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Fundamentals About Comfortable Shoes to Wear With Dresses-Walking Cradles

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Women of any age are always searching for shoes that feel good. Long gone are the days we have to sacrifice comfort to look good. This is why I wanted to showcase a couple of examples from Walking Cradles that fit the bill for comfortable shoes to wear with dresses.
But don’t let that title stop you from wearing these (or any fancy shoes) with jeans and casual looks.

Quote of the day: “Because your personality isn’t the first thing that people see.” Laurie on Instagram

I adored this quote that I saw on one of my friend’s profile for her Instagram account. And it’s absolutely true. We all know the value of not judging a book by its cover, yet as humans, we are visual creatures and value how things look.
That’s why I think we should dress up as a tool to tell the world we are fabulous.

Comfortable shoes to wear with dresses
What makes Walking Cradles different?
Flat with the Bronwyn
Small heel with the Lydia
High heels with the Porsha
Other Inspiration

How does this fit in with comfortable shoes to wear with dresses? Because it used to be the shoes that didn’t hurt weren’t as stylish. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has heard the term “old lady shoes.”

Discovering different brands of shoes has been better than finding gold at the end of the rainbow. And the Walking Cradles brand is my go-to when it comes to comfort and style especially for comfortable shoes to wear with dresses.
I mean who else can make a high heel that can be worn all day and night? But don’t fret if you can’t wear heels anymore. The three of us decided to show all kinds of versions of comfortable shoes to wear with dresses and any other wonderful looks.

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Sandals to closed toe comfortable shoes

What Makes Walking Cradles Different

Many women will say, “oh my shoes are so comfy”, but I always want to know the why. That’s why we are showing the shoes up close and personal instead of just styling them below. But let me give you some background about Walking Cradles.

The biggest aspect that sets them apart is the inclusive sizes. If you have a foot that is on the smaller, thinner, bigger, or wider scale, then you know how hard it is to find shoes that fit. Let alone stylish shoes.
What I mean is that this brand offers sizes 4-13 in 4 different widths of narrow, medium, wide, and wide-wide. Now as you can imagine, the unusual sizes sell out much faster because there aren’t as many of those shoes made. Thus, if you fall into that category for your feet, your best bet to get the shoes you want is to sign up for their newsletter and order the shoes when they are first released.

Insider tip: If they are unavailable in your size, it can’t hurt to reach out and use the Contact Us form to tell them your size and which shoe is not available anymore. They don’t know to make more of a certain size if people don’t tell them.

The other factors why I love and appreciate Walking Cradles is
1-“Tiny Pillows” in the insoles for wonderful cushioning of your feet. Plus the suede microfiber footbed is part of some of the styles.
2-The brand concentrates on comfort. There are a couple of types of arch support offered in their shoes from moderate to enhanced. If you need more than the usual arch support in your footwear, make sure to check out the Metro+ Collection tab.
3-They are a small business located in the United States. These are real people working to make your feet happy. With this comes incredible customer service from everyone at Walking Cradles.

BTW, you can find the Walking Cradles brand on Zappo’s site also, and sometimes there are different styles available.

Now let’s showcase three different options of comfortable shoes to wear with dresses.

Lesley Wearing a Flat Shoe With a Dress

Comfortable shoes to wear with dresses: flat versions
Dress: MSK Petite-thrifted~~Vest: no label-online~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Bronwyn” c/o~~ Earrings: Chicos ~~ Purse: Vintage-estate sale

I know that as we get older, we aren’t always able to wear the high heels that we did in our youth. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find stylish, comfortable shoes to wear with dresses. I think Walking Cradles is supreme at providing options for any woman.
In fact, one thing you may not realize is that this is the category of shoes that put Walking Cradles on the map. Dressy shoes for the grown woman.

And Walking Cradle’s flat shoes aren’t the kind of flat that is too flat and actually hurts your feet. There is a very small heel and enough padding in the shoe to make them comfortable.

Lesley put together an outfit of a black and white print shift dress layered with a long vest to go with her pair of “Bronwyn” Walking Cradle flats.
A black and white print dress is one that is always very popular and can be accessorized in so many different ways.

She added statement earrings and a bracelet to the look as well as an embroidered purse that incorporates print mixing!
But the icing on top is this fabulous pair of Walking Cradle shoes.

Sequin Flats

When you want something dressy, but can’t wear a heel, then the material or shape of the shoe can give that fancy vibe. That’s exactly what Walking Cradles did with this Bronwyn-style ballerina flat. It’s made up of shiny sequins to add sparkle and bling to any look.

This style of shoe is also available in antique gold, navy, brown, black suede, and black leather.

Whichever material you choose will be perfect not only as comfortable shoes to wear with dresses but also to wear with your jeans, joggers, and anything else in your closet.

Notice the Tiny Pillows in the insole. The insole itself is made of moisture-wicking material yet it’s also removable if you want to add your own insole.

Lesley gave these a thumbs-up and wanted you to know that she will be wearing them for many of her dancing dates.

