Finding What Colors go with Snakeskin

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Snakeskin top for woman over 70

Finding What Colors go with Snakeskin

It’s not hard finding what colors go with snakeskin since the print is basically whites, greys and blacks. It’s usually all neutrals so any other color or neutral should look great with it.

Quote of the day: “We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge.” John Naisbitt

Why this quote?? Well there is a ton of information available to us now, right? Google anything and you get boatloads of information. But is it helpful to you? I feel like every style is a version of an older style, yet many times we wonder how to wear it or is it appropriate?

So when I asked Nancy to wear her snakeskin top, I was SO happy she added in a couple of colors with it. Because snakeskin (just like leopard) is a neutral. And it’s perfect with any other colors.

You can see my mom rocking neutrals with her snakeskin accessories. And I wore snakeskin booties with black and cream but added in totally different colors. Along with checking out the location where we wore these outfits.

Red as a pop of color

Nancy’s Wearing

Pants: thrifted ~~ Top: Express ~~ Shoes: Skechers ~~Necklace: ~~Earrings: ~~Purse:

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Nancy’s Take on What Colors go with Snakeskin

When I asked Nancy about her thoughts on snakeskin, she told me she likes it because it adds interest to an outfit. And I love how Nancy has worn this top with so many different colors.

So if you’re wondering what colors go with snakeskin, take a gander at some of Nancy’s past outfits. Not only does it look great with brights like this red in today’s post, but also bright pink. Of course you can always wear it with more muted colors like olive green. Then you can’t forget about denim too! Denim, it’s the father of neutrals.

The only way I haven’t seen Nancy wear snakeskin is with other prints…yet. Maybe we should revisit that topic again soon?

Snakeskin and red

Red Pants

If there’s one thing I feel like I’ve said over and over, it’s that colored pants are for any age! Nancy has been wearing red pants ever since we started blogging, and they always bring fun to any outfit.

In fact, she’s worn a version of this same look another time on the blog. Which goes to show with the right layering and footwear, many outfits can transition from season to season.

Red pants and snakeskin


I just have to applaud Nancy for incorporating another color into her accessories and purse. While it’s nice to match things, I always think it seems more modern to add in a third (or even fourth) color this way. Sometimes matchy matchy just seems frumpy to me (don’t yell at’s just my opinion)!

While I’m all about breaking the rules, I think the best way to start with adding different color accessories is using the rule of thirds. Have three pieces be that same basic color so it seems more cohesive. Like Nancy is doing with her purple pieces. She has her necklace pendant, earrings and purse all this same color.

Older woman in snakeskin


For those of you who aren’t fan of the belt bags again, then the cross body purses are also functional. It’s always so nice not to have to carry your purse in your hands when you’re exploring around.

While the small purses like this don’t always seem so realistic, there’s one way to make it work. Have your big purse in the car with all your stuff in it. And just put the essentials in the smaller purse for the event. You know, keys, credit card, license, lipstick and that’s it.

Finding what colors go with snakeskin


Nancy just bought these shoes at DSW recently. She’s been having some issues with a hammer toe and needed to find a pair of sandals that work. And the stretchy material on these sandals are perfect.

As for hammer toes. I was researching about correcting the issue and most articles said it can be reversed with lifestyle changes and exercise. Because it’s usually about a muscle weakness and imbalance. I know we learned some foot exercises in Pilates class that I hope have been helping my feet.

Black sandals when you have a hammertoe

Snakeskin Top

I was shopping with Nancy when we found this top at Express. I may sound like a broken record, but exploring stores you normally wouldn’t, can be a good thing. I used to think of Express as a young girls store, yet this top would work for anyone reading this post.

And because it has buttons all the way down the front, I think it could be even more versatile. Just like we wore our shirt dresses as dusters in the past, Nancy could wear this as a jacket/kimono.

What colors go with snakeskin

So the question remains?? In your opinion, what colors go with snakeskin the best?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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