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Focus on Winter Style: What Colors Go With Gold?

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Another episode of winter colors and today we are focusing on what colors go with gold? I’ve even included a special guest in this post so we can discuss both metallic gold and mustard gold.

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Quote of the day: “Do what you can with what you have, where you are.” Squire Bill Widener

Whether you think of the metal gold or the color mustard gold when you hear the question of what colors go with gold, there are many options that will look fabulous.
Even though we think of winter style as darker and more muted, I find that adding in some brightness can lighten our mood.

After looking at these photos, I love seeing how the outfits have a similar theme besides color. Both Lesley and Donna both wore a longer tunic top with a topper over it. Each of their items over the tunic is shorter so that you can see the layers in the outfit.

Insider tip: Many times we think we have to cover all the layers so the underlayer doesn’t show. Yet having them hang out can add texture and depth to a look.

First, let’s talk about the metallic gold option being shown by Lesley. Even though Lesley didn’t have any metallic gold clothing items, she’s wearing the color in her accessories. It’s the perfect example of how accessories can really create the extra for an outfit.

Gold to add sparkle to black and blue

Pants: Chicos~~ Top: Chicos ~~ Shoes: New York Transit~~ Scarf: Lesley has had it for ages~~ Necklace: Layered~~ Bracelet: ~~ Earrings: ~~ Purse: no label-Steinmart

What Colors Go With Metallic Gold

Lesley is a fan of royal blue and is showing how even for the winter, it can look very festive and fun. You can see how the metallic gold really shines against the royal blue both in the scarf and with the necklaces.

I think any darker color would contrast wonderfully against the metallic gold, and since most women tend to wear darker colors in the colder months, adding gold seems brilliant (see what I did there, haha).

Even though we tend to think it’s stylish to “match” colors, if you add metallic gold to certain colors, you really won’t see the gold. It’s no different than when I showcased 4 of us wearing the same necklace with different colors. I included a photo of me wearing it with something where it didn’t show at all.
And if you’re going to take the time to add an element to your outfit, shouldn’t it be admired?

I would not recommend wearing your metallic gold with
1-Most shades of yellow
2-White and ivory
3-Most pastel colors

Black and gold sheer wrap

Advanced Scarf Tying

Lesley is becoming known for being the queen of scarves and one reason is that they really are quite versatile when you get creative with “tying” them.

This black and gold scarf is a large square scarf. Lesley folded the scarf in half and used the mini clear elastics (found on Amazon here) to keep the ends together. What this does is create 2 “sleeves” so that the scarf becomes a kimono. You can also tie the ends in a small knot if that is easier.

The advantage to this scarf tying trick is you’ve created a clothing item out of your scarf and it will stay on your shoulders when you move around.

Insider tip: This trick works with rectangle scarves too. With the rectangle scarves, you will have “longer” sleeves, so it just depends on what kind of outcome you prefer.

Accessories as the Star of the Show

I love how Lesley had her accessories be interesting and stand out as the star of the show. Instead of matching her purse to her pants or top, she chose one that was colorful and really added a wonderful focal point to the look.

As for the metallic gold necklaces, she combined 3 different necklaces all layered together. You would never realize that these necklaces weren’t all part of one since they work so well together.
Lesley also carried the metallic gold through the outfit with her bracelet and earrings.

In case you’d like more examples of layering necklaces:
1-You can see how Lesley wore this same tunic top but a different combination of gold necklaces here.
2-3 different silver and red necklaces combined to add colors to neutrals.
3-Remember that you can use your scarf to be a fabric necklace and use it as your necklace layering. Here it’s shown with the scarf just tied, and here it is shown with the scarf braided.

Royal blue as what colors go with gold

Black Pants for Winter

Black pants are a popular choice for your winter style. In fact, many women love the neutral all year round. Your black pants are certainly classic and conservative, but that’s no reason why you can’t add other colors and interest in the rest of the look.

Royal blue is a wonderfully bright color, and this tunic top is one of Lesley’s favorites because of the tulip-type hemline.
In all honesty, Lesley first styled this outfit with a white top and black patent pumps. However, I asked her to incorporate a “color” with the outfit as opposed to only neutrals.

I think the gold shows up fabulously against the blue this way, and blue is a color that is seasonless.

Fun blue flats for older women

Adding Interest With Your Footwear

We all know that basic footwear is versatile. However, having interesting shoes can be the exclamation point for any look. Even though we have heard time and time again that matching our shoes to our pants makes us look taller, I see no advantage in looking taller.

But having unique shoes are definitely advantageous. They give your outfit a wonderful focus and bring happiness to your mood. Does that sound silly? My theory is that for our own personal outfits we notice our shoes the most. Why? Because they are in our line of sight when we look down. It’s hard to see your top or especially your earrings unless you look in a mirror.
Yet our footwear is right dab in plain view and fun shoes give us an oxytocin boost.

Winter ideas for what colors go with gold

Introducing Donna

I’d like to introduce Donna as an example of the second option of what colors go with gold. Donna used to be one of my dental patients back in Colorado and moved here to Arizona about 5 years ago. We reconnected and I invited her to our photo shoot since it was close to her house.

BTW, Donna had just had back surgery five days prior to our meetup, but she powered through because she has been inspired to include some new fashions into her style after reading my blog and was so excited to be part of it.

Olive green and mustard gold

Skirt: Notations-preloved ~~ Vest: Soft Surroundings~~ Top: Alfani ~~ Shoes: Finn Comfort Brand from Foot Solutions~~ Necklace: J. Jill ~~ Purse:

What Colors Go With Yellow Gold

Donna is showing a version of what colors go with gold with her mustard gold tunic. She paired it with a suede green skirt that was gifted to her by a friend.
The long vest was a perfect addition since it has both gold in it as well as different shades of green.

Insider tip: Donna was so happy her mother-in-law found this vest in the small section of the sales rack because it is exactly Donna’s style. Even though Donna doesn’t usually wear “small” it’s a good example of how we should ignore the size numbers on a garment. Just try it on!

I think the greens and golds pair so well for fall and winter because these are the colors that Mother Nature shows us when the leaves start to change color. If anything can be an inspiration for color combinations, I think nature’s beauty gets top billing.
In fact, Donna even commented that this ensemble was inspired by an autumn trip through the Colorado Rockies. It reminds her of the golden tones of the Aspen leaves against the dark greens of the evergreen trees.

These are NOT the Only Colors That Go With Gold

Don’t be intimidated by the color gold. Even though it’s bright and can be sparkly, I think it’s a wonderful color choice for your winter style.

There is such an assortment of colors that you could pair with both metallic gold and mustard gold. Here are other combinations that we have showcased in the past.

This is part of the theme of finding color combinations with winter colors. You can see options for emerald green and orange too.

What colors go with gold?

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

My Goal

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My hope is that you get ideas and inspiration from Charlotte, Lesley, and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
Most of all it’s getting us to think differently and dare I say, have fun?


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