Add a vest as layering for fall fashion

Charlotte: Small Heels Worn with a Dress

Woman over 80 in comfortable shoes to wear with dresses
Dress: Maggy London-Macys (similar dress on Amazon)~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Lydia” c/o~~ Hosiery: Toeless hose ~~ Earrings: thrifted ~~ Purse: no label

For Charlotte’s example of comfortable shoes to wear with dresses, she’s showing the style called the Lydia. This is a fabulous sandal that is great if you happen to struggle with hammer toes because the toes aren’t enclosed.

In fact, I have this style of shoe from years ago in red that I wore on our Caribbean cruise. It was so comfortable that I even wore it on our walking excursions on that trip.
And don’t think that you can’t wear these shoes in the winter too. I’ve shown one way to wear it with tights.

Insider tip: The best way to wear hosiery with sandals is to make it look intentional instead of trying to hide the fact. What that means is to have fun with your tights and find colorful or print styles.

My mom decided to wear a dress she bought recently. It’s a perfect example of how florals can be a part of your winter wardrobe. In fact, I found a very similar style on Amazon if you love the dress.

There are so many reasons a print dress should be part of your wardrobe especially if you have a minimalistic style. Even though the print may seem busier than what you prefer, it makes life much easier.
A dress is one and done since you put it on and are good to go. Plus with a print like this, you don’t need a necklace or belt for the look to be finished.

Instead, you just add some metallic shoes like these Lydia sandals, some earrings, and a purse, and you are out the door.

Dressy Sandal Mid-Heel

This version of the Lydia is a metallic color that truthfully should pair with any other color you would wear this fall or winter. It is somewhat darker than gold but lighter than black.
The “Lydia” also comes in white and leopard on Walking Cradle’s site.

 My mom said that she found them quite comfortable after wearing them for the majority of the day.  She loved the height of the heel and appreciated how the color would go with everything. The other pluses were that she was able to wear her toeless hose and not have the reinforced strap show.

And I made her day when I showed her that there was enough stretch of the straps so she didn’t have to buckle it every time she took it on and off. She could slide her foot in and out when it was already buckled.

Insider tip: If you do have a pair of shoes with buckles on the straps, most can easily be transformed into velcro. I’ve shared how easy it is in a blog post or a YouTube video.

Print dress for woman over 80

Jodie-High Heeled Comfortable Shoes to Wear with Dresses

Woman over 50 with comfortable shoes to wear with dresses
Dress: eShakti ~~Dress Extender: found on Amazon ~~ Shoes: Walking Cradles “Porsha” c/o~~ Belt: preloved~~ Purse: Gus & Violet

I still enjoy wearing high heels when we aren’t exploring outside trails and parks. In fact, I feel like wearing heels is a nice variety for my calf muscles instead of always wearing flats or sneakers.

Notice how all three of us opted for print dresses. I believe it’s because it’s an easy way to look great without a lot of fuss.

I found this fabulous shirtdress on the site, eShakti, and is still available on sale here. If you haven’t heard of eShakti, they have items that you can customize to make the items to fit your body. It’s almost like having my mom custom-make an item for my measurements.
And the site has sizing from XS-6X. For almost every item you have the option to customize the neckline, the sleeves, and the length. It’s really quite amazing all of the customizations you can have done for no more money than you would spend on the same type of items from other sites.

Insider discount: Using my link gives you $50 credit on your first purchase from eShakti. I’ve used this discount and it really works. You just have to pay a minimum of $25.

One reason I love a shirt dress is the fact that I can wear it as a duster by leaving it unbuttoned. For today I decided to “let my slip show” by wearing a dress extender. I also added a metallic gold belt and a whimsical purse.

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Light Glitter Heels

This “Porsha” style of heels from Walking Cradles is available in 4 different colors. I’m wearing the Champagne Glitter, and you can also find it in pewter, silver, and black.
Even though the heel seems high, because there is a half-inch platform, it’s actually not as high as you think.

Besides the comfort of the insoles, there are three other details that I really appreciate. First is the gore (that’s the elastic stretchy portion) that is added to the inside top leather strap.
Second is that the straps also have stretch so there is no buckle to contend with.
And third is that the sole is micro-fiber suede fabric which helps your foot stay dry.

I know it’s hard to believe that high heels can be comfortable. But when so much research and attention to detail goes into each and every Walking Cradles shoe, it makes you realize that it can happen. And these Porsha heels are proof.
If you are looking for a non-open-toe version, then check out the “Pammy.”

Style of comfortable shoes to wear with dresses

Walking in our Walking Cradles dressy shoes

More Inspiration

Pairing different styles of shoes with our skirts and dresses have been a suggestion many times on our blog.
That’s why we experimented in the past with
1-Short skirts
2-Knee length skirts
3-Long skirts

We’ve also showcased the Walking Cradles brand as a perfect option for the fall season with burgundy options. Not all of these styles are still available on their site, but there are many that are similar. Plus these can give you ideas of how to style the shoes you already have.
1-Matching shoes to your skirt
2-Adding a pop of color with shoes
3-What to wear for Thanksgiving

Comfortable shoes to wear with dresses for women over 50

Photo credit: Rob Filogomo

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My hope is that you get ideas and inspiration from Charlotte, Lesley, and myself. It’s not about copying what we wear, but about using what you already have and updating items along the way.
Most of all it’s getting us to think differently and dare I say, have fun.

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