understand the draw at first, yet now I love it!! We are funny, aren’t we??

  • Mummabstylish Mummabstylish

    I’ve never worn combat Jodie, lovely ideas here, your mums looks super. x Jacqui

    • It’s only because of the blog, that I even tried this Jacqui!! But it’s been awfully fun!!
      Thanks !!

  • Marion Collins

    Lovely outfits on lovely ladies.
    Marilyn and Marion

  • First, I just commented on Debbie’s blog, FFD, that I had my camo on this morning and changed at the last second! Camo is in the air! I may wear it yet this week!
    I LOVE these outfits! Love, love, love! There is something so fresh and modern about the contrast of masculine and feminine! It just WORKS! And you all three did it so well…each one fitting your own personality and lifestyle! 💞💞💞👏👏👏

    • Isn’t it funny how camo comes out at the same time?!! I even wore my newly thrifted pair of camo jeans today!! Hopefully you’ll see them on IG tomorrow!!
      Thanks Ronnie!!

  • What a great combo! I love the idea of pairing lace with a traditional masculine print such as came. Love how all of your styled them, but I’m especially loving that lace blazer and came button up combo!


    • Did my mom’s outfit turn out so nicely, Liz?? And she gave me such a hard time especially when I added in the pearls, LOL!!

  • Laura

    I love feminizing camo with lace or pastel colors! It makes such a perfect juxtaposition and both pieces stand out more! These are great examples of that!

    • Thanks Laura!! It really makes the print much more fun this way!!

  • Mireille

    Love the lace and camo! Might have to have to be on the lol out next time I go thrifting!

    • You should, definitely, Mireille!! And then you can join us for next year’s posts!!!

  • Jodie, you three did a great job showing the possibilities with this trend. But, I am going to skip this one. After teaching in a rural school district for over thirty years, i have had my fill of camo on every male student from 5 to 17. This is not a trend where I live, it’s pretty much the dress code, especially during hunting season. I will just sit in the audience to watch and enjoy this one. One note, however, both Niko and Sophia (the Poodles) have Camo-maybe I can do a post about that over on Time For Poodles and Friends.

    • I totally understand Terri!! My first husband was a huge hunter which is why it was hard for me to embrace this at first!!
      But how cute that the poodles have their own camo pieces!! You should definitely add them to the mix!!

  • I love that you all embraced came! Love all these looks. Jodie, you are rocking those shorts!

    • Thanks Kathrine!!
      I know my mom wasn’t too excited about this shirt when I bought it for her, but she’s come around!! (heck, I was the same way)

  • Len Dela Peña Parent

    These photos are gorgeous!! You ladies are truly an inspiration to many of us. Keep up the wonderful job! Love all these looks! Keep it coming!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Much love, Len

    • Len!! You are such a great cheerleader—I need to take you where ever I go!!
      Thanks so much, you make my day with your positive comments!!

  • I think you did a great job with all these looks, the lace and feminine accents do a lot to take the camo print from utility to fashion. While it’s not one I have in my closet, I do love the shade olive green and I love pairing my field jacket with lace, which is a similar idea.
    Chic on the Cheap

    • I do think the lace is a great piece to add to the more masculine items. I have to admit, lace was one of those details that were way too “girly” for me many years ago!! Maybe adding it to the masculine items is the way it’s going to be more loved!!

  • Rebecca Saffer

    I only own 1 camo piece which is a cute jacket I bought at least 20 years ago. Unfortunately the style is rather dated because of the wide shoulders and larger fit. I have always hesitated giving it away because it is so nice. Love the way you have paired the camo with both pink and lace – great tips.

    • My mom would take that jacket and alter it to fit in for nowadays, Rebecca!! That’s her reasoning for never giving anything away, LOL!!
      But that style will probably come around again too.
      Either that or you could cut out the sleeves, even into the shoulder area so it’s not so wide, and make it “distressed”?
      Or you could just do what I did, and go shopping at the thrift store—I just found a pair of camo jeans this weekend, that I’m wearing today IRL!

  • I think its a very clever idea, I never thought of it… thank you for always giving us inspiration 🙂

    • Thanks Lorena!! Although I can’t take all of the credit—Jude came up with this great idea, and then I just ran with it!!

  • Amy K

    What a fun post! I loved how you added a pink lacy cami with your camo, how Nancy added the pink handbag, and lacy “loop”, and how Charlotte added the pearls! I don’t own any camo yet, but you’ve inspired me to try!

    • It cracks me up to think we are wearing camo as a fashion statement, but it’s totally fun!!
      Did you see on IG that I even found a pair of jeans this weekend at the consignment shop?? That’s what I’m wearing today!!

  • Camo has never looked so good! x

  • I don’t have much camo in my wardrobe either, but I love the idea of styling it with lace. As we’ve talked about Jodie, it’s that juxtaposition of opposites in fashion that work so well!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  • Great styling! You’ve inspired me to add camo pants back on to my thrift wish list!

    • Glad to hear it, Darlene!!
      I just found a pair, and they were less than $10—that’s success in my book!!

