Women over 50 styling white tops in summer

Fresh Perspective of Styling White Tops for Summer

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Our Ageless Style group decided on summer whites for our theme this month, so I took it a step further for my gang and wanted to discuss a fresh perspective on styling white tops for summer.
I know many women talk about the “perfect” white t-shirt each year, but what if we tried out something a little more unique?

Quote of the day: “Don’t let others define you, because believe me, they will try, but don’t you dare let them define you. You define yourself in your life” Billie Jean King

This quote really can be powerful. Because while many articles suggest more basic outfits, there is nothing wrong with going above and beyond basic. In fact, extra is my word of the year!
Remember, we are all unique and should be wearing our clothes to fit our personality. Not to blend in with the crowd.

Styling white tops for summer
Different white tops
White top with pants
Wearing a white top with skorts
White top with a midi skirt
Other White Top Styling

The white t-shirt is definitely a staple for a reason. Yet the idea of styling white tops for summer can also incorporate a wide variety of silhouettes and details. Besides the fact that Charlotte, Lesley, and I all chose different bottoms to pair with our white tops.

Leave it to us to give you lots of variety in length, styles, and ideas.

Styling white tops in summer for every size

Styling White Tops for Summer

First, let’s start off with the variety of white tops for summer. Sure, it’s nice to have the basic white t-shirt, but there are so many options for other ones too.
Just look at us. We didn’t plan it, yet we are all wearing different lengths of sleeves, different necklines as well as other details that are very unique.

I think we all can appreciate styling white tops in the summer because white is a neutral that goes with everything. Not only is it neutral, but it can lighten up any other color to make it fit into the summer vibe.
When I say it goes with everything, I do mean everything. I even like it combined with ivory as I showcased earlier this year.

While white tops are not something I find as much thrifting, they don’t have to be expensive. The thing to remember is that if and when it gets too stained, dirty, or dingy, there is always the option to dye it another color.

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Charlotte Wearing Pants with a White Top

Let’s start with styling white tops for summer with a pair of solid-colored pants. I think this is truly an amazing look on my mother and kudos to her for baring her arms!! She is such an inspiration!

Women over 80 styling white tops in summer

Pants: Silverwear-Goodwill~~ Top: Shein-thrifted ~~ Shoes: Jambu c/o~~ Necklace: gift from a friend~~ Earrings: Sun City Craft Fair~~ Purse: no label-thrifted

I think if you tend to like the more minimalist styles, then here’s a great option yet it’s not boring. Charlotte is pairing a long pair of lightweight pants with her summer white top.
Even though I said I don’t often find white tops at thrift stores, leave it to my mom to find this beauty at one.

The thing that makes this outfit shine is the fact that the white top is interesting. The ruffles on the sleeves and the scalloped hem are so modern and fun.
If you noticed the brand of the top, it’s one of those Chinese companies that is considered fast fashion. Yet my mom found this while thrifting, so I think that makes it more sustainable.

A Blue and White Outfit

As women who have been getting dressed for years, we are very adept at combining two colors. Therefore, I think it’s wonderful to push us out of our “normal box” by adding a third color to the mix.

This concept doesn’t have to be stressful. Just adding a different color purse can be an easy way to accomplish this.
Charlotte grabbed a yellow purse and I think it makes the outfit shine much more than if she had brought along eighter a blue purse, white purse, or neutral purse.

Accessories for White Tops

Besides the yellow purse, let’s talk about the other great elements of this look.
Since the white top has a high crew neck, I love how my mom added a simple long necklace. A long necklace like this can act like a “v-neck” top by giving your eye a vertical glance without showing skin.

Insider tip: If you don’t have a long necklace, think about combining two shorter necklaces or a short necklace and a bracelet. As long as both pieces have lobster clasps, they will work. I showcased this example in a short video here.

The other aspect of the look that helps with the summer vibe is the white footwear. I feel like white shoes and boots are having their day, and should be part of most closets. Heck, it lightens up the look just like the white top.

Charlotte’s sandals are from Jambu many seasons ago.

Scalloped hem and ruffle sleeves

Lesley and a Skort with the White Top

Lesley is showcasing a different type of white top with a skort. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but skorts are making a comeback in all kinds of ways. The idea of being able to wear a shorter skirt and not worry about flashing your privates is a huge benefit.

