Finding Other Bloggers—Meet Jess

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Today on Jess’ blog Elegantly Dressed & Stylish, I’m honored to be part of her “Spotlight On” Series. Her series, which comes out the last Friday of the month, features fashion bloggers who are over 40.  In Spotlight On Jess asks the featured blogger some questions in order to get readers to know them better. So click over to her site to find out a little more about me and my crew & family.

I have to tell you my thoughts on this. When someone asks me questions, my first response is to ask them questions in return. I love knowing more about the friends I’ve met, and to me it’s a conversation!! Consequently, I’m presenting questions to Jess to better know her. Her answers to my questions will be a great introduction to another wonderful fashion blogger for those of you who haven’t read her blog!

Jess is slightly younger than the three of us, but she blogs to prove that even with chronic pain, you can dress up to make yourself feel good! You’ll notice she doesn’t (can’t )wear high heels, has a feminine style and “breaks the rules” about what a red head should wear!


I hope you enjoy a glimpse into another fashion blogger’s life! So please welcome Jess from Elegantly Dressed & Stylish:

1.  I read in your bio how you named your blog, but go ahead and tell us again! I was trying to think of a blog name with meaning to my life. I needed the blog to be a place where I could meet other women who love fashion, but primarily,  it was initially named as the acronym from my rare connective tissue disease: EDS- Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I was walking and immediately came up with Elegantly Dressed and Stylish, as I thought it epitomized my style. 
2. I’m sure your chronic pain has changed your life significantly. What’s the worst and best that has come out of it? The worst has been the inability to live my life as I was: very athletic, teaching music, not having pain every day and having to deal with it. I miss being able to ride a bike, hike strenuously, and do some of the things I used to.  I don’t know if there is a “best”, but we got the puppies to help with anxiety and coping, so you know how much they mean to me! I suppose you also have an appreciation for life and don’t take for granted what you CAN do.
3. Was there ever a time that you gave up on fashion and trying to look good? If so, what brought you back? Yes, certainly. 10 years ago, when I was diagnosed, I had such pain sensitivity, I could not wear socks, let alone jeans and other fabrics. My main concern was finding out what was causing this pain and my clothing also reflected my mood. Fashion was the least of my concerns! I wore all black and could not wear any other shoe besides a supportive gym sneaker.  Many years later, when my illness was more manageable, I started looking more into fashion. 
4. I love that you shop online. Give us some secrets that makes it easy & fun!! Yes, I don’t shop in the stores anymore, 98% shopping on-line. I tend to shop at stores with free shipping and free returns. You can order multiple sizes and return what doesn’t fit, also the selection seems to be greater on-line, I can shop in my robe, in bed, and don’t have to stand in lines. Plus it’s like Christmas at my house when the orders get delivered!! I also shop on Poshmark, a resale, Ebay type store, where sellers sell gently used or new items. I have gotten great bargains!  
5. Anyone who spends time at the computer everyday knows that there are physical issues that can come with it. How do you make sure your body feels good as it can everyday? I do have to spread out the commenting on link ups, it takes me about 4 days to type my comments to everyone. I try and take breaks. I use a trackball mouse. As far as keeping my body feeling good, I take several epsom salt baths a day for muscle pain, swim ( the easiest on my joints) and do some easy weight lifting for strength. I also get a procedure called, Dry Needling  every other week (not acupuncture) which uses needles to release muscular knots.
6. Has your idea of fashionable changed throughout the years? Well, funny thing is I think I have become more interested in fashion as the years go on, and perhaps more fashionable. I have always loved clothes, but I remember high school and I wouldn’t have considered myself fashionable. As far as my idea of “fashion” I have gotten so many tips and ideas of what is fashionable from blogging. 
7. Are you an introvert or extrovert? Hmm. What do you think? :-) I am an extrovert. I wouldn’t say I am always “on” and engaged, as there are times where I just want to be quiet, but for the most part, I have my mom’s gift of being able to talk to people (strangers) easily, and no fear of meeting new people.  My hubby is more of an introvert, so it seems to work well. 
8. Tell us more about your two puppies? Have you always had two and do they get along with each other? We had Truffles for 2 years before I ( begged) asked to get a “friend” for Truffles. I went on the breeder’s site, where we found her, and saw this red-haired little ball of fur! I knew he was my  little boy. Truffles, we like to call her Princess Truffy, is very fun, independent, steals my heating pad in the winter,  a loving little girl ( she is 7). She could live outside on the deck looking at squirrels She is a “daddy’s girl”. Gibson, is a mama’s boy, my shadow, as he follows me from morning until night. He is so fun, loving, and very schedule regimented. He sleeps with me, but in the morning, stands up and gives me the “stare down” as it’s breakfast time! I adore them! Yes, they are buddies and get along great, except when Gibby chews on her ear!
9. If you’d ask me to describe your style, I’d say feminine with florals & lace! Have it always been this way?  Well, I wouldn’t say that, as there is more to my style then those two components.I would say feminine, and I do like those aspects of my style, but I would say I LOVE color and also have variety in my looks. I love faux leather. My closet is very colorful and I look to find pieces that are flattering to my skin tone. I would say  I love to find trends I can add to my look as well. In addition to my feminine style, I also love to find unique and either one of a kind pieces of jewelry or vintage accessories. I collect vintage brooches.
10. Do you have a favorite celebrity or woman in the media that you love for their style?
Hmm. Have to think about that. I love Cate Blanchete’s style, and Helen Mirren always looks great.

So even if you have seen Jess’s blog before, did you learn anything new? And if you don’t already follow Jess’s blog, I hope you will now! She’s has a unique styling sense and a wonderful heart! Here’s her links to Bloglovin‘ or Instagram. You can always register to get the email service to have her blog delivered right to your inbox. You can signup on her home page here!