Fun Way to Style a Tote Bag with Easy Tricks and Tips

Fun Way to Style a Tote Bag with Easy Tricks and Tips

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Thrifted dress with red and turquoise

Fun Way to Style a Tote Bag with Easy Tricks and Tips

I found a fun way to style a tote bag that maybe you wouldn’t consider. Plus I had to laugh at the tricks I had up my sleeve with this outfit. The idea to post about tote bags came after I purchased one from my friend. I loved it so much that I figured it would be a wonderful gift for both my mom and Lesley for Mother’s Day.
And if we all have the same item, that’s a good reason to blog about it.

Quote of the day: “The teacher learns more than the student. The author learns more than the reader. The speaker learns more than the attendee. The way to learn is by doing.” James Clear

My friend. Loretta, started an etsy shop when she started sewing masks last year. Then I saw her make a couple of tote bags (many of them reversible) and I figured it was time to give her some love.
FYI, you can click Loretta’s contact button to ask her for certain colors for a tote. It’s wonderful to be able to get what you want this way. (Make sure to favorite her shop while you’re there)
I purchased these bags with my own money, and this isn’t sponsored. Yet it’s wonderful when we share about new small businesses with each other.

Don’t forget to check out Charlotte’s idea of how to style a tote bag. Even though our tote bags are similar, the outfits aren’t. And Lesley has the same idea as Charlotte along with her daughter joining in.

Contrasting Way to Style a Tote Bag

Can you style a tote bag that doesn't match your outfit

Dress: thrifted~~ Shoes: Blowfish Malibu c/o~~ Belt: ~~ Bracelet: Alison & Aubrey~~ Earrings: Frannie & Elinor c/o~~ Purse: Sand Dollar Girl

After our discussions a couple of weeks ago with adding in different colors with our accessories I wanted to make sure that my outfit was a contrast to the tote bag. I did include a belt of almost the same color along with my glasses to make it seem more intentional.
This is why I used the quote above. The way to learn is by doing, so I hope you join me in styling with less matchy matchy looks. At least once in a while!

This dress is one I’ve had for over 17 years. I know that because it’s what I was wearing when my husband proposed to me. My friend had given it to me when I was out visiting her in order to go swing dancing. It was a thrifted find for her, so that makes it doubly preloved!!
It’s one of those dresses I’ve found myself saving because it’s so unusual. But just like I preach, it’s silly to save anything. Wear what you have and eat on the “good” china, right?

I figured I’d make it more casual with the rest of the details. How’d I do?

Wearing a dress to style a tote bag

Accessory Game

I have many, many accessories because that’s what I learned from my mother! So I thought I’d add even more different colors with the bracelet. Wrap bracelets are an easy way to be able to see the bracelet and still only have to put on one. I have a lot of little bracelets however, sometimes they almost disappear as part of your look.

And these earrings are the ones I grab over and over from Frannie & Elinor. The founder of this company is a loyal reader and makes beautiful minimalistic jewelry. Since I tend to wear a lot of color and print, there are many times I need a more simple set of earrings. And these have both gold and silver in them so they span the gamut of what I’m wearing.

As for the belt, it’s another topic I’ve been trying to incorporate more and more into my outfits. This one was given to me by my stepmom (one of the original models on this blog before we moved to Arizona), because she never wore it.

Secret to wearing a dress in the wind

Let’s Talk Tricks

The two tricks I’m using for this look of how to style a tote bag came from Lesley’s arsenal of tips. Wearing a pair of biking shorts under a flowy dress is brilliant. Then I don’t worry about the dress blowing up in the wind and flashing everyone.

Trick #2 is more about bag layering. One complaint when you style a tote bag is how your things are hard to find in the tote. Therefore, you can have your smaller purse inside your tote to pull out for when you need it. I figured this would be good for our hot air balloon festival, and when I threw in my white clutch, the red tassel got hung up on the outside. It looked so cute that way, I decided to leave it as decoration. Talk about happy accidents.

Fun way to style a tote bag
Blowfish sandals

Casual Shoes

The hot weather is perfect for sandals and I recently worked with Blowfish Malibu on Instagram to showcase this pair of sandals. They are available at Zappos and also come in ivory. I know my husband calls me his hippy chick when I pull these out, but I just LOVE them!!

These sandals run true to size and are pretty darn comfortable. If you worry about that piece between the toe, this one is thin and VERY soft. I have a pair and this strap can be bothersome, but not these. Granted they don’t have the same support as my Walking Cradles shoes, so I added in the Soul Insoles that I’ve been trying out. The Soul Insoles are reusable and I’ve worn them twice now and really like them. (You can see the clear plastic under my arch in the above photo).

So even though the sandals basically match the dress in color, I liked how they made the dress seem more casual and were a totally different style.

Ways to style a tote bag

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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