Finding Colors that Go with Blue and White

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Options for colors that go with blue and white

Finding Colors that Go with Blue and White

I think that finding colors that go with blue and white is relatively easy. Sure, the three of us showcased different options for our photo shoot, but I’m also including 12 other choices from our past posts.

Quote of the day: “Art is not optional.” Nathan Sawaya

I used this quote from the artist who created this exhibit here in Denver called the Park People. And these guys were a wonderful addition to our blue and white shirt outfits? Just think what good listeners they would be.

If you missed the details about our looks, feel free to check back about Nancy with white, Charlotte with red, and me with denim.

Exploring what colors that go with blue and white

Park People

These sculptures are real legos that are made up of 20,000 to 25,000 bricks and take about two weeks each to finish. Isn’t this the perfect example of how some people are just amazingly creative?

When I first found out about this exhibit, it showed they were outside, which is why we all brought hats. Imagine our relief when we found them inside away from the elements. If you want to read more about these guys, I’m linking to the article in our Denver online magazine.

I’ve been perusing AAA magazine to find some of the fun events that we go to for our blog photos these last couple of years. Lately one of my friends suggested a website called Only in Your State (thanks Nancee). I’ve now signed up for Arizona and hopefully it’ll lead us to some interesting places.

But I’d love to know how you keep abreast of the happenings in your area? I think one of the best things about this journey has been exploring our own town together. Not something we could really do while we were working, but it’s perfect now.

Jodie’s 4 Options for Colors that Go with Blue and White

I wasn’t sure I’d find that many different choices in our history colors that go with blue and white. Yet I should have known better since the color combination is such a popular one.

Here are the colors that showed up first for my outfits: yellow, turquoise, light pink, and brown.

Nancy’s Color Choices

I think it’s interesting that Nancy’s color choices seem more subdued. But I love the fact that she is print mixing with the leopard booties.

Her options included tan, leopard, green, and burgundy.

Charlotte and her Colors

And rounding out the selections of colors that go with blue and white brings up my mom and her large selection of options. Since blue is really her favorite color, it’s not surprising that she had even more.

Charlotte has everything from olive green, bright pink, black and even orange.

So I’d love for you to chime in and tell me if you have a favorite color to pair with a blue and white top?

Different colors that go with blue and white

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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