P.M. skincare routine for women over 50

Fundamentals for Great Skin: My P.M. Skincare Routine

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Someone recently told me that they follow me because of my great skin. It’s funny because I don’t always think I have good skin, but it’s just like anything, it all depends on our perspective.

Therefore, I thought I’d discuss my p.m. skincare routine because to me it’s as important as sleeping. During the night our body takes that time to recover and heal and I believe it’s the same for our skin. Even on the nights I’m tired, I take the time to go through these steps knowing that it will be worth it for my skin.

Quote of the day: “You can’t do everything, but you can do one thing, and then another and another. In terms of energy, it’s better to make a wrong choice than none at all…Priorities do shift, and you can change them at any time.” George Leonard

The interesting thing is that you see a ton of videos and articles about how to put on makeup and about making sure you wear sunscreen, etc. Those are all focused on our daytime skincare and face. Yet our p.m. skincare routine could be even more important.

My knowledge has come about after getting facials for over 20 years on a regular basis and picking my aesthetician’s brain along the way.
The other way I learn is from research and trial and error.

That being said, our skin is just as unique as our bodies, so the products I use may not be the perfect ones for you. The steps and reasons for my p.m. skincare routine should be the primary focus.

BTW, my a.m. skincare is very different than my p.m. skincare routine.

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Products used for my p.m. skincare routine

How Many Steps Should My P.M. Skincare Routine Be?

Every article you read will be different regarding how many steps your p.m. skincare routine should be.
At the very least, it should include two. Cleansing and a serum. But after you learn about the in-between steps, it’s hard not to incorporate those too.

You’ve probably read about the Koreans who started the 10-step skincare program. I remember thinking that it was ridiculous when I first read about it. But I guess it’s no different than all of our routines.
We work out many muscle groups at the gym or walk for a good amount of time for our health, so why not incorporate a comprehensive p.m. skincare routine?

Of course, everyone has their own priorities in life, which is why it’s good to tailor these articles to your lifestyle. Just like we tailor our clothes to fit our unique bodies.

BTW, my skin is dry, sun damaged, and not sensitive.

Tips for Your P.M. Skincare Routine

I’m sure everyone is going to ask how long this takes. And the honest answer is probably about 20 minutes because it’s combined with my dental care steps as well as my nightly stretching.
Does that seem like a long time? I consider it a better use of time than watching tv programs and that’s why we give ourselves at least 45 minutes to get ready for bed (because we also lay on our neck stretcher for 20 minutes per our chiropractor).

This made me think that there are a couple of tips to consider.

1-When layering serums and/or moisturizers, you need to let each layer fully absorb. Yet if you’re anything like me, you hate to just stand there and wait. That’s why I intersperse my dental routine as well as my stretch routine between the skincare steps.
2-You do not need to be brand loyal for every step. There are many opinions about this, but I believe that just because one product works great for you, does not mean all of the brand’s products will. It’s no different than finding a fabulous top at Chico’s, but the pants didn’t fit well.
3-Consider non-toxic products. There are enough toxins in our world without you slathering your skin with them.

Insider tip: How do you know if products are non-toxic? You do learn over time which brands are more natural. But you can also check 2 sites. One is EWG site (which does not have every brand listed, unfortunately), or Paula’s Choice Ingredient Checker (which will rate the ingredients).

So join me as I share my p.m. skincare routine.


Removing all of the daily grime is an important step in any p.m. skincare routine. But did you know that estheticians recommend double cleansing??

I remember when my esthetician talked about this and I thought that was silly. Yet it makes sense. We all know that oil and water don’t mix, so if your cleanser is oil-based, then it’s not getting off everything, and the same with water-based cleansers.

How to double cleanse: It really doesn’t take a lot more time. You just apply one cleanser first and gently rub it in. Then you add the other cleanser and continue rubbing.
After a good minute or two, then you rinse and are good to go.

Insider tip: The way to know if your cleanser is oil-based or water-based is to check the ingredients. If there is water as one of the first ingredients then it’s water-based.

My 2 favorite cleaners are Versed Day Dissolve as my oil-based cleanser which is found on their site, at Target, and even on Amazon. (BTW, there is a mini size available on their site).
Paula’s Choice Ultra Gentle Cleanser is my water-based cleanser (although I use any of their cleansers from time to time) and is found on their site only (because it’s a new product). However many of Paula’s Choice’s products are on Amazon and at the Dermstore.

2- Toner

I didn’t believe in toning for the longest time. But the older I get, the more I realize that in order to hydrate our skin, it’s better to have clean skin since this step removes any residue you didn’t get with cleansing.

That’s why this step could be optional for you.

Insider tip: If you want to check how well your cleanser is working, then try using a toner on a cotton ball and see if there are any remnants of grime or makeup. Maybe then you realize that you don’t need or do need a toner.

I alternate between 3 different toners.


Here is another p.m. skincare routine step that I just started doing within the last couple of years. Only because my esthetician considers it a priority.
Exfoliating removes the dead skin from our faces so that the serums and moisturizers can absorb better.

Insider tip: Ever wonder why some men’s faces are in better shape as they age? Every time they shave, they are exfoliating.

I use this Paula’s Choice exfoliant daily. Unless it’s a self-care day where I use an exfoliating mask.


Serums are lightweight liquid that is formulated for many different specific skincare concerns. That is one reason that I alternate between half a dozen serums depending on the day.

I consider this an essential step even more important than a moisturizer. The reason is that since serums are liquids, they have smaller particles to actually absorb better through your skin. If you are going to skip a step, then don’t use a moisturizer but definitely incorporate a serum.

Insider tip: Because these are the first step of moisturizing, my esthetician said it’s better to incorporate retinol serums into your p.m. skincare routine instead of retinol moisturizers.

My favorite serums are Paula’s Choice (I use many of them), Dermelect sleep serum, and Depology (which I wrote about here).

5-Moisturizer/Facial Oils

Your moisturizers or facial oils are products that hold in moisture for your face (and neck, and decolletage). Since these are traditionally thicker, they will not penetrate as well as your serums.
It’s one reason why you are seeing more face oils on the market because they can go deeper than the creams we have used in the past.

I tend to alternate between creams and oils depending on the day.
My favorite oils are AnnMarie Skincare, Scrub Studios (use code Jodie10), and Naked & Thriving

For my moisturizers, I like any of Paula’s Choice moisturizers or Dermstore’s generic night cream.


Our lips and the skin around them are sometimes ignored in p.m. skincare routines. Since I have a lot of sun damage on my lips, it’s an area that I concentrate on.

I have been using Dermalect lip treatment around my lips before using my Gua Sha tool (see video of how to use it here).

And then on my lips, I like Laneige lip mask.
Except for the alternating nights when I tape my mouth shut to help keep my mouth moist and reduce snoring.

Extras in my P.M. Skincare Routine

Would you believe there are even more steps in my p.m. skincare routine? I know, I know, when does this end?

But as I’ve talked about, I’ve been loving having long eyelashes so I use a couple of different eyelash serums. This is an easy step that takes less than 30 seconds, and I apply it after cleansing.

Should I Use Beauty Tech Devices?

There is a wide range of beauty tech devices that are trending. And for a good reason. It used to be you had to go to a professional office to get these kinds of treatments. Where now you can do them at home.
It’s not unlike how we used to have to go to the hairdresser to get our hair colored, but now it’s easy to do at home.

I’ve been using a LED Eye Perfector from Current Body nightly when we lay on our neck roll. I still use the Foreo Bear and UFO occasionally which I wrote about previously.

Insider discount: Use code JODIECB for 10% off any purchase from Current Body.

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