My Floral Style with a Romper

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Woman over 50 in a romper

My Floral Style with a Romper & Ageless Style Linkup

Floral style is one of those prints that could be construed as frumpy. I’m not exactly sure why except that maybe somehow, those were the prints our grandmas always wore? I talk in length about frumpy two weeks ago, and many of you shared some great points. I may have to revisit the subject again.

Quote of the day: “There is no end to the good you can do, if you don’t care who gets the credit.” Florence Luscomb

I wanted to use this quote because I get SO much inspiration from other bloggers and women on Instagram. I can’t always remember who gave me which idea to try, but the romper thing was never on my radar. Yet trying a floral style in a new trend could be the way to fight any frump?

However, I might be cheating with this romper. Shugunna from our Ageless Style group chose the theme of our favorite floral or tropical sundress for the month. But you can see Nancy’s shift version and Charlotte’s midi version. Along with other possibilities from our past.

Summer floral style

Jodie’s Wearing

Romper: Express-thrifted ~~ Top: LOFT~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles c/o backless here~~Earrings: Alison & Aubrey c/o~~ Watch: Nordgreen c/o ~Purse: Target

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Jodie’s Floral Style with a Romper

I NEVER thought I’d try the romper trend. I mean, I’m old! But in one of our #SeeOurStyles challenge on Instagram, the theme was either rompers or jumpsuits. So I decided to challenge my thinking and see if I could find a thrifted one.

Usually I don’t even look in the color black section of a store, but the other rompers I tried on that day just didn’t work. And I had a credit at the store, so I figured it was a no risk buy.

Of course this may not be EXACTLY a romper. It could be called skorts because it looks like a skirt in the front, but it’s shorts underneath. Either way, I’ve come to really like it.

Backpack outfit

The Extras

Along with trying to stay away from black clothing, I’ve also been giving away a lot of my black earrings. Except these black tassel ones. I rationalize that because the metal is gold instead of silver, they look okay on me.

Basically I copied the black and pink color scheme in my bracelets and ring. I won this ring in a blogger contest and the brand is Art by Daan. The best part is that the ring is adjustable so I can wear it on any finger.

And this Nordgreen watch has been a wonderful surprise to wear. I haven’t been wearing watches much in the past couple of years. But after I was gifted this one, I find that the larger face is easier to read. They aren’t inexpensive watches, but if you’re interested, I have a code, JODIE15, for 15% off.


I did wear this romper without another shirt under it when I met up with Grace. Since I realize that black isn’t a good color near my face, that time I wore a light colored ball cap. I also had a mint jacket with me that day for coverage.

However, I like this version better. In fact, I have a plethora of different colored tops that would work under it.

Layering a romper

The Backpack

I thought it was appropriate to wear my backpack for these photos. More info on why below. These are just as functional as belt bags to keep your hands free when you’re exploring. You’ve seen this one on the blog when we visited Betty Ford’s Alpine Park.

I remember reading that people were in an uproar last year when Helen Mirren had an Instagram post showing her backpack. Supposedly many commented that she’s too old for a backpack. Really?? I can’t wrap my head around that one. Sure, it may seem collegiate, but it’s time to evolve that thinking.

Summer outfit to stay cool


Maybe you think I’ve only been wearing sneakers lately? After last week with my white sneakers and a dress and now this. But it’s such a comfortable option especially when we have a bunch of walking to do on our photo shoot.

This pair of glitter sneakers is from Walking Cradles. You’ve heard me talk about them tons, and now a couple of my readers are fans too. Sure, they aren’t always inexpensive, but they have sizes and adjust ability for any size feet out there. If you are looking for the deals, it helps to sign up for Walking Cradles’ emails. They have some fabulous flash sales occasionally.

Sparkle sneakers with a floral style romper

Being on Campus

We were at my alma mater for these photos. And can I tell you how young the students looked? So I’ll be sharing some memories of our college days in mom’s and Nancy’s posts too.

As for me, it was a trip down memory lane. Yet I had rarely walked around the grounds to enjoy the view. When I was in school, I was mouse to cheese meaning I went straight to class from the dorm and then back. Or if I was with a friend, we were talking, not enjoying the scenery.

I used to love hanging out in the library. Especially in the stack part of it. Yet do you know that I had only ever entered the library from one door? I never went in the back side which has the coolest verse on it (I’ll share it later this week).

What I do remember from my college days is mostly being in the dorms. I was an RA my last year in an upper classman dorm. While I wasn’t a great disciplinarian, I did put together many fun parties and social events. Some things never change…ha ha!

Floral style with a backpack

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

Ageless Style

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