All white outfit for spring

Finding Inspiration in a Casual All White Outfit

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There are so many ways to make a casual all white outfit look fun and interesting, and Cathie is joining us today after being inspired by a Pinterest photo.

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We can always learn and be inspired by so many different sources. Pinterest has been such a huge part of social media because instead of seeing trends from the runway (which can be a tad out there), we can see outfits on everyday people.

Favor: That’s why I always love it if you share some of your favorite photos on your Pinterest boards from my site. That way, others can see them too.

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Jeans: Old Navy-thrifted ~~ Kimono: Lauren Conrad-thrifted ~~ Top: Old Navy~~ Shoes: Target-thrifted ~~ Earrings: Walmart~~ Purse: Torrid-thrifted ~~Hat: Walmart

Cathie’s Casual All White Outfit

Cathie was inspired to create her casual all white outfit from this Pinterest pin she found from TrendyCurvy. She really was able to copy the inspiration photo perfectly with her white distressed jeans, long kimono, hat, and then brown purse and sandals.

Since we have been having fun with the white on white trend, Cathie’s version was all about adding in another neutral. I think the brown (or should we call them cognac?) shoes and purse are a wonderful neutral that works fabulously with the otherwise all white outfit.

So let’s break down Cathie’s look and see how it works.

White Distressed Jeans

We just talked about distressed jeans recently, and many of the comments from those of you who have tried them are they can make you feel younger. It only makes sense that wearing what the youngins are wearing, makes you feel modern.

Not that there is anything wrong with being older, but the fact of the matter is how we dress really affects how we feel about ourselves. And there is nothing wrong with trying to feel hip and fun!

The term distressed can be used for anything from just a little with a raw hem to the opposite end of having distressed features everywhere leaving very little denim. Yet for those of you who aren’t a fan of holes in the knees, Cathie’s pair has the holes higher up on the thigh.

Insider tip: For pale women, the distressing of white jeans isn’t as obvious since your skin is closer to the color of the jeans.

BTW, another option for trying out this trend inexpensively is to look for them at secondhand stores. That’s where Cathie picked up her jeans. Either that or you can distress them yourself if you love the idea of DIY.

White distressed jeans on women over 40

Sheer Kimono

The sheer detailing is such a wonderful way to incorporate white on white without it being boring. In Charlotte’s example, her top had sheer sleeves, and for Cathie, her entire kimono is sheer.

Let’s talk about sheer kimonos. You may think it’s an unneeded extra to add to the look, yet it gives the white jeans and white t-shirt some texture and adds interest.

Now the secret to wearing a sheer kimono like this is to analyze how you want it to play out. For this example because Cathie layered white over white which means you don’t notice the pattern as much. It’s not important to always have the pattern stand out. In this case, it adds a textural element or subtle pattern.

If your goal was to showcase the kimono more, then think about layering it over a darker color for contrast.

Related post: Charlotte layered a light blue tunic like this over a dark purple for contrast.

Insider tip: Kimonos are also perfect swimsuit coverups!!

Summer Accessories

Instead of white earrings, Cathie added in raffia straw ones that have a great summer vibe. The best part about these types of earrings is how lightweight they are!! That detail makes our earlobes happy!!

When it’s too hot for necklaces, statement rings and bracelets can be the next best way to add extra to your casual all white outfit. Cathie not only wore a large white ring but also a light pink one.

Insider tip: Pale pink can be considered a light neutral.

Let’s talk about the hat. These rancher-style hats are all the rage right now and I think they can be super functional. The brim is wide enough to give you sun protection yet they aren’t floppy which can be annoying.
After I borrowed Lesley’s hat (in this post), I searched and found an inexpensive option on Amazon. They come in all colors. Cathie found this one at the end of last season at Walmart, which is another great place to look for clothes lately. They have been upping their fashion game to compete with Target.

Sheer white kimono for woman over 40
Tan shoes and purse with white

Tan Sandals for Summer

These platform-type sandals are a great way to add height but not pressure on the ball of our foot. I have a pair that I bought at Goodwill, and that’s exactly where Cathie found this pair.
The disadvantage of the platform shoes, they don’t bend when you walk. Personally, I don’t think this makes it hard to walk in, but I’m sure it depends on your gait.

Insider tip: I have discussed the best practices for shopping for shoes secondhand. One advantage of sandals is that you don’t have the closed-in aspect which is where fungus likes to breed.

Since the weather is warmer, we tend to go for lighter colors in the spring and summer and this cognac color can be perfect. While it is a brown color, it is a warmer brown and gives off a summer vibe.

Does your purse HAVE to match your shoes?? Of course not. That rule has flown the coop, yet it looked great with Cathie’s casual all white outfit since the inspiration photo was the same.

So what do you say? Would you wear a casual all white outfit like this?

Sheer kimono as part of casual all white outfit

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Casual all white outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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