  • donnanance

    All of you ladies are rockin’ the camo look! This is something I do not own but after reading this post, would consider purchasing. How’s that for influence, Miss Jodie? Side story: I was in Wally World to buy cheap tees to replace my “cleaning the house, working in the gardens” shirts and struck up a conversation with a 70’s lady. She had on a darling hat with a brooch, nice necklace and earrings, cute black tunic and Minions leggings. I wasn’t expecting the Minions leggings but on her they looked adorable. Moral of the story…wear what you like and wear it with panache! xoxo

    • That’s the best story ever, Donna!! Besides—wearing fun clothing only adds to your fun personality!! You probably wouldn’t have thought twice about her leggings if they were just solid black—and yet you totally remembered the Minions on them!!
      And the camo—-I know, I know!! It’s been the surprise of the century in my closet. Granted, I only have these shorts, but I look at the print differently now.

  • donnaduck

    Hi Jodie! I have to say, I do not own any camo, but if I was to get any, I’d probably go with pink! Maybe it’s because I don’t look that great in green? Lol! But I do like the dusty rose hues in that tank from Nordstrom Rack. I like the looser fit of the tank as well. It’s funny how you can almost think about camo as a “neutral”, as it can be worn with so many different textures, like feminine lace, as well as colors, like when you did the blogs with pastels and brights!

    Happy Monday to you!! XOXO

    • That’s funny you said that about the pink camo Donna!! I was just telling Debbie below that I saw a pink camo at the consignment store this weekend. I didn’t buy it, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t go back and get it–ha ha!! For some reason the pink camo doesn’t seem as “hunterish” to me maybe??
      Thanks Donna!!

  • You ladies are all rockin the camo! I love every outfit and I love the lace details! You have me all excited about my camo items in the closet. I am going to do an athleisure look today with black leggings and a camo jacket. Peace!

    • That camo jacket you just got in the mail?? That is a fabulous jacket, Cheryl!! I bet you wear that a ton!!

  • I’ve thought about getting some camo, but haven’t found one yet…your article inspires me to try again!

    • Well, there certainly is more variety now…in fact, we were at the consignment shop this weekend, and I saw a couple of pieces there!! The pink camo ones are my favorite, and I might have to add one to my closet!
      Thanks Debbie!!

  • I have zero camo…but I really, REALly, REALLY like this post. Love the juxtaposition of the casual camo and lovely lace (ooh, unplanned alliteration, there). Anyway, I will definitely be on the lookout for something camo in the future…every one of the outfits is a hit for me!

    (And Jodie, with those legs, if YOU can’t wear shorts, there’s no hope for me!!!)

    • I know what you mean, Em. Why would a “normal” person have camo in their closet was my first thought when I started seeing fashion bloggers in this print. Being around so many hunters in Colorado, I felt like I was overrun with it for hunting!!
      But now—I’m glad I was open to trying it, because it just feels so different!!
      PS…thanks for the compliment on my legs! 🙂

  • Tina von tinaspinkfriday

    Wonderful last picture Jodie 🙂
    I think the combination camouflage and lace is very interesting. All styles look amazing. XO Tina

    • Thanks so much Tina!!
      It’s so fun to be adventuresome in our clothing!!

  • Karen

    The camo and lace really works! I especially like Kim’s jogger pants with the lace top and would positively wear that. And high on the ‘favorite looks’ list here is your mom’s camo, lace and the addition of pearls! That is just a great look. Your shorts are fun Jodie, and I love the camo with pink, and especially since it’s lace! I think if your legs can carry the look, shorts are appropriate for any age. You obviously have toned legs and look great in shorts! I am also a fan of white blazers. I know how the edges of the sleeves can look dingy if you aren’t careful, but like you said, not spending a fortune, AND finding one that’s washable makes a difference. I love the lace loop that Nancy is wearing, and the fact that it is skin-toned makes it really versatile for so many different uses. One question: Doesn’t it drive you mad having a 6-inch band of lace around you? Do you feel the need to pull and tug? Nancy really rocks capri pants. I personally cannot and don’t wear them because they make me, again this is me, look frumpy. The exception I guess would be skinny capris. But Nancy really is able to pull off this look and be stylish doing it. I think it’s because she gets the length right. She wears them at a flattering length, and I think that is where a lot of women miss the mark. All of these looks are great, and make me want to try something camo! Maybe I can find some of those jogger pants! Or a look like your mom’s that is so incredibly polished…she looks just amazing and takes this look from casual to dressed up. Can’t say enough about her style here, except that she belongs on a magazine cover in that close-up shot!

    • I’m so glad you said that about the lace and pearls with my mom’s outfit, Karen. I will be a tattle tale and say that my mom gave me the eye roll when I chose the pearls with this outfit!! But I really have been trying to wear them more, and make it fun!!!
      As for the band of lace—I actually wish it wear a tad tighter. It would work it’s way down maybe because both materials were slippery?? You really didn’t even know it was there though—it wasn’t tight or binding or anything!