Black skirt outfit with pizzazz

Fine Tune Your Black Skirt Outfit-Guaranteed to Make a Statement

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Just because you’re wearing a black skirt outfit doesn’t mean the rest of the look has to be basic. There are so many ways to add a statement piece to the basics and create an outfit that has more pizzazz.
Recently I discussed making sure your closet had items that were “beyond the basics“, and that’s how Lesley makes this outfit fabulous.

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Quote of the day: “I use not only all the brains I have but all I can borrow.” Woodrow Wilson

The quote may not be directed at fashion, but how true is it that we can get inspiration from each other no matter our age, size, or budget. The idea behind taking a basic item and adding in some more interesting pieces creates a wonderful statement black skirt outfit.

Don’t believe me? Then make sure to read Lesley’s thoughts on this look: “This is an outfit I have worn on first dates a few times. The black pencil skirt is a bit serious, a bit sexy.  It’s a length that I don’t feel uncomfortable in, but it still gives off a youthful flirty vibe.  Of course, the red chiffon blouse is one of my confidence colors and the style is another of the flirty looks without being too suggestive.  Leopard shoes, I finally got into the trend and always feel confident in.  I even had a guy compliment me on them.  He must have seen the movie American President at least once and taken notes.”

So get ready to learn how to fine-tune even your basic skirt and create something that fits your personality. There are examples with a tulle skirt and pleated skirts also.

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Faux fur vest with red

Skirt: Nic + Zoe-thrifted ~~ Vest: Investments-thrifted~~ Top: Alfani ~~ Shoes: Franco Sarto ~~ Purse: from a boutique in Wickenberg

Color Combination

First, let’s talk about the color combinations that make a statement. Contrast is the key. Therefore, for a black skirt outfit, you want something brighter than just burgundy or more black.

Insider tip: If you are still wary of colors, there are neutrals that can contrast with black. The lighter neutrals of white/ivory, tan, light grey, or even light denim would work too.

Lesley chose red for her statement color, and while it’s a bold color, she tames it down very much like Charlotte did recently here. Adding a vest over top allows the red to show in places, but it’s not overwhelming.

Dressing modern and chic

Leopard Faux Fur Vest

The faux fur vests are still going strong and it makes sense. They are a wonderful way to add a third piece to an outfit and they are functional too. Just because they don’t cover your arms, doesn’t mean they won’t keep you warm. If you don’t believe me, try wearing one around, and then take it off. It’s amazing how much heat it really gives you.

Insider tip: If you think vests aren’t very versatile, I hope I can prove you wrong with this 10-minute video of mine on YouTube of many different ways to wear your vest.

Lesley found this fabulous faux fur vest while thrifting. If you struggle with the thought that you might not wear something much to justify buying something new, secondhand can be the way to go.
Another option? Borrow from a friend to see how you like it.

Other Faux Fur Vest Outfits
White faux fur vest look
Three different faux fur vest outfits

Lelsey’s Accessories

Lesley added a whimsical gold necklace to fill in the “v-neck” of the shirt. In fact, think about how she wore this necklace. It’s not the star of the show, nor is it showing in all its entirety. Yet it still adds interest to her look.
Notice that even though the necklace, earrings, and purse handle is gold, she’s still wearing a silver ring. Mixing your metals is no different than mixing colors in your black skirt outfit.

What I really love is this purse. Sure, it’s not huge so you can’t fit everything in it, but it’s big enough for your phone, keys, small wallet, and lipstick (the essentials in my opinion).
EVEN better?? This is a neutral color purse, yet because it’s lighter than the rest of the outfit, it adds punch to the look. Yet for those of you who feel strange adding in an entirely different color to your overall outfit, it does tie in with the tan from the leopard shoes.
And thus, it looks amazingly cohesive. More about the shoes below.

Insider tip: This wonderful purse was found in a local boutique. It can behoove us to visit these stores to find more unique items. Not all boutiques are more expensive than what you’d find in the big box stores.

Black skirt outfit for women over 70

The Black Skirt Outfit

A black skirt is one of those basics that most women have in their closets. There are so many variations that you will be seeing on the blog later this week.
Don’t get caught up in the worry that your legs are showing. Our legs have been with us our entire life, and a couple of scars or veins doesn’t mean they should be covered up.

Heck, if that were the case, I’d need to be wearing a paper bag over my face, haha!!

Insider tip: If you still only think a long black skirt is the way to go, consider a couple of modern details. A slit up the side gives the impression of your leg without showing it all.
OR try a faux leather skirt. Those are chic and bolder. If my mom can wear one in her eighties (seen here) then you can too!

Lesley loves this length skirt that ends right above the knee. Just stop and analyze how the proportions are perfect. The top half is 2/3 of the outfit while the skirt is 1/3 of the entire look. That thirds of proportions are something that our eyes see as flattering.

Insider tip: Proportions are something that takes a little practice to see in our outfits, but as I always say. Rules are made to be broken. If your proportions are not exactly in the thirds yet you love what you’re wearing, don’t stress about it.

Now if Lesley was wearing a calf-length black skirt you can imagine that the proportions would be more of a half and half. That’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s exactly why shorter can be better.

Leopard accents with a black skirt outfit

Leopard Shoes

Now here’s a print pair of shoes that I hope everyone has only because they can add so much fun to any outfit.
If you read Lesley’s thoughts at the top of the post, then you’ll know she hasn’t always been on board with wearing animal prints.

Yet now that she has dipped her toe in the trend, she is finding it very fun! And I didn’t even have to twist her arm to buy either the shoes or the faux fur vest.

You don’t have to wear heels with your black skirt outfit. Some flats can give the impression of the same “dressy” look if you find the ones with the right details. Usually, the pointed toes and a high vamp make for a fancier look. But don’t rule out leopard sneakers for a modern twist.

The heel of the shoe can also make them easier to wear. The block heels are still in style and even if they weren’t I think we can wear what we like.

Red and leopard

The Black Skirt Outfit Rear View

Over and over I talk about the rearview. Truthfully, most women shy away from showing this view when taking photos. Yet it’s truly the reality of life.
As I always say, just as many people see you from behind as from the front. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to give those people something just as sassy to look at.

BTW, many readers have commented that they appreciate seeing the entire outfit from the side and back and that’s why we continue to show it all.

And for Lesley’s black skirt outfit, I just LOVE that the red top is hanging out below the faux fur leopard vest. Not only is it a modern detail, but it also continues the contrast of color to this angle.

Black skirt outfit

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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