Woman over 70 in Arizona hot weather

Skorts: Style & Co-Macys~~ Top: Tempo Paras-Garden Cottage~~ Shoes: Arabella-online ~~ Bracelet: Audra Style ~~ Purse: Insert from a tote bag

This sheer white top is actually two pieces that are connected. The tank top and layered top over it act as a wonderful summer item.
These sheer pieces are so ideal for those who prefer some coverage of body parts, yet still want to have a summer look.

Turquoise with Bright Pink & White

I love how Lesley brought in other colors with her accessories and shoes. Let’s concentrate on the turquoise elements first.
This smaller clutch purse was an item that was inside a larger tote bag.

Insider tip: When you find a tote that includes a smaller clutch like this, it’s best to store it separately so you remember it when you’re looking for something that will work. Otherwise, it hides in the tote.

And then the turquoise sandals are another color of shoe that can be the best pop of color with almost any outfit.
Seriously, my interior decorator friend is the one who told me that turquoise is the color that goes with anything and everything.

Notice that Lesley’s purse and shoes aren’t exactly the same shade of turquoise, yet it all ties together wonderfully.

Jewelry with White Tops for Summer

The colorful jewelry that Lesley chose to go with the skort outfit just ties the entire look together hook, line and sinker.
The necklace has some pink and turquoise, and so does the bracelet. The rest of the colors are bright and fit into the overall look.

Insider tip: These cuff bracelets are hard to size. If you have one that is too big, try adding a piece of hat tape (found on Amazon) to the inside. That’s what Lesley did.

Styling white tops in summer in linen

Jodie Styling a Midi Skirt and White Top

I decided to put together a print mixed outfit. It’s not the traditional 2 different prints together, but a textured top and print midi skirt. This is a great way to dip your toe into combining two prints.

Print mixing with texture

Skirt: no label-Just Be Youtiful ~~ Top: Velvet Heart- Naomi & Ruth Boutique ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles ~~ Earrings: Lobe Love~~ Purse: no label ~~Bra: Gatherall

This midi skirt is from a local boutique and is one of those fabulous skirts that has volume. While many women shy away from this silhouette thinking it will make them look bigger, I always like to question why big is bad?

And let me just say how much cooler a skirt like this is to wear when it’s hot since it doesn’t hug your body. I also have learned to appreciate longer skirts like this because you have protection from burning your legs on the car seats when you sit down.
BTW, you can see the extent of the volume of this skirt when I wore it in my Daily Outfit post on Thursday here with a turquoise camisole.

Off the Shoulder Tops

I have always loved the look of off-the-shoulder tops but until I found a strapless bra that didn’t kill me and stayed put, I just didn’t buy them. Now, I’m a fan since I found my Gatherall bra. I feel like very few fun tops are off-limits now.

Some off-the-shoulder shirts can be worn up to cover the shoulders too. This top is one of those, but I prefer it down. It’s full of ruffles and texture as well as tassels in the front, which is part of that “extra” that makes me happy.

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Since the OFS shirt is full of texture, I left off a necklace and accessorized the look everywhere else. The earrings pull many of the colors of the skirt upward, and then I wore a bracelet and glasses that matched the turquoise blue in the skirt.

The two items that don’t match any color in the skirt are the purse and shoes. Yet the light blue of the purse blends in while the bright pink of the shoes compliments the purple in the skirt.

My Walking Cradles sandals are from many seasons ago. They have a version similar that is only 1 inch high called the “Cam.” If you are looking for bright pink shoes, then there are limited sizes available in the “Nicole”. (Remember, I suggest sizing up a half size for the sandals this season).

Floaty skirt for any age woman

There is just such a wide variety of ways for styling white tops in summer, that I’d be at a loss to name them all. Hopefully, we’ve given you ideas and made you think outside the box of just buying another white t-shirt for the summer.

Other White Top Styling

You may already have some white tops in your closet. Heck, even that iconic white button-down could be worn now.
Let me give you some other ideas for styling white tops for summer.

1-White blouse gone wild
2-Ways to wear a white button-down
3-Layering options

Styling white tops in summer for all ages

Ageless Style & Summer Whites

This group of women is ageless in their style and ideas, so I hope you give them all a gander and see how they are styling their summer whites.
We don’t all post at the same time so make sure to check back if their post isn’t up yet.

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White tops and different bottoms

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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