Find out Your Fashion Style with 7 Questions

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Fashion Style quiz for fashion style

Find out Your Fashion Style with 7 Questions

Taking a fashion style quiz is always interesting. I’d love to know how your results turn out.

And the quote below speaks volumes to me. Personally, I feel that life is more wonderful now that I’ve embraced many things about myself over this blogging journey. For example, I don’t stress out that I’m showing my pale legs anymore. I’ve given up tanning and tanning lotions, and yet I still enjoy wearing dresses. In fact, it saves me tons of money and time not worrying about this detail.

Quote of the day: “When a woman becomes her own best friend, life is easier.” Diane von Furstenberg

In truth, we are all VERY different, and therefore, we all care about many diverse things in our lives. What it boils down to that you are happy with yourself. One way to do this is to feel comfortable in what you wear. We all have to get dressed everyday (excluding the jammie stay at home days), and choosing our outfits can be stressful for some women.

As a follow up to the post on Why We Wear Clothes, I thought it might be helpful to create a quiz to help those women trying to figure out their style.

Shoe Preferences

This idea all started when I placed this photo in our Forever Fierce Facebook group a couple of months ago. As one of the organizers of the group, I was in charge of taking over the day with a topic or question. So my question was which shoe choice do you prefer? In asking this question, I want to point out there is NO right or wrong answer. It’s truly very subjective and can even change depending on where we are going or our mood that day.

Fashion style Quiz for shoe style

One of the women, Linda, commented “I love this question because to me it’s a matter of your personality. The safe, conservative, classic choice is Match. The defiant, artistic choice is Contrast. The sexy, long legged choice is Blend.” It really was an “aha” moment for me.

Not that we can’t all have each of these personality traits inside us depending on the day, mood or event. Yet, I do think our preferences give us an insight into our style choices.

In fact, one of the quizzes I was thinking of coming up with is one based on your shoe preference. Would you take the quiz, “What is your Shoe Personality?” Or maybe you would like one about “What is your Jewelry Style?” There are so many that I would love to put together especially if it would help out my readers.

What is Your Fashion Style

I remember being asked this question when I first started blogging. And I had no idea how to answer it. I had never thought to categorize my fashion style or my clothing choices. I just knew what I liked and didn’t like. Which can certainly change over time.

So how does it even help to classify a fashion style? Maybe it does and maybe it doesn’t. But I always think it’s fun to take these quizzes and see how our preferences correlate with the results.

Personally, I will tell you my fashion style has certainly changed in the last 5 years. It could be because I’ve retired, or probably it has more to do with starting this blog. But if I took this quiz 5 years ago, I’m sure it would have told me I was Classic in my fashion style. However, I believe now I vacillate between Modern and a Mixture. And we can certainly all change throughout our life. I call that evolution.

Take the Fashion Style Quiz

So here is the fashion style quiz if you’re interested. I’d love for you to take it and tell me your result. I’m especially interested if you feel like the answer is true to you?

One of my goals with this blog is to help us look as good as I know we can. Sometimes that means getting out of the ruts we all tend to have. So even if you find yourself in one category for your fashion style, I also hope you’ll be willing to explore the other styles. To me, that’s the advantage of my blog. Not only do I showcase 3 different decades of women, but we also have different clothing styles.

I also thought that this could be a way to introduce the newer readers to my blog to some of my older blog posts. In fact, if you take the quiz, you will be able to see 2 posts that fall into each category of style. Along with the fact, that if you then sign up with your email address, you will be sent a couple of emails from me welcoming you to the blog. One of these emails includes 3 more blog posts related to “your” fashion style.

Feel free to sign up with your email to get this information, even if you are already signed up with your email address. You should get these introductory emails the first couple of days, and then be on the list as usual. I’ve been told you won’t get double emails.

Interact Quizzes

I’m sure you’ve seen these types of quizzes before. I’m sure that I’m dating myself by telling you they remind me of the fun quizzes in the magazines I used to always fill out as a kid. You know the ones? Are you a romantic? Or Are you overly concerned about your appearance?

The fabulous thing about these Interact quizzes, is I was able to customize it with the questions, answers and even images that I thought would be appropriate to my readers. And of course, the result may not be exactly the answer you always consider yourself. Yet I think it’s a good synopsis, based on my definitions!

Personally, I think this tool could be extremely helpful for many kinds of businesses and blogs. If you think it could be helpful to you at all, then check out Interact Quiz Builder. The company has a many great tutorials on how to make the quiz work for you, and how to change it up. The best thing is that your quiz would look like no one else’s quiz. They even have a free package to see if it’s something that would work for you.

Just so you know, the quizzes are not only for fashion topics. Interact has quiz templates for marketing, career, photography, coaching, health and fitness just to name a few. Of course, you can build one from scratch too. It’s time consuming to make one, but that’s because you want to make it work for your readers, so there is a lot to consider. Truly, I was quite impressed with the instructions on putting it together and the details that make it a good quiz.

The Facts

I am partnering with Interact Quiz Builder to use their product. I will receive a commission if you sign up to use their service. If you have any questions about this process, or what my experience was like, I’m happy to answer your questions. Just email me at

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