Fitness Clothes for Women over 50 When You’re at the Gym

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New fitness clothes for women over 50 working out with friends

Fitness Clothes for Women over 50 When You’re at the Gym

Fitness clothes for women over 50 shouldn’t be that different than when we were younger.

Quote of the day: “When we fulfill our function, which is to truly love ourselves and share love with others, then true happiness sets in.”

I chose this quote because I think it’s no secret that working out is a great way to keep us feeling better. And I’m not referring to our size. It’s the fact that keeping our bodies moving and healthy is so important for our overall happiness. Do we have to have new and trendy clothes to do this? Of course not. But I believe that nice active wear can inspire us to feel better about ourselves. It’s just like wearing a great outfit to run errands can make us feel more confident.

On the other hand, if you are worried about showing sweat when you’re out and about in your normal clothes, we came up with some ideas of what to wear to avoid sweat stains.

New fitness clothes for women over 50 using weights

In saying all of this, I will confess, that I hadn’t updated my workout clothes in probably 5 years. I have many excuses, but once we started going to a local stretch class, I realized that I needed some new things. And trust me, I didn’t spend a lot of money. I think sometimes it’s not only fun to get new workout clothes, but the best part is there are usually new features you may love.

On another note, let’s welcome back Nancy to the blog. We were able to take these photos at the workout facility in her community. The props are all ours though. The facility is not being used yet because the area is still so new. That is the workout space isn’t being used yet. There is a meeting area attached along with an outside pool that is being well used and maybe you’ll see us there in the future.

Jodie’s (50+) Outfit

Modern fitness clothes for women over 50

Work out Leggings: LBX ~~Top: Skechers ~~Shoes: Skechers ~~Headband: Lil Fairytales Boutique

Trendy fitness clothes for women over 50

Why I Wore This Outfit

One of the things I love most about this newer pair of leggings, is the pocket on the side. Not that I usually leave my phone hanging halfway out, but I wanted you to be able see where the pocket is. It’s the perfect addition for putting my phone and my membership card for when we go to our stretching class.

You may wonder why I have on a long sleeve shirt? I almost always wear either a jacket or long sleeve shirt because the room where our class is held tends to be cold. At least cold for me. It’s perfect for my husband. #marriageissues

How You Could Change This Outfit

I’ve linked a bunch of modern leggings below if you’re looking to update your gear. I realize that stripes are not everyone’s cup of tea when you are thinking workout leggings. For that matter, maybe you prefer more of a loose workout pant? There are certainly the joggers that are popular even for regular outfits. Or the much loved yoga pants that many use as everyday pants.

Interesting Tidbit

I love this headband and have another one almost like it. It was made by one of my dental patients, and she would sell them on either Etsy or eBay. The best part about it is it has a rough material on the portion that rests on the hair so it doesn’t fall out easily. And that’s how my hair usually looks at our stretch class….messy and curly.

Nancy’s (70+) Outfit

Stylish fitness clothes for women over 50 and for women in their seventies

Work out Leggings: Brazil Wear ~~Top: Athleta-thrifted ~~Pilates Socks: Lantee

Stylish fitness clothes for women over 50

Why Nancy Wore This Outfit

This sheer paneling on the bottom of the legs of Nancy’s leggings is one of the more modern styles. Just think how great this detail is for those of you who don’t need the heat that comes with the full length leggings. The sheerness gives you a slight bit of air conditioning without being too revealing.

The other contemporary factor is the stripe down the legs on Nancy’s leggings.

How You Could Change This Outfit

This top was one given to me by a friend; however, it was a tad big so I gifted it to Nancy. The strappy part in the back makes it very fashion forward. For those of you who feel more comfortable in a top with sleeves, I have you covered (get it? ha ha). This short sleeve version is made of moisture-wicking fabric. Of course you could always just cover up with a fun work out jacket that could even be worn for running errands since it looks so good.

Interesting Tidbit

Nancy is wearing pilates socks. If you do pilates or even barre workouts, then you might be familiar with these. There are a couple of different variations of these kinds of socks. If you can’t stand the idea of having material between each of your toes, there is a full foot version. Or you could even have a pair where your toes were exposed. I bet you never knew there were so many socks like these.

Charlotte’s (80+) Outfit

Work out Leggings: Hue ~~Top: Pro Spirit ~~Shoes: Nike

New fitness clothes for women over 50 and for women in their eighties

Why Charlotte Wore This Outfit

My mom has a huge selection of fitness clothing but much of it is older. Since she mostly works out in her house, it didn’t matter. But now that I’m dragging her to the stretch class too, she wanted to update her selections too. I guess it’s true that the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

My mom isn’t a huge fan of the capri leggings or any that show her legs. In fact, I’ll tattle on her and tell you that she sewed shut the pair that had some cutouts. If you are like that too, then you might find more varieties of leggings in the colder months.

How You Could Change This Outfit

If you prefer the shorter leggings especially for the summer months, then there are the print versions in that length too. Of course you could have fun and incorporate colors in your leggings too.

Interesting Tidbit

Let’s talk about the real reason my mom bought these leggings. They were on sale at Macy’s for under $10 and they fit. That is one of the advantages of most leggings. You don’t have to worry about the fit factor as much since they are so stretchy. In fact, if you don’t like them quite as tight, just size up. No one sees what size they are anyways.

New fitness clothes for women over 50 working out in a class

Tips & Tricks

I notice that all three of us are wearing dark/black leggings. I’m sure most of us feel more comfortable in the darker ones especially if you are going to sweat. But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear colorful leggings. I feel like fitness clothes for women over 50 should be like your everyday clothes. Ones that make you feel good about yourself and fit well.

So what are the newer trends you see in athleisure wear? Besides the sheer panels and the stripe down the side of the leg, the cut outs are also a great feature. It’s another great detail that can make the item look contemporary but it’s not like you’re exposing every part of you. I’ve linked a couple like that below. I have a pair like that which I love. Although I will tell you, that you have to be a little careful stepping into them because your foot wants to go in the holes…ha ha!

It’s the material for these clothes that have really evolved over the years. Of course we all appreciate the spandex even in our everyday clothes. But the moisture-wicking fabrics really make the fact that we sweat so much  more bearable. So even if you have work out clothes from years ago, there are reasons to update them occasionally.

New fitness clothes for women over 50 using the stabilizer ball
New fitness clothes for women over 50 working out at a barre

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And if you’re looking for some fitness clothes for women over 50, I found many work out leggings that are fun and modern. Of course, I would consider all of these ageless, so forget your age, and go forth and sweat.