Mature woman and floral shirt outfit ideas

Floral Shirt Outfit Ideas Worn to the Botanical Gardens

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Isn’t it quite apropos to think about floral shirt outfit ideas when you are visiting the botanical gardens?? Of course, the Phoenix Botanical Gardens is more about cacti and succulents, but hey, it’s the same idea.

Quote of the day: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” Maya Angelou

Many times we think of floral shirt outfit ideas as a spring or summer theme, yet there is no reason we can’t wear “flowers” any time of the year.
And flowers can be loosely defined as Lesley has done here. Even though she isn’t wearing a traditional floral shirt, the pattern could absolutely be described as an artsy floral motif.

Besides, Lesley also picked up these Monet-inspired sneakers that have a floral pattern on them, so she is full of different kinds of different floral prints. Not to mention that she is print mixing.

Insider tip: Print mixing can be one of those things that seem crazy. Yet using your shoes as the second print with the print top is an easy way to start because they aren’t next to each other. See how the three of us did this in the past.

Floral can be worn in all different kinds of ways in the winter. Charlotte showcased floral jeans and I wore a textured floral skirt.

Wearing a floral shirt outfit to the botanic gardens

Skirt: no label-thrifted ~~ Shirt as Wrap: Chicos Outlet~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: no label-thrifted ~~ Necklace: Steinmart~~ Sunnies: Yes We Vibe

Floral Shirt Outfit Ideas

When I asked Lesley about floral shirt outfit ideas, she came up with this blue wrap. It’s more like a kimono only with long sleeves.

And this type of print is ideal for those of you who don’t love traditional floral designs. I would consider this print almost an abstract floral or maybe an artsy version of the typical flower.

This wrap doesn’t have any closures but has the ties in front to hold it shut.

Insider tip: Even if your topper has these kinds of ties, it doesn’t mean you “have” to tie it closed. You can always tie each individually in a bow or knot and let them hang. Or, pin them to the inside of the topper so they don’t hang down at all.

And notice that Lesley cuffed up the sleeves of both the white top and the floral wrap. I like how it incorporates the white of the long sleeve to be a bigger part of the outfit.

If you are looking for more of these open wrap or kimono-type pieces and are good with a sewing machine, I found a great tutorial on how to transform one into a cardigan style on Upstyle Daily here.
Sometimes we have a print top that we love, however, we find we don’t wear it much. So why not recycle it?

And floral jackets are a great way to make the flower prints work so well for the cooler months. And before you think that prints are bad, I’d like to point out that prints keep your eye busy and actually can make something “fluffy” appear less fluffy. (Not that being fluffy is bad).
For instance, check out these print puffer jackets:

Artsy floral shirt outfit ideas for Arizona

Bring Intention to an Outfit with Jewelry

Since Lesley wore a white t-shirt under the floral shirt, she added in a blue and silver necklace to distract from the expanse of whiteness.

The necklace is actually a double-strand necklace that she wrapped around her neck twice to make it more of a choker necklace.

Insider tip: Remember that our jewelry can be very versatile if you remember that you are the boss of it. Many times you can either double it up if it’s long or layer it with other pieces that can really change up how it looks.
Sometimes your necklace can be wrapped many times to serve as a bracelet too!
It reminds me of how I “transformed” some of my rings to do double duty in this short video.

Lesley’s other accessory is her pair of sunglasses. Just like our eyeglasses can add a lot to an outfit, don’t forget how your sunnies can also.
This pair is from Yes We Vibe when she won a contest from the company. While they don’t have sunnies on their site, they do have a wonderful selection of shoes, leggings, and other fabulous items.

Woman over 70 in skirt and sneakers

Navy Skirt

While I realize that many women don’t wear skirts anymore, I think they are such a wonderful option. Just hear me out.

If you get frustrated with the fit of some pants and especially struggle with an extra pound here or there, then skirts should be your best friend. Why? Because a skirt like this really has ONLY 2 fit points. The waist and the length.
You don’t have to worry about how the skirt hugs your thighs or any other part of your leg. That’s the exact reason why in the summertime they are the choice for staying cooler.

Yet in the cooler months, you can still stay warm with skirts. The secret is great tights and/or tall boots.

Insider tip: Don’t love the way “tights” fit? Then wear your leggings instead. No one will know the difference.

Since the weather for our outing of the day was very temperate, Lesley kept her legs bare for the day.

Floral sneakers

Floral Sneakers and Skirt

Finding shoes to pair with skirts shouldn’t be hard. Even though we’ve grown up thinking skirts are dressy and thus you wore heels with them, times have changed.
Therefore, anything goes.

In fact, we have styled 4-5 different kinds of shoes with different lengths of skirts in the past:
1-Shorter skirts
2-Maxi skirts
3-Knee Length skirts

Insider tip: Don’t get too caught up in thinking there is only one good length of skirt due to the size or shape of your legs. I think it’s much more fun to have a variety of lengths of skirts in our wardrobe. You never know when you might need one or another.

Pleated skirt for older women

The Chihuly Exhibit at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens

You can see one of the wonderful Chihuly glass art pieces to the side of Lesley as she showed off her floral shirt outfit ideas.

The purple spears of glass fit in wonderfully with the saguaro cacti. And the boat of all kinds of glass was the first piece you saw as you walked into the gardens. It was a boatload of amazingness!!

I’ll share some of our favorite of Chihuly’s pieces in our posts about wearing floral in the cooler months, so make sure to check back at the end of this week.

Floral shirt outfit ideas